Here at FFOZ, we are on a mission. Our mission involves challenging both Christianity and Judaism to see the Jewish Jesus at the center of everything. That sounds simple. But for the many of you who have also embraced this vision, you know that the task is daunting. But we also know that the challenge is well worth the effort.

“If the Bible is true and if Yeshua is the Messiah and the King of the Jews, then the Messianic Jewish movement is the most important phenomenon of our time—the distinguishing feature indicating that the world has come to a turning point.” - Abram (Bram) Poljak

Many of us agree wholeheartedly with Poljak’s words, and so we press on with the vision of expanding Messianic Judaism because we understand the prophetic significance of this movement. In my role as the Director of Outreach at First Fruits of Zion, I am charged with the task of expanding the reach and presence of FFOZ in both the church and Messianic Judaism. Something that I love about what I do is that when I expand FFOZ’s reach, I am also expanding Messianic Judaism—being that our vision, teachings, and resources exist to foster the development of Messianic Judaism.

One of the things that I do in my role is to represent FFOZ at events where large groups of Messianic Jews and/or Christians are gathered. This summer I had the opportunity to represent FFOZ at the annual Christians United for Israel Summit (CUFI) in Washington DC. CUFI is a two million member-strong organization, mostly made up of evangelical Christians, that seeks to defend and stand with Israel. This summit attracted over six thousand Christians from all fifty states and around the world. For three straight days I had the opportunity to interact with many Christian leaders about First Fruits of Zion and what our mission is in God’s kingdom. I met many Israel-loving Christians who want to learn more about the Jewish roots of their faith, but don’t know where to start. This provided me with many opportunities to share about FFOZ and what our teaching and resources have to offer. I also personally handed copies of our new books, Yeshua Matters and Israel Matters, to various Christians who are making an impact in their communities. One couple actually wrote to me and said that they read Yeshua Matters on their drive home from the conference! As a result, they are going to talk to their pastor about bringing our HaYesod program into their church.

Being at CUFI was inspiring. It was encouraging to be around so many folks who are hungry for what we have in Messianic Judaism in general and FFOZ in particular. But it also made me realize that we have a lot of work to do. There are thousands of pastors and Christians who want more of the Jewish Jesus. As those who embrace Messianic Judaism, it’s our privilege to reach out and share the importance of this movement in God’s kingdom plans.

I want to encourage you wherever you are to be an advocate for this mission that we share. One practical thing that you can do is to give a Christian friend a copy of Yeshua Matters. This is a super introduction to the Jewish Jesus. It is tailored for people who have little to no experience with Messianic Judaism. A Christian friend of mine ordered a case of these books so he could give a copy to all his Christian friends. Whatever God leads you to do I encourage you to do something to advance our vision forward and upward. If I can help in any way, feel free to contact me.