In recent generations the Spirit of God has been moving in unique ways to restore a Jewish presence within the body of Messiah.

At the same time, an identifiable Messianic Jewish presence has emerged within the people of Israel. This complementary development has deep prophetic implications. Recently, a new initiative has come forth that is attempting to bring structure and unity to this kingdom reality. I would like to introduce you to the newly formed organization, Yachad BeYeshua.

Several years ago, Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer invited First Fruits of Zion to participate in the first Congress for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua. We gladly attended this event in Dallas, Texas. Rabbi Kinzer did a fantastic job of assembling a diverse group of Jewish disciples from many ecclesial traditions.

I was privileged to participate in this initial meeting and enjoyed it immensely. My perspective and imagination were expanded by meeting Jewish disciples who were Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, and from Orthodox Christian traditions. There was significant theological diversity in the room. However, the common bonds were a commitment to Jewish identity as disciples of Yeshua.

This first meeting largely involved creative discussions about what this gathering could become. Over a several-year period, discussions and progress continued, which culminated in the formation of Yachad BeYeshua.

As stated on the newly created Yachad BeYeshua website, the three pillars of the organization are study, prayer, and providing mutual support. Here is an important quote on the website:

Yachad BeYeshua strives to unite Jewish disciples of Jesus in loving fellowship as a witness to God’s faithfulness to Israel and the Church.

Arguably, there is no better person to be leading this charge than Rabbi Kinzer. He has assembled an excellent team of leaders within Yachad BeYeshua. However, this endeavor has largely been catalyzed and inspired by Rabbi Kinzer’s vision and efforts. Rabbi Kinzer has done a tremendous amount of work in recent decades to advance Messianic Jewish scholarship as well as serve as an ambassador across many ecclesial lines on behalf of Jewish disciples of Yeshua. Yachad BeYeshua, in many ways, is a culmination of his deeply important lifetime work.

First Fruits of Zion is honored to be part of Yachad BeYeshua. We are looking forward to supporting the development and growth of this initiative in the years to come. We encourage you to explore the Yachad BeYeshua website at