A frequent response to First Fruits of Zion’s new Messiah Podcast is, “It’s about time!” Yes, it has taken us a little while to start a podcast.

We are confident that the wait will be worth it! On Messiah Podcast, Jesus is Jewish, and that changes everything. In this article, I will share with you what you can expect from the new Messiah Podcast.

The podcast will release episodes twice a month that focus on topics related to Messianic Jewish teaching for Christians and Jews. I (Ryan Lambert) am the primary host, and my co-host is First Fruits of Zion’s new Communications Director, Ruben Ramos. The show format is conversational and will feature influencers who are having an impact on the development of Messianic Jewish teaching and Messianic Judaism. Messiah Podcast will feature theological, practical, and relevant topics to a broad range of listeners.

The early response to Messiah Podcast has been very positive. We have released three shows. Episode 1 features Jacob Fronczak in an edgy discussion about his new book, Rethinking the Five Solae. Jacob discusses some areas of incompatibility between the foundations of Protestant Christianity and Messianic Judaism while expressing respect for both.

Boaz Michael is our guest in Episode 2. In this show, Boaz shares the story of First Fruits of Zion’s beginning and reports on the good things he has observed this summer during his nationwide “Shalom Tour.”

A forthcoming Episode 3 features Daniel Lancaster for a discussion of the biblical holy days. Daniel will talk about his new book, The Holy Days: Returning the Biblical Festivals to the Disciples of Jesus, and respond to some objections that some Christians have to celebrating God’s appointed times.

Moving forward, Messiah Podcast will include cutting-edge interviews with top thinkers in Christianity, Judaism, and Messianic Judaism. We hope that Messiah Podcast will be a regular source of spiritual and educational nourishment for a broad range of disciples. Every episode will affirm the importance of Jesus’ Jewishness and how that impacts everything!

Messiah Podcast is available through all major podcast platforms. You can listen and access subscription links to Messiah Podcast at messiahpodcast.org. While you are there, please leave us a good review!