Torah Club and Passover

To see our Torah Club Leaders stepping up all over the place to make Passover special for so many was a blessing.

Torah ClubMay 26, 2019

Torah ClubMay 26, 2019

Torah Club Leaders and Students gathered together in various places to celebrate Passover. (Photos: FFOZ Friends Newsletter, © FFOZ)


Passover showed me something about our Torah Club Leaders that inspired me. Due to the holiday, our Torah Clubs took a two-week break from their regular club meetings last month.

Before the break, we encouraged our Torah Club leaders to host a Passover Seder for their clubs if they were able. We also encouraged leaders and students to share their pictures and Passover-related stories on Club Hub. Well, to say the least, I was super impressed with how many of our leaders went about doing Passover. Many folks hosted Seders. Some were large, and some were small. However, the pictures and stories that I heard indicated that the seders held by our Torah Club Leaders were a profound blessing to those who attended.

In Bakersfield, California, Keith and Deana Price hosted a seder at their church with 148 people. A large percentage of those people were not members of their church.

I was impressed with what happened in southern Ohio. Three of our Torah Clubs in that region came together to celebrate Passover and have a special time of getting to know one another. What a brilliant idea!


Lastly, our leaders kept going strong until the end of the holiday by hosting some wonderful Meal of Messiah events. The Sprungers in Maryland wowed us on Club Hub with their beautiful setup and a great looking crowd of people.

To see our Torah Club Leaders stepping up all over the place to make Passover special for so many was a blessing. We truly have fantastic people leading our clubs!

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