Torah Club

Don't Let COVID-19 Spiritually Isolate You

Social distancing, lockdown, and quarantine don’t mean you have to disconnect spiritually. During the current world health crisis, we’re making access to online Torah Club studies free for everyone.


Torah Club and Passover

To say the least, I was super impressed with how many of our leaders went about doing Passover. Many folks hosted Seders. Some were large, and some were small. However, the pictures and stories that I heard indicated that the seders held by our Torah Club Leaders were a profound blessing to those who attended.


Building a Culture

We come together as brothers and sisters to create and maintain a culture of godliness. Without the regular reinforcement of that godly culture, we quickly assimilate into the broader world culture, despite our personal convictions and values. The new Torah Club is bringing godly people together.


The Fruit of Our Efforts

Friends, we are just getting started, and God is already using Torah Club in great ways to impact real people for his kingdom. Can you imagine the impact that Torah Club is going to have for the kingdom as believers continue to study and gather weekly to learn and discuss God’s Word?


The Torah Club and Mars Hill

The idea is to get people participating instead of just being led and told the answers. We also incorporate food and snacks into the meetings. We encourage a discussion format, not a leader telling students something. Being willing to open yourself to new ideas without questioning your faith is important here.


A Place for Peculiar People

Starting in the fall of 2018, First Fruits of Zion will be changing things up. We are going to relaunch our popular Torah Club program as a weekly para-church (or para-synagogue) Bible study small group where disciples gather to learn and get their spiritual batteries recharged.


The Next Leader of FFOZ

For the last twenty-five years, it has been my vision and my goal, a heavy burden on my heart, to see this mantle passed on to you. I want you to be the next leader of First Fruits of Zion.


The New Face of Torah Club

Picture Torah Club as a club to which you belong rather than a set of commentaries on a bookshelf. As a club member, you attend regular weekly club meetings where you learn and fellowship with other club members, along with people all over the country and the world, working together through the same material.