Having to cancel the 2021 Malchut Conference due to COVID-19 was very disappointing [1]. However, this decision gave rise to the Summer 2021 “Shalom Tour.”

What Is the Shalom Tour?

The Shalom Tour is your opportunity to meet First Fruits of Zion leadership staff, connect with other Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends, be inspired and encouraged to continue your mission of spreading the message of the kingdom to all nations, and break bread with new friends.

Who Will Be Attending?

To attend these inspiring meetings, you must be an FFOZ Friend or Torah Club Leader. We also encourage our Friends and Leaders to bring a guest interested in being a Torah Club Leader.

Events like this are some of the benefits of FFOZ Friends. If you would like to learn more, join our mission, become an FFOZ Friend today. We look forward to meeting and partnering with you.

Introducing a New Face!

Coordinating the Shalom Tour effort is a large and complex undertaking. The lead “engineer” is one of FFOZ’s newest staff members, Jon Schussman. Jon started working for FFOZ in December of 2020. Before that, he served as a leader and strategist for various organizations. Jon brings a lot to our team with his strong organizational skills and attention to detail. As Torah Club and the rest of FFOZ grow, we are thankful for people like Jon who can help us optimize our systems and efficiency.


As soon as Jon came on staff, he began working on the Shalom Tour. He has done an excellent job mapping and planning with local leaders to serve as hosts for each stop.

What You Need to Know

Recently, we sat down with Jon to discuss the importance of the Shalom Tour.

Jon, what is going to take place at each Shalom Tour stop?

The Shalom Tour will be an opportunity for attendees to meet and connect with FFOZ leadership in person. FFOZ Founder and Director Boaz Michael and his wife, Amber, will be making most of the Shalom Tour stops. Ryan Lambert and Damian Eisner will also be on the tour.

During each gathering, attendees will meet and fellowship with other Torah Club Leaders, FFOZ Friends, and their guests. We will also be discussing the future vision of FFOZ and Torah Club, which is directly connected to Yeshua’s command to go forth and make disciples.

Who can attend Shalom Tour gatherings?

The Shalom Tour is open exclusively to FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders. We encourage each Friend and leader to bring one guest with them [2]. Our desire is for the tour stops to be focused and serve as an intentional opportunity to communicate and connect with the local FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders who are already engaged in this mission.


Why is the Shalom Tour so important to First Fruits of Zion?

In recent years, the Malchut conference has become a crucial gathering of FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders from around the world. With the 2021 conference being canceled due to Covid-19, we recognized the need for FFOZ staff to connect with our Friends and leaders to share the future vision of Torah Club. Part of that vision includes the development of a network of regional leaders who can help meet the needs of our local Torah Clubs.

Regional leaders will help mentor, manage, and encourage Torah Club Leaders around the world. We share a critical mission with our FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders. Therefore, spending time together is especially important to us.

Our team is excited to get on the road to visit our FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders. We are thankful for Jon’s hard work in leading this effort. All Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends will be receiving communications about how to register to attend upcoming Shalom Tour stops.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Not an FFOZ Friend?

The Shalom Tour is an FFOZ Friend exclusive benefit as a “thank you” for supporting First Fruits of Zion in the mission to restore the original faith and kingdom message of the Jewish Jesus.

If you would like to learn more, join our mission, become an FFOZ Friend today. We look forward to meeting and partnering with you. Learn how to become an FFOZ Friend


[1] The Malchut Conference is First Fruits of Zion’s international conference for Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends. Malchut 2022 will be February 20-22 in Dallas, Texas.

[2] Registration details for the Shalom Tour will be communicated to Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends soon.