Keeping Zion before our eyes is a difficult task in our everyday lives. Planting Zion in our hearts is a process of learning, seeing, and connecting.

One way we can all keep in touch with Zion is by seeing beautiful images from Israel in our homes and offices. For a few years now, we have produced our Land of Israel calendars in two formats. One 16-month calendar, and one 56-week calendar. Our new calendars for the Hebrew year 5776 (2015-16) has just been released.

The beautiful desk calendar is a weekly calendar that features 56 images of Israel, comprehensive listings of major biblical dates and events, weekly Torah readings, etc. Our hope through this simple tool is to keep Zion before our eyes in the mundane tasks of each day. Here is a response we received from someone last year:

I just received my desk calendar and I have only one word for it—outstanding! When I need a moment to quietly meditate or find something beautiful, I can fix my eyes one of the superb photos taken in the land by Boaz Michael, our Founder and Director. The photography and the set up of the calendar show the excellent work that went into this product. But that should not surprise anyone, as we pour so much effort and love into the work we all do at FFOZ, it does always show in the final product. Kudos to everyone who was involved in this product.

Take a tour of Israel each day; reflect on the biblical events that occurred on that day in history; and provide a visible testimony and reminder for where our minds and hearts are truly focused.

Order your calendars today at our Store: 56-week: Desk Calendar, 16-month: Wall Calendar, and the 16-month Customized Congregational Wall Calendar