We are proud to announce the debut of Spanish resources. Our books Restoration and God-Fearers are now available for purchase from the First Fruits of Zion Resources Store (https://ffoz.com).

These releases are just the first—testing the water so to speak—with plans for more to come. A Spanish translation of HaYesod: The Foundation is already complete and being prepared for release, and translations of additional books and products are in the works.

This is not the first time FFOZ writings have been translated into languages outside of English. We have authorized FFOZ books to be translated into Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, and other languages, but all those translations occurred under the auspices of other ministries that conducted the work of translating and publishing the material. We routinely receive requests for permission to translate our materials. Outside of our translations to Hebrew, however, we have never created official FFOZ-approved and published translations into another language—until now.

FFOZ brings Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews, but unless they read English, those Christians and Jews will find it difficult to learn our message about the coming kingdom, the Jewishness of Jesus, the authority of the Torah, and God’s ongoing covenant relationship with the Jewish people.

Over the last two decades, we have received hundreds, perhaps thousands, of requests for Spanish translations of FFOZ teachings and materials. In the last several years, the appeals have become more urgent. A lack of credible and reliable Messianic resources in Spanish has left the door open for a flood of false teachings, sensationalism, and serious distortions. All the fringe movements that have plagued the English-speaking Hebrew roots communities and Messianic congregations have found their way into the Hispanic world. That world desperately needs balanced and reliable Messianic Jewish teaching, even if for no other reason than to offer an alternative to the chaos created by the junk scholarship of Hebrew Roots.

In the past, we have made several attempts to create translations of our key resources, but with each attempt, the door closed. We found ourselves frustrated with inadequate translations, unfinished projects, a lack of coordination, and a lack of funding. Two years ago, God opened a new door. We began working with Adan Hernandez, a Messianic leader in Florida and recording artist well-known in the Hispanic Messianic world. He agreed to help us find competent and reliable translators familiar with Messianic Judaism. He put us in touch with a professional translation team working out of a Messianic congregation in Bogata, Columbia. We sent them some samples, and the translations came back clean, accurate, and in a timely manner.

We hope that the new materials will be a blessing to the Spanish-speaking disciples of our Master around the world. We are grateful to God for opening this door at last, and we are grateful to our FFOZ Friends for making the translation project possible through their generous support of the ministry of First Fruits of Zion. Please pray for the success of this new outreach into the Spanish-speaking world.