His song “My Savior My God” took the Christian music scene by storm. Today, he’s writing songs about Israel, the Jewish people, and the return of the exiles to Zion.

He’s performing alongside some of Messianic Judaism’s hottest artists. This episode of Messiah Podcast features award-winning singer-songwriter Aaron Shust, whose newfound perspective has deepened his relationship with his Creator.

Aaron relates that his career as a worship leader began when he started a band right out of college. Collaborating with other musicians equipped him to take on his first role as a congregational worship leader, although, at the age of twenty-four, he initially felt inadequate to lead older, more experienced musicians. While Aaron was not satisfied with his early compositions, his oeuvre of offertory songs eventually grew to the point where he had enough for an album. He tracked his first album in his friend’s basement, thinking he would give a copy to his mother. However, this album cemented his status as a mainstream singer-songwriter—much to his initial chagrin.