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Finding Messiah

Jesus is Jewish—but what does that mean for his billions of followers? Dr. Jen Rosner joins Messiah Podcast to discuss her new book, Finding Messiah, Jewish-Christian dialogue, the role of Messianic Judaism in Jewish-Christian relations, the impact of Jesus’ Jewishness on Christian theology and practice, and much more.

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Sing Us One of the Songs of Zion

What inspired a famous Christian songwriter to adopt a Messianic Jewish perspective? Aaron Shust, award-winning singer-songwriter, joins us on Messiah Podcast to share his journey into Torah Club as a mainstream Christian music artist. Hear his inspiring story and how God led him and his family to begin honoring the Jewish Sabbath.


Sabbath for Christians?

David Nekrutman was born into a secular, New York Jewish family. Today he’s an Orthodox Jew who has dedicated his life to Jewish-Christian relations. In this episode of Messiah Podcast, David talks about his journey to Orthodoxy and to the “sacred calling” of interfacing with Christians on behalf of Jews and Judaism.


When a Baptist Pastor Encountered Torah

Torah Club is changing lives all over the world. One Torah Club Leader, Baptist minister Keith Price, relates his journey to the Jewish Jesus and his success in sharing the Scripture in its Jewish context with Baptists and other Christians on this episode of Messiah Podcast.


Was Luke Jewish?

The author of Luke and Acts has traditionally been identified as a Gentile physician named Luke. However, the latest Messiah Podcast asks Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer whether the author of Luke and Acts may in fact have been a first-century Jew.


Introducing Messiah Podcast

Our hope is that Messiah Podcast will be a regular source of spiritual and educational nourishment for a broad range of disciples. Every episode will affirm the importance of Jesus’ Jewishness and how that impacts everything!


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