The English word “club” has two meanings. It might refer to an association, organization, or institution with formal or informal membership. It can also refer to a big stick used for bashing things.

Torah Club is supposed to be the former type of club, but the scale of its impact is reminiscent of the latter type.

Torah Club hits hard, smashing shallow Bible teaching, obliterating boredom with the Bible, and shattering misconceptions about Jesus. It’s a big stick. It’s a Bible study for disciples of Jesus. It’s a group of ordinary folks who gather weekly to study both the New Testament and the Old Testament from a Jewish perspective. It’s where disciples learn.

And Torah Club is a club because it’s not for everyone. Not everyone gets excited about new discoveries or fresh insights that make the Bible come alive. Not everyone is brave enough to rethink old paradigms and let the Bible say what it has to say. Not everyone is interested in studying the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective.