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Planted on the Mountains of Israel

Unless you have visited Israel, you may not be aware of the nation’s vastly diverse landscape. Israel is a land of beauty, full of mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, canyons, rocks, trees, plants, and foliage of all kinds. The earliest Zionist pioneers in the 1800’s participated in preparing Israel for her future children.

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Sunset on the Rhinestone Cowboy

When Kim met her husband-to-be, country music superstar Glen Campbell, he was suffering from broken relationships and addiction to alcohol and cocaine, and he was searching for God. Kim Campbell shares their family’s journey of rededication to God, discovering Messianic faith, and finding joy in the heartbreak of Glen’s Alzheimer’s disease.


They’re Playing Our Song: The Liberated Wailing Wall

In the midst of denim, long hair, and rock and roll, a remnant of young Jews came to faith in Jesus, becoming the unlikely movement of Jews for Jesus. From there, a Messianic Jewish music and drama team called the Liberated Wailing Wall emerged, beginning a new genre of Jewish gospel music.


What Does the Jewish Community Want from Jewish Followers of Jesus?

In response to anti-missionary criticism against the Bram Center in Jerusalem, Dr. Michael Brown asks the question “What’s wrong with Messianic Jews living openly and unashamedly as observant Jews?” Dr. Brown points out the double standard in demanding that Jewish followers of Jesus be neither deceptive nor open about their beliefs.


UFOs and Faith

It’s commonly assumed that the biblical worldview is incompatible with the existence of intelligent alien life. The US government now reluctantly confirms a history of “unidentified aerial phenomena,” but is out of its league when it comes to answering hard questions about what this means for us. What does Judaism have to say?


The Fiery Tongue

Our speech has tremendous potential for good or for evil. The power of life and death resides in our tongues, reflecting the disposition of our hearts and orienting the direction of our lives. Yeshua gives a chilling warning: “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”


Under the Iron Dome

This year Israel was simultaneously exposed to endless rocket barrages, Arab-Jewish violence in its mixed cities, and delegitimization campaigns from abroad. The kind of violence that happened inside Israel has not been witnessed since the early years of the Jewish state. An insider gives his eyewitness account of the consequences of this complex conflict.


Cliff-Hanger on the Mount of Transfiguration

Torah Club’s last year in Season 1 of Jesus, My Rabbi concludes with a plot twist and a cliff-hanger on the Mount of Transfiguration. The epic story of Yeshua of Nazareth picks back up where it left off in Season 2, finishing the story from the transfiguration to the ascension.


Teach Us to Be Good

Finding out that we didn’t understand Yeshua as well as we thought can make us wonder what it means to be a disciple or what exactly we are supposed to be doing. Generations of rabbis have left us Musar literature—practical methods on how to build our character in order to build the kingdom.


Waiting for the Return of the King

The deepest desire of a disciple of Yeshua is to see Yeshua’s kingdom come. This desire transcends contemporary politics. We are not called to be Democrats or Republicans or socialists or communists; part of our identity as followers of Yeshua is that we are theistic monarchists. Our allegiance is to King Yeshua.


The Story of Hanukkah

The eight-day festival of Hanukkah is celebrated in Jewish homes each year. The eight-branched candelabra (called a chanukkiah or Hanukkah menorah) is lit. Friends and family gather for festive meals of delicious potato pancakes and pastries. There are entertaining games for children, storytelling, songs, and prayers. Most of all, there is gladness, joy, and light.


Are We Gods?

According to the teaching about Psalm 82, if the people of Israel had not sinned, they would have retained the status of “gods” and “sons of God.” How much more so should the one without sin deserve to assume those same titles?


Was Luke Jewish?

The author of Luke and Acts has traditionally been identified as a Gentile physician named Luke. However, the latest Messiah Podcast asks Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer whether the author of Luke and Acts may in fact have been a first-century Jew.


Messiah Magazine Is Back!

Don’t miss this issue of Messiah Magazine, featuring a submission from Kim Campbell on her journey to Torah with her late husband, Glen, a recounting of the formation of the early Messianic Jewish band The Liberated Wailing Wall, and a firsthand account of the shocking rocket attacks in Israel this year.


The Most Tragic Mistake

An understanding of Jesus’ Jewishness and the Jewish context in which he lived has the potential to help resolve that conflict and illuminate the Gospels and Epistles so that their meaning can finally be understood.


Bringing the Kingdom

There seems to be no end to the evil we see, and it just keeps growing. We begin to feel as if this evil is just the natural order of mankind and that we will always have wickedness in our world. “That’s just the way people are” is an idea we’ve all given in to.


Winter in Jerusalem

Have you ever wondered what the Feast of Dedication is? Have you ever just assumed that it was merely some archaic festival in ancient Judaea that has been antiquated and is no longer celebrated? Have you ever noticed the verse in John and its subtle reference to this unknown Jewish winter feast?


The Free Teaching Magazine by First Fruits of Zion

Another new issue of Messiah Magazine has just rolled off our presses. Did you know that you can get Messiah Magazine free wherever you are? This flagship publication is produced in print and digital formats, and you can get at least one of these editions free.


Miracles of the Six-Day War

Israel’s War for Independence had concluded with a ceasefire that had left Jerusalem divided in two. For nearly two decades afterward, Jews were not allowed to enter Jerusalem’s walls or pray inside the city. All that changed in June 1967, when God unleashed a miracle of biblical proportions in the form of the Six-Day War.


The Turning Point

I watched in awe as this young woman who had complained so bitterly stated with tears that leaving the army was one of the hardest things that she had ever had do to. We knew beyond any doubt that this army experience had been a life-changing event—and a metaphor for us all.


The Burma Road

Under the moonlit sky of May 30, 1948, three soldiers of the new Jewish state scouted the wadis and imposing slopes that climb up into the Judean hills southwest of Latrun. Following a footpath worn by centuries of shepherds, their jeep barely crawled up the steep side of a ravine; they had to get out and push it up the last few yards.


A Bible from Heaven

As they circled the settlement, she dropped a special parcel to the men who once served under her husband. The parcel contained her late husband’s Bible. The men of Ramot Naftali retrieved the parcel, opened it up, and recognized the Bible. It was the same Bible they had seen their late commander so often consult before leading them into battle.


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