• Prayer

    Conversation with the Creator

    Over time, poets, prophets, and scholars have composed powerful and inspiring odes, psalms, hymns, and petitions that are treasured by the Jewish community, but the art of simple conversation has never been lost. Constant awareness of God’s presence can make one’s whole life feel like a conversation with our Father in heaven.

    6-minute read

  • Torah Club

    The Fruit of Our Efforts

    Friends, we are just getting started, and God is already using Torah Club in great ways to impact real people for his kingdom. Can you imagine the impact that Torah Club is going to have for the kingdom as believers continue to study and gather weekly to learn and discuss God’s Word?

    3-minute read

  • Israel News

    Covert Gaza Operation Gone Wrong

    An operation in Gaza ended in a firefight and chase as IDF members retreated under the cover of airstrikes all amid high-stakes peace talks. Plus, deadly floods in Jordan kill 12 and sweep through Petra. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

    8-minute read

  • The Bram Center

    A Traditional Outpost

    As we are trying to make respectful, meaningful relationships with the broader Jewish world here in Israel and abroad, the majority of the Messianic world here in Israel is parading freedom from Judaism around like a badge of honor and holiness.

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  • Calendar

    Kislev and the Concealed Light

    The winter months bring with them darkness and cold. The same God who forged the light also brought darkness into being. It is the darkness that gives our light context and purpose. On Rosh Chodesh Kislev we remember Chaim Yedidiah Pollack, a great Messianic luminary, and consider his insights into the Hanukkah candles.

    6-minute read

  • Yahrzeit

    The Life-Breath of Lucky

    Only now are we realizing the importance of remaining connected not only to the “Jewish roots” or cultural heritage, but also to the religion of the Jewish people. Lucky was proclaiming this from the rooftops before we were even born—before the modern Messianic Jewish movement gained traction in 1960s America.

    4-minute read

  • In the News

    Anti-Semite threatens Messianic Synagogue

    Just hours after a Saturday memorial service for the 11 slain victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, a man in Cary, North Carolina walked to the doors of Messianic Synagogue Shaarei Shalom and, finding them locked, allegedly delivered a slew of anti-Semitic threats across the intercom.

    5-minute read

  • Israel News

    Six Years of Drought in Israel

    For five years, Israel has stayed ahead of the drought with desalination, drip irrigation, and water conservation. However, as the sixth year of drought sets in, even the cutting-edge tech might not be able to protect the Sea of Galilee, already far below its red lines.

    13-minute read

  • Israel News

    Another Arab Nation Recognizes Israel

    Details of Israel-Hamas deal brings hope for peace, Arab Oman recognizes Israel after surprise Netanyahu visit, and Mossad intelligence thwarted an Iranian assassination plot in Denmark. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

    8-minute read

  • Torah

    Abraham, Father of the Nations

    These seemingly insignificant details about Abraham marrying Keturah point to God’s larger picture of redemption. The purpose of calling Abraham and bringing the Jewish people through his lineage was not just for the salvation of Israel but also for all people from every nation.

    4-minute read

  • In the News

    Pence’s Rally Prayer Misidentification Tragedy

    What was meant to a moment of prayer to honor the victims of the synagogue shooting quickly turned viral and shifted to a broad mischaracterization of Messianic Judaism. Read how it happened and how some Messianic leaders are responding here.

    12-minute read

  • Israel News

    Massacre at the Tree of Life Inspire Outpouring of Empathy

    Fresh violence at the Gaza border puts a damper on a new deal that promises to end the riots, and an update on the Syrian border. Plus, an inscribed column reveals the oldest documented text containing the name “Jerusalem.” This and much more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

    17-minute read