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    Planted on the Mountains of Israel

    Unless you have visited Israel, you may not be aware of the nation’s vastly diverse landscape. Israel is a land of beauty, full of mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, canyons, rocks, trees, plants, and foliage of all kinds. The earliest Zionist pioneers in the 1800’s participated in preparing Israel for her future children.

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    Behold the Spring

    Tu B’Shvat is the Israeli Arbor Day! Environmental awareness is promoted and celebrated around the country and, on Kibbutzim, it is celebrated as an agricultural holiday with hay rides given to kids and families.

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  • Israel News

    A Crucified Ronald McDonald Controversy, Israel Strikes Damascus Airport

    A sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald on display in Haifa has deeply offended the Christian population. In the meantime, Israel claimed responsibility for a strike on Iranian targets at the Damascus airport and declared a successful conclusion to Operation Northern Shield after finding a sixth Hezbollah tunnel.

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  • Didache

    The Didache and Chasidus: The Long but Short Way

    What the Didache and Chasidus both teach us about the two ways is that it takes hard work to reach our full spiritual potential. The choice is ever before us and as disciples of Yeshua we must choose the more difficult path, for it is only on it that we will reach the destination of the kingdom.

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  • In the News

    Messianic Synagogue Targeted Second Time

    Windows smashed by bricks and spray paint vandalism are only the latest Anti-Semitic attacks on Messianic Synagogue Sha'arei Shalom. Earlier last year a man also made threats over an intercom after being motivated by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

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  • Israel News

    Knesset Dissolves, Early Elections Triggered, and 2018 by the IDF numbers

    Israel’s parliament dissolved triggering early elections, Israel in 2018 by the numbers, Palestinian political divisions flare, rocket alert apps disabled and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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  • Torah

    Parashat Bo: Tefillin and the Four Houses of Israel

    The “house of Israel” refers to the regular Israelite, the “house of Aaron” refers to the priests, the “house of Levi” refers to the Levites, and those “who fear the LORD” refers to those from the nations who have joined themselves to the God of Israel, the God-fearers, the strangers who dwell among you (gerim).

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    The Rain Came Down

    Moses passed away on Adar 7, so Jewish tradition teaches that he spent the month of Shevat to give his last instructions and warnings to the people. He also is said to have translated the Torah into seventy languages during Shevat.

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  • Messianic Lifestyle

    What Makes Us Weird?

    Following Yeshua while practicing Judaism is weird. It’s OK to be weird for the right reasons. But unfortunately, our communities are often also weird in other, needless ways. And this inhibits our ability to function in a way that reflects positively on either Yeshua or Judaism. Let’s imagine what Messianic Judaism could be.

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  • Vision and Mission

    Become a Giant-Slayer

    You will be shocked as you watch our 45-minute review of Andy Stanley’s new book, Irresistible. Stanley is one of the most influential Christian leaders in our day. If you wish to stand against supersessionism and replacement theology, it is important that you are aware of the contents of this book and its implications.

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  • Reviews

    A Response to Andy Stanley's 'Irresistible' Replacement Theology

    Those of us who are supportive of a Messianic Jewish viewpoint could respond to Pastor Andy Stanley's book by dismissing it as irrelevant to our world. But I don’t think we can do that. Watch Ryan Lambert, Toby Janicki, and Damian Eisner discuss and review the book and implications of his supersessionist viewpoint.

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  • Prayer

    The Bible's Prayer Book

    The Psalms are a powerful source of guidance. They make it possible to pray in alignment with God’s will even when words fail us. By virtue of the messianic nature of the Psalms, which are in the voice of Messiah, and which the Messiah surely prayed, we participate with Yeshua in his own prayer.

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