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Messianic Synagogue Targeted Second Time

Windows smashed by bricks and spray paint vandalism are only the latest Anti-Semitic attacks on Messianic Synagogue Sha'arei Shalom. Earlier last year a man also made threats over an intercom after being motivated by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

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Anti-Semite threatens Messianic Synagogue

Just hours after a Saturday memorial service for the 11 slain victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, a man in Cary, North Carolina walked to the doors of Messianic Synagogue Shaarei Shalom and, finding them locked, allegedly delivered a slew of anti-Semitic threats across the intercom.

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Pence’s Rally Prayer Misidentification Tragedy

What was meant to a moment of prayer to honor the victims of the synagogue shooting quickly turned viral and shifted to a broad mischaracterization of Messianic Judaism. Read how it happened and how some Messianic leaders are responding here.

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The Satanic Deception

Satan has deceived the whole world in his efforts to isolate and annihilate God’s covenant people. We must not rely on public opinion to form our worldview but rather renew our minds by seeing through the lens of Holy Scripture, which will dispel the lies of the enemy.

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New Messianic Jewish Music: Volume II by Miqedem

The Messianic Israeli band Miqedem just released their second album. Since 2015, their members have been combining the old with the new to bring a pretty tight mix of Middle Eastern Israeli flavor with a modern edge. Most of the songs are taken from the Psalms.

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Born Again Again: Remembering the Reverend Billy Graham

I know I stand with countless others as being forever grateful for the impact that Reverend Graham’s work had on my life. While I am saddened by his passing, no one could argue that he did not fulfill his life’s work for Yeshua to the fullest.

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Roy Moore’s Lawyer Claims to Be a Messianic Jew

Kayla Moore, the wife of politically-embattled Republican Roy Moore, commented that “one of our attorneys is a Jew” in an apparent response to accusations of anti-Semitism against the Roy Moore campaign. It turns out the Jewish lawyer she had in view self-identifies as a Messianic Jew.

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Jerusalem – The Morning After Trump

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the decision. On the one hand, this is something that should have happened a long time ago. It should have happened in 1967. On the other hand, I am concerned over the practical ramifications on our soldiers, citizens, and the Palestinian people.

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New Messianic Jewish Music from Bob Dylan

Ever since being introduced to Bob Dylan many moons ago at summer camp I have been enthralled with his music. Whether it’s his acoustic folk ballads or his electric rockers, I love his style, sound, and lyrics. I’m also convinced the Jewish born Dylan is still a follower of Messiah.

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The Prophetic Implications of the Eclipse

People are taking cross-country road trips to witness what is being called the astronomical event of a lifetime, while an obscure Chasidic text suggests doom for North Korea. Let’s explore the significance of such an amazing sight from a Jewish perspective.

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Glen Campbell and Messianic Judaism

The Campbell family conducted a private funeral for Glenn. The interment took place the day after his death in accordance with Jewish funerary custom. A Messianic Jewish rabbi conducted the rites and recited the Kaddish. Glen Campbell will be missed by his family, by his fans, and by the Messianic community.

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A Visit to the Temple Mount

As we walked around the Dome of the Rock shrine, the place where the Holy Temple once stood, we were struck by the beauty of the current structure yet saddened by the abomination it represented. It reminded us we are still in partial exile, even though we live in the land of Israel.

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In Our Hands – A New Film about the Six-Day War

It’s been fifty years since the Six-Day War, the conflict that changed the face of the Middle East, liberated Jerusalem, and announced to the world that the God of Israel is alive and well. In celebration of the anniversary, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has prepared a dramatized documentary film.

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Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Here is the cold, hard, bottom-line reality: The Jewish community will never, ever accept a message as “good news” that involves a Jesus that they think took us away from the covenant handed to us at Mount Sinai.

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Troy Mitchell in Top Five

Mitchell, who is legally blind, is a rare musical talent, largely self-taught and adept at a variety of instruments—a dazzling jazz keyboardist and folksy guitar player—with a unique vocal sound that serves him well in his role as a Messianic cantor. But Mitchell did not begin his musical career in the synagogue.

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Pray for Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Following Stroke

This has been the life work of Rabbi Steinsaltz: to bring every Jew back to Torah. Toward this end, he has labored to make Judaism accessible to all Jews. Israeli historian Zeev Katz puts the greatness of the rabbi into surprising context, “He will stand like Rashi and Maimonides.”

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Bob Dylan: A Messianic Jew

For Dylan it was not an either/or scenario between Judaism and Christianity. He was comfortable with a world that drew from both. I saw a man who struggled with his identity much as we do today — stuck in between Christianity and Judaism.

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A Messianic Jewish Tribute to Jose Fernandez

I haven’t had much time to reflect on this, but the death of this young athlete has hit me harder than I would have expected. I am going to miss this charismatic athlete in the years to come. There will be many of us who, for some time, will wonder what could have been.

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World Vision and Hamas

According to the allegations, funds designated for civilian projects, more than a million dollars a year, were "given in cash" to Hamas combat units. Shin Bet claims that money raised to support children allegedly injured by conflict with Israel was diverted to Hamas families by “fraudulently listing their children as wounded.”

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If I Forget Thee

Our fondest hopes and visions are bound up with Jerusalem, and at its heart, the Kodesh haKodeshim (holy of holies), where the Divine Presence hovered over the Ark of the Covenant. It is from here that the one true God will rule over the earth, and this is about which the struggle over Jerusalem continues.

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One Long Night

Just a few days ago, on July 2 of this year, the world was informed that the long night was over. Elie Wiesel died at the age of 87. A great man, a great humanitarian, a strong yet feeble survivor, has fallen.

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Resolution 5: Southern Baptists Stand with Israel

We are seeing more and more disciples of the Master turn against Israel and find reasons to side with their enemies. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the largest protestant denomination in the United States. At their meeting they passed a resolution for the continued support of the State of Israel.

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Seek Peace

Perhaps the peace talks would have failed. Perhaps we would have let ourselves in for (another) great disappointment and perhaps it all would have been to no avail. But a famous coach once said, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take!"

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The Collapse of the Tomb of Jesus

The tomb of Jesus is on the verge of collapse, and the imminent danger has inspired rival sects of Christianity to set aside their differences at least long enough to do something about it. The hostility preventing the repairs seems to me like an apt metaphor for Christian conflict.

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Wrong Answer, Bible Answer Man!

The theme of this year’s Christ at the Checkpoint conference is “The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extremism.” However, the only religious extremism conference participants seem to have in mind is Zionism. Since its first conference in 2010, Christ at the Checkpoint has proven itself to be anything but the great peacemaker among evangelicals that it purports to be.

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The Downfall of America?

Yesterday, I heard a short comment from Dennis Prager, a prominent US talk show host. He speaks on topics that range from ethics, politics, marriage, and everything in between. He was expressing his concerns about several of the current GOP presidential candidates, about the baseless hatred that is now taking place in the political arena.

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The Jewish Jesus Is Coming to a Theater Near You

It’s the first century and the game is afoot. It’s the story we all know. The death and resurrection of our Messiah, but for the first time in cinematic history the movie Risen, set to be released February 19, may finally do justice to the most epic and influential tale in human history—with a bit of a detective movie twist.

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There Are "No Words"

A gift lovingly given, a young man on a tour of Israel, and a terrorist attack all converged together to blend tragedy with hope and provision. This is the story of how God in his infinite wisdom can use seemingly random people across the globe to intersect into one moment in time.

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The End of Christian Zionism

As the new generation takes positions of leadership in the Evangelical Churches of America, Christian Zionism and support for Israel is vanishing. Today’s Millennial Christians who have already bought into the notion that blanket condemnation of the state of Israel is a moral obligation incumbent upon every thinking, ethical human being.

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Testimonies of Jewish Believers on Walla!

When the Israeli web portal Walla! recently featured testimonies of Jewish Yeshua-followers produced by Eitan Bar and Israel College of the Bible, it was hailed as a win for Jewish evangelism. It would be even better if a few of the testimonies pointed Jewish believers to Torah.

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The Vatican’s New Perspective on the Jewish People

Two new theological statements, one from the Vatican and one from the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Dialogue (CJCUC), call for a theological “cease fire” to the interfaith conflict that has characterized the relationship between the church and the Jewish people for most of the last two thousand years.

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Hanukkah and the Birth Pains of Messiah

At Hanukkah we celebrate the ultimate future defeat of the antichrist. Recent world events and phenomenon seem to suggest that the birth pains of Messiah are increasing in frequency and the signs point toward Armageddon. We should use Hanukkah as an opportunity renew our commitment to Yeshua as the day of his coming draws near.

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Messianic Jewish Victim of San Bernadino Terrorism

One of the victims has been identified as Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew. Thalasinos enjoyed arguing religion with his coworkers and, only two weeks before the shooting, he and Farook had engaged in a debate over Israel and the nature of Islam.

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