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We Pause to Remember

I looked at the faces of my students and I prayed. I prayed for a world in which they can be proud and unafraid Jews. I prayed for a world in which my children and my students can live in peace. I prayed for a solution to the protracted and relentless conflict with the Palestinians.

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Remembrance and Repentance

It has been said that the wise man is he who knows his limitations. The way of Christianity for the past two thousand years has seemed right to Christians, but not to those who look at it as hypocritical in its failure to act out its fundamental teachings while such an enormous catastrophe occurred in its midst.


The Ghosts of Auschwitz

In 1985 I visited the Jerusalem Holocaust museum, Yad V’shem. It was my first indication that God had not disposed of his people. I had grown up with that closed-box worldview where only people who believed like me were actually God’s people. What I saw at Yad V’shem forced me to revisit my theology. It forced me to challenge the assumptions.


Outside the Circle

Every year in Israel ceremonies are held throughout the country to commence Yom HaShoah, a day of remembrance for those who perished in the Holocaust. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Israel will be conducting ceremonies online instead of in large gatherings.


Son of a Nazi

The son of a Nazi war criminal grew up plagued by demons, found redemption in Messiah, and now brings a message of love and hope and a warning about the satanic roots of anti-Semitism. Watch the new First Fruits of Zion documentary film: Escape from Nazi Demons.


We Stand Together

We stood together—students, teachers and a smattering of soldiers and parents. We stood together to honor our dead and our State, to remember our past, and look forward to our future. We remember. We honor. We are filled with gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility.


What Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph?

We say "Never Again," and we mean it, but we know we are only as strong as the country in which we live and that the world is always ready to blame, condemn, and crucify the Jew. The Syrian War rages and refugees flood into neighboring countries, yet the world meets in Paris to denounce Israel?


Never Again

We were in the torture chambers of the Dachau concentration camp. The fact that three young Jews walked through the halls alive and well infused hope into the story like the sun rays shined light into the cells. The hall was eerie and rooms held their own demons. We came to remember.


Gentiles Calling for Their Jews

The Nazis were a war machine that no one thought could be stopped. However, one often-overlooked event did just that, saving thousands of Jewish lives. While in Berlin we made a quick stop on our drive through the city to see where this story took place. We visited the tiny street called Rosenstrasse


One Long Night

Just a few days ago, on July 2 of this year, the world was informed that the long night was over. Elie Wiesel died at the age of 87. A great man, a great humanitarian, a strong yet feeble survivor, has fallen.


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