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Glen Campbell and Messianic Judaism

The Campbell family conducted a private funeral for Glenn. The interment took place the day after his death in accordance with Jewish funerary custom. A Messianic Jewish rabbi conducted the rites and recited the Kaddish. Glen Campbell will be missed by his family, by his fans, and by the Messianic community.


Apocalypse of Esther

The story of Purim tells the great tale of the exile of the Jewish people and Satan’s war against the people of God. In the Greek version, the story begins when Mordechai sees a vision of the powers of darkness preparing to make war on the Jewish people.


Conversation on Paul: An Interview with Mark D. Nanos

Every month, all our FFOZ Friends receive a special newsletter and an exclusive teaching of the month. The January newsletter recounts an exciting close to 2016 for the ministry, and the teaching of the month introduces our FFOZ Friends to Jewish scholar Mark D. Nanos, an expert in Pauline studies.