Save the date for the annual FFOZ National conference and Shavu’ot celebrations to be held at Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue in Hudson, Wisconsin. This year’s theme Ki Mitziyon, “Out of Zion,” will unveil our new Torah Club program for the fall of 2018.

We are confident that our time together is going to ignite a passion in many for Torah study and Torah Club! At this year’s conference, we are going to cast a vision that we feel will have a major impact on the kingdom.

Imagine thousands of people coming together as a global learning community and family of disciples. Imagine a grassroots movement of disciples who are on a kingdom-mission to spread the knowledge of God, reveal the life of Messiah, and to live holy lives. Imagine leading a Torah Club group where disciples learn. This is Torah Club!

Why Is Torah Club Important?

Torah Club helps disciples know Jesus better through Bible study from a historical Jewish perspective. Torah Club members will grow confident in knowing what the Bible says and will be better able to apply its timeless truths to their lives.

Join us for this important time of learning and celebration. You will be the first to hear the complete vision of the new Torah Club. You will leave equipped and inspired to join us in our global initiative to send the Torah forth from Zion.

Topics and sessions will include:

  • The History and Future Torah Club
  • The Mitzvah of Teaching the Torah
  • Study as the Highest Form of Worship
  • Imagine All the People
  • What Makes Torah Club Unique
  • Saving the Church
  • Seven Steps of Jewish Engagement

Additionally, for the third year in a row the conference will include children’s programming and a 12-21 Youth track.

The conference will end on Friday and lead into an optional, full-on Shabbat celebration Friday night and Saturday after which we head into Shavu'ot Saturday night. Both days will be packed with special services, teachings, and meals.

FFOZ National Conference and Shavu’ot 2018

Ki Mitziyon (Out of Zion)

DATES: Wednesday, May 16 - Sunday, May 20. Includes Shabbat and Shavu’ot Celebrations. Watch our events page at — more information is coming soon!

LOCATION: Beth Immanuel, 828 3rd Street in Hudson, Wisconsin