Last month, FFOZ had a booth dedicated to the Torah Club at the Messiah Conference in Grantham, Pennsylvania.

The Messiah Conference is the international conference for the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. This annual gathering draws well over one thousand people, mostly from the United States but from other countries as well.

This was the first conference where we had a booth that introduced the new Torah Club to the Messianic movement. Many people expressed a desire to go deeper into the Bible, and they could see that the Torah Club could help them do that. We also spoke to people who would like to start a Torah Club as a part of their Messianic congregation or church.

This month we will have our booth set up in Orlando, Florida where this year’s Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) national conference is taking place. This year I’m attending the conference with my colleagues Boaz Michael and Rabbi Damian Eisner to represent First Fruits of Zion and our new Torah Club push for the fall. Also, I have the privilege of presenting a lecture on the subject of Paul within Judaism. Boaz will be giving a talk on our new translation of Paul Philip Levertoff’s book The Religious Thought of the Chasidim . Rabbi Eisner will teach the weekly parashah using the new Torah Club materials, showcasing the new workbooks. We will also be offering a sneak peek of upcoming releases from our FFOZ KIDS line, including Torah Clubhouse, a new approach to children’s Torah Club, and a new storybook titled Tales of the Messiah, which is based on our gospel commentary Chronicles of the Messiah. Of course, we will be encouraging subscriptions to our free quarterly Messiah Magazine.

If you are at the UMJC conference, stop by our booth and say “Shalom!” Even if you can’t attend the conferences, you can still learn about the new Torah Club program online at We hope that our presence at these conferences will garner some interest in Torah Club and First Fruits of Zion resources. Messianic Judaism is our mission field in that regard. Our mission is to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews, and that includes Messianic Jews.

For FFOZ, it is vital to have a strong presence at Messianic events. Many in the Messianic movement look to FFOZ as a primary source and guide for what they are passing on to others in their communities. Investing time at these conferences is expensive and time-consuming. However, being "on the ground" at events like the Messiah Conference allows us to connect, share, and listen to people who are being impacted by our mission. We are thankful for our FFOZ Friends who make it possible for us to be present at events like the Messiah Conference.