Recently, I had the opportunity to represent First Fruits of Zion at the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) Envision Conference for pastors and leaders.

Held in Jerusalem, this conference drew pastors and Christian leaders from all over the world. It was a privilege to meet so many Christian leaders who have such a deep love for the land and people of Israel.

As the Director of Outreach, I represent FFOZ at both Christian and Messianic conferences and events all over the United States and internationally. The reason I attend these venues is so that we can establish and strengthen relationships with leaders. Our desire is for FFOZ to become an increasingly trusted source of vision and teaching regarding Messianic Judaism and the Jewish foundations of the faith all over the world.

At the Envision Conference, I interacted with many leaders. These Christian leaders expressed a common need that they have a deep love for the land and people of Israel, but they lack solid teaching and resources that instill that vision deeply into the culture of their various congregations and ministries—a huge void that First Fruits of Zion seeks to fill. We strive to help people to dig down into “why” the people and the land of Israel are so important. With resources such as HaYesod, Torah Club, and many others, we are aiming to restore a Jewish reading of the Bible. Our vision is to bring restoration in four key areas:

  1. Restore the Jewish Messiah
  2. Restore the Gospel
  3. Restore the Torah
  4. Restore Israel

With each teaching and resource that we produce, this restoration is the goal for which we aim. It is also the mission of the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning in Jerusalem.

We are confident that as more people embrace these “Restoration” principles, we will move closer to the kingdom reality of which our Master Yeshua spoke.

Many leaders and communities want to be a part of this “restoration” work that God is doing. We are thankful that he is allowing First Fruits of Zion to play a part in this process. One relationship at a time, God is giving us the opportunity to be a voice that is helping people to live now in preparation for the kingdom of heaven.