With the release of The Way of Life book at Shavu’ot, I will now be doing a series of Didache seminars across the country. I was honored that my first seminar, however, would not take place within the United States but in Jerusalem at the Bram Center.

Unlike the last time I taught at the Bram Center in December of 2015, where I had just arrived the day before in Israel, I had over a week to recover from jetlag before I began the two-night four-session teachings called The Two Ways. By the time the first night arrived I was very excited and anxious to see how the Israeli Messianic community would respond to the message of the Didache. I would not be disappointed.

I had not been to the Bram Center since its expansion. It was amazing to see the transformation from a small office space with limited seating to a full lecture hall complete with a large screen for presentations, office space, and a separate conference room. Although I had seen many pictures, to now be there in person was a moving experience. As I walked around the room and took everything in, I was once again reminded of the importance of the work of First Fruits of Zion in Israel. The Bram Center is now the perfect place to bring the Israeli Messianic community together to learn about what it means to live out faith in Yeshua from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

On the first night we had a nearly packed house. There was a wide range of people from Messianic college students to an Orthodox rabbi. I would teach two sessions. One was an introduction to the Didache and the other taking people through the material of chapter 1. While I was teaching, I could sense that people were attentive and very interested in the topic. However, the way I could tell what people thought of the material was when the Q and A began. The attendees asked very sophisticated questions. They were the kind of questions where I could tell they had been paying attention, internalizing what I was saying, and imagining the implications that the Didache’s teachings would have on the community.

During the break between sessions, people came up to ask more questions and talk about The Way of Life book. I was a bit disappointed that I never made it over to where the cookies were, but I got over that soon as the second session began. Once again, people were asking questions that probed deeply into the first chapter of the Didache. As I went home that evening I was overjoyed with how excited for the Didache people were here in Israel.

The next night we jumped into the material of chapters 6 and 8. Chapter 6 covers the Gentile believer’s responsibility toward the Torah and the laws of kosher and chapter 8 covers fasting and prayer. Although I did not think it was possible, this night was even more lively the last. I could tell that everyone was getting comfortable, and both Q and A sessions went on for about a half an hour. Once again, during the break it was non-stop. The questions and the discussions all pointed to the fact that Israeli Messianic community was embracing the Didache as a part of its heritage passed down from the earliest Jewish believers. In turn, I considered the two-night teaching on The Two Ways a success. I pray that this is a foretaste of the rest of my seminars throughout the summer and this fall. May HaShem grant that they all be this fruitful!