A Fantastic New Vine of David Website!

Back OfficeJul 11, 2014

Back OfficeJul 11, 2014


Vine of David’s website has been completely remodeled and refreshed. The beautiful, mobile-friendly interface gives you access to lots of new and updated content. It is a fantastic hub for information and resources pertaining to Messianic Jewish heritage and modern practice.

Take a look at the About page, which gives an inspiring overview of the Vine of David’s mission:

Vine of David is an organization dedicated to the original vision of Messianic Judaism. We follow in the footsteps of Messianic Jewish pioneers and luminaries who struggled to exist as Jews in full continuity with their Jewish people as well as fiercely devoted disciples of Yeshua the Messiah. Read more »

You are also encouraged to read the Vine of David vision for Messianic Judaism Past, Present, and Future.

In the Discover section, you will find inspiring articles that explore many deep concepts in Messianic Jewish thought, on topics such as Shabbat and holidays, a Jewish understanding of the Gospels, pioneers of Messianic Judaism, and Messianic Jewish observance.

The Resources page gives you an in-depth look at the highly acclaimed books and materials made available through Vine of David, including the Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, the writings of Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, the brand-new resource The Sabbath Table, and several others.

The video section offers an incredible number of inspiring programs and clips. Featured is the new, highly-sharable Sabbath Table series which offers a glimpse into the beauty and holiness to be found in the traditional Sabbath meals and customs.

The Remnant Repository is a treasure trove of material related to our Messianic Jewish heritage, providing downloadable documents and books written by Jewish followers of Yeshua throughout history.

May HaShem bless this new effort of Vine of David and use it to strengthen and encourage the entire Messianic Jewish world and the Kingdom of Heaven. Head over to vineofdavid.ffoz.org now!

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About the Author: Aaron Eby is the Vine of David Director and an author and translator for FFOZ. He was the chief translator of The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels and works to develop liturgical resources that will strengthen Messianic Judaism. More articles by Aaron Eby