Articles by Zeev Rabinowitz

Dr. Rabinowitz is the “Scholar in Residence” at First Fruits of Zion. Much of his work involves program development for the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning. Dr. Rabinowitz and his wife live in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

A New Moses for a New Exodus

Yeshua “fulfills” prophecy in Hosea in that events in his live recapitulate the exodus event. By evoking the larger context of Hosea 11:1 and by creating parallels between the life of Yeshua and story of Moses, Matthew presents Yeshua as a new Moses who leads the nation in a new exodus from Egypt.


The Key to Unlocking Matthew's Gospel

Israel was, at least from a theological perspective, still in exile. Israel was still suffering the consequences of covenant failure. But all this was now about to change. The shame and humiliation of exile was over.


Thoughts from the Upper Room

In this age of historical revisionism some people want to believe that this schism was simply a debate about a day versus a date; but that is simply not true. The early church was rife with anti-Semitism and it deliberately chose to sever the connection between the celebration of Passover and Yeshua’s resurrection.


Wrong Answer, Bible Answer Man!

The theme of this year’s Christ at the Checkpoint conference is “The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extremism.” However, the only religious extremism conference participants seem to have in mind is Zionism. Since its first conference in 2010, Christ at the Checkpoint has proven itself to be anything but the great peacemaker among evangelicals that it purports to be.