Articles by Tikvah Michael

Tikvah Michael lives in Jerusalem with her husband Boaz, their four children and granddaughter; two of their children are currently serving in the IDF. Tikvah is the project manager for Messiah Magazine and Messiah Journal.

Planted on the Mountains of Israel

Unless you have visited Israel, you may not be aware of the nation’s vastly diverse landscape. Israel is a land of beauty, full of mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, canyons, rocks, trees, plants, and foliage of all kinds. The earliest Zionist pioneers in the 1800’s participated in preparing Israel for her future children.

17-minute read

Behold, How Good and Pleasant

One of Israel’s greatest strengths is her unity, and while Israel is divided on many issues and by many different expressions of faith, the fall holiday season has a way of uniting us and reminding us all of where we came from.

7-minute read

Celebrate Noach!

The Jewish people were given the Torah and the commandments contained therein. The sages believed that it was appropriate to beautify the commandments by going above and beyond what was required. Here is a fun and unique way to do just that.

3-minute read

My Sins Are Found in the Pool of Siloam

When our kids were at an age when they could understand what it meant to “cast your sins into the water,” we would talk together as a family about things that we were trying to overcome. It seemed like every year we gleaned new lessons from this activity. What a beautiful picture of forgiveness.

6-minute read

The Master’s Synagogue Excavated in Israel

Very recently, in the middle of August 2015, first-century synagogue ruins were unearthed in Israel near the Sea of Galilee, which archaeologists say Yeshua likely attended. We are reminded daily of how precious it is to live in the land of Israel. It is powerful and deeply moving to see the Bible come to life.

4-minute read

For Such a Time as This

When I think of Purim, I think of the wonder and awe of God's sovereign plans for us. The theme of "For such a Time as This" perfectly pictures God's hand in the life of Esther, an orphan, reared by her uncle and then miraculously placed in the palace courts of the king.

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