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Ryan Lambert

Ryan Lambert served as the Director of Outreach for First Fruits of Zion. He labored with us for several years and represented First Fruits of Zion to the broader body of Messiah.

Introducing Messiah Podcast

Our hope is that Messiah Podcast will be a regular source of spiritual and educational nourishment for a broad range of disciples. Every episode will affirm the importance of Jesus’ Jewishness and how that impacts everything!

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Theology Jul 29, 2021

Does God See Color in His People?

A common viewpoint repeatedly stated by Christian leaders speaking to the church is that “God does not see color. He does not see black, white, or any other racial distinction. When God looks at His people, He only sees Jesus.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. But can that statement be substantiated by Scripture?


Theology Jun 24, 2021

What Is Paul’s Rule?

When Paul says, “Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing,” he communicates that both Jews and Gentiles can be justified in Christ as either Jews or Gentiles. Both Jewish and Gentile identities mattered greatly to Paul.


Shalom Tour May 6, 2021

Shalom Tour 2021 — FFOZ May Be Coming to a City Near You!

The Shalom Tour is your opportunity to meet First Fruits of Zion leadership staff, connect with other Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends, get inspired and encouraged to continue your mission of spreading the message of the kingdom to all nations, and break bread with new friends.


Shavuot Apr 9, 2021

The Relationship between the Torah and the Spirit

Many commentators and teachers interpret Paul from a supersessionist viewpoint whereby the Holy Spirit’s role supersedes that of the Torah/Law. In all fairness, Romans 7 is famously complex. However, it does not need to be understood in a supersessionist manner. The text can also be interpreted with an understanding of Paul’s affirmation of the Torah.


Theology Mar 10, 2021

An Update on the Battle against Replacement Theology

As the days and months go by, I witness the layers of replacement theology peeling back in numerous corners of God’s kingdom. Here are a few promising developments.


Shalom Tour Feb 8, 2021

Shalom Tour 2021

Our mission objective with the Shalom Tour is to encourage and strengthen our FFOZ Friends and Torah Club network throughout the United States.


2021 and Moments of Truth

Clearly, “moments of truth” are important as we think about the Bible, history, and the unfolding of God’s kingdom agenda. Moments of truth also prove to be decisive in our individual stories. However, they are not always easy to navigate.


Introducing Yachad BeYeshua

My perspective and imagination were expanded by meeting Jewish disciples who were Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, and from Orthodox Christian traditions. There was significant theological diversity in the room. However, the common bonds were a commitment to Jewish identity as disciples of Yeshua.


A Thanksgiving Challenge

This Thanksgiving, my hope is that we can buck the status quo and look at the positive things that are happening in the world and give thanks to HaShem for the goodness around us.


Theology Nov 12, 2020

Paul’s Judaism

According to Paul’s Judaism, Gentile Christ-followers had an equal standing with the people of God within Jewish space. Paul’s Judaism was a radical threat to the status quo of his day. Reintroducing Paul’s Judaism, not only as an idea but also as something with practical and modern ramifications for both Judaism and Christianity, is a radical threat to the status quo of ours.


Yom Kippur Sep 24, 2020

The Essential Need for Creativity

Times of crisis almost always include new opportunities. This season of challenge is no different. We can exercise creativity in new ways to not only maintain our spiritual health but also to grow it.


Reviews Sep 7, 2020

(Partially) Seeing Jesus from the East

The real, historical Jesus was a Jewish man who practiced Judaism and lived in the land of Israel. Attempts to understand Jesus’ universal message that do not emphasize his specifically Jewish context can obscure who Jesus was and is.


Theology Aug 17, 2020

There Is No Jewish “Background” of the New Testament

When one hears the phrase “Jewish background of the New Testament,” it does not necessarily indicate a viewpoint that is moving Jesus’ kingdom vision forward. It is sad to say, but what this phrase often means is that Judaism and Torah have been relegated to the background of the Yeshua story. That was not the apostolic vision.


Theology Jul 27, 2020

James Dunn and the New Perspective on Paul

The great value of Sanders’ and Dunn’s work was to show that a long line of Pauline interpreters misread Paul because they misread the Judaism(s) of Paul’s day as legalistic. In a sense, we could more aptly describe the New Perspective on Paul as a “New Perspective on Late Second Temple-era Judaism.”


Prophecy Jul 17, 2020

Yeshua’s (not-so-soon) Return

For both Yeshua and Paul, the kingdom could be had at any moment, but it required a certain response from the Jewish people. Sadly, the ministries of neither Yeshua nor Paul, in their time, brought about the response that could have ushered in the redemption.


Messianic Judaism Jun 15, 2020

Was Paul a Judaizer?

For two thousand years, New Testament Bible teaching and Jewish history have developed an instinctive reaction to confidently categorize Judaism and Judaizing as things that Paul opposed. Are these instincts and reflexes consistent with Paul and his apostolic vision?


Torah Club May 26, 2019

Torah Club and Passover

To say the least, I was super impressed with how many of our leaders went about doing Passover. Many folks hosted Seders. Some were large, and some were small. However, the pictures and stories that I heard indicated that the seders held by our Torah Club Leaders were a profound blessing to those who attended.


Reviews Dec 28, 2018

A Response to Andy Stanley’s 'Irresistible' Replacement Theology

Those of us who are supportive of a Messianic Jewish viewpoint could respond to Pastor Andy Stanley’s book by dismissing it as irrelevant to our world. But I don’t think we can do that. Watch Ryan Lambert, Toby Janicki, and Damian Eisner discuss and review the book and implications of his supersessionist viewpoint.


Torah Club Nov 13, 2018

The Fruit of Our Efforts

Friends, we are just getting started, and God is already using Torah Club in great ways to impact real people for his kingdom. Can you imagine the impact that Torah Club is going to have for the kingdom as believers continue to study and gather weekly to learn and discuss God’s Word?


FFOZ at MJAA and UMJC 2018

Messianic Judaism is our mission field. Our mission is to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews, and that includes Messianic Jews. Many people at the conference expressed a desire to go deeper into the Bible, and they could see that the Torah Club could help them do that.


Reviews Mar 28, 2018

Paul, Apostle of Christ: A Review of the Movie

The real Paul was no doubt a man who preached a message of love and grace. But he was a man who did that as a Jew who loved and lived out the Torah within Judaism. I could let my final word on this movie be “satisfied” and move on. But, there is a problem.


Theology Jan 16, 2018

A Blow to Replacement Theology

This new society will fill an important function. As stated on the website, “The Society for Post-Supersessionist Theology exists to promote research and discussion that advances post-supersessionist thought.” This is an important mission.


Torah Club Jan 2, 2018

The Torah Club and Mars Hill

The idea is to get people participating instead of just being led and told the answers. We also incorporate food and snacks into the meetings. We encourage a discussion format, not a leader telling students something. Being willing to open yourself to new ideas without questioning your faith is important here.


Theology Dec 31, 2017

Re-Thinking Paul

Neither Paul nor the apostles had any conception that following Jesus meant that Jews or Gentiles would operate outside of Judaism and Jewish space. That’s a very controversial issue, I know. It was certainly a controversial idea in the Apostolic Era—at least the part about Gentiles coming into Jewish space without having to become Jewish.


Why I Believe in Yeshua

The conversation was short but meaningful, and I am praying that it had an impact on this young man. An additional result of this conversation was that it reminded me to continue to grow in my sense of trust in Yeshua as the Messiah and my ability to communicate why I have such trust.


Theology Jun 26, 2017

Yavneh and Replacement Theology

At Yavneh, we began the process of figuring out how to survive as a distinct, sustainable, Torah-keeping community in the midst of a long and harsh exile. If Torah still represents our marching orders, then generally speaking Messianic Jews need to honor and adhere to the way that the Jewish community has navigated that path—even after Yavneh.


FFOZ at the Southern Baptist Convention

The favorable attention and traffic that First Fruits of Zion received at the Southern Baptist Convention is another indication that God is doing some fantastic things in the Body of Messiah. Little by little, foundations are being restored. Many Christians are coming to see Judaism, Torah, and the gospel in a new and positive way.


Torah May 18, 2017

Old Testament vs. New Testament

At a recent pastor’s conference involving thousands of church leaders, I listened to one of the most well-known and influential pastors in the world introduce a concept that pitted the morality of the Old Testament against the morality of the New Testament. His objective was to get church leaders to move away from Old Testament morality.


Theology Apr 24, 2017

Getting to the Heart of Replacement Theology

Placing Jesus and the apostolic faith outside of Judaism leads to the same result that the idea of the church replacing Israel leads. Both of these layers of replacement theology, if universally embraced, would lead to the end of the Jewish people.


In the News Apr 18, 2017

Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Here is the cold, hard, bottom-line reality: The Jewish community will never, ever accept a message as “good news” that involves a Jesus that they think took us away from the covenant handed to us at Mount Sinai.


Teaching Events Mar 29, 2017

Paul within Judaism at the LCJE

Recently, I presented a paper at the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) conference in Denver. My topic was “Paul within Judaism: The Implications for Jewish Evangelism.” Going into the presentation, I knew that this subject would generate a strong reaction. I was not wrong.


The Dribble That Brought Me Naches

We sowed and sowed…and there was no reaping for a long time. But now, the due season has arrived and we are reaping. Chuck is now dribbling, shooting, and is on his way to being able to participate in a special needs basketball league. This makes me smile.


My Jewish Journey

A major turning point in my Jewish journey came when I met my first ever Messianic Jew named David. David was a Christian, but he still did a lot of Jewish stuff. I saw that being a disciple of Yeshua was intended by God to be a means of strengthening my observance to the Torah, not abolishing it.


Connecting with Leaders in Jerusalem

The Christian leaders I encountered expressed a common need that they have a deep love for the land and people of Israel, but they lack solid teaching and resources that instill that vision deeply into the culture of their various congregations and ministries—a huge void that First Fruits of Zion seeks to fill.


Messianic Judaism Jan 29, 2017

Why Do They Punt?

As we stay committed to the vision of seeing a mature Messianic Judaism move forward, I believe we will give people more reasons to hold onto the ball and keep running toward the goal—that joyful time when the King and His kingdom fill the earth.


Theology Jan 15, 2017

Did Paul Encourage Deception?

Did Paul encourage and personally practice deception for the sake of the gospel? I don’t think so. I think he strived for the highest levels of integrity in all that he did as an ambassador for Yeshua.


Teaching Events Dec 9, 2016

FFOZ on Campus

The idea I put forth presented a framework for understanding Jesus, Paul, and the New Testament that most of the students had not considered. I found them to be very engaged and respectful, even if not entirely embracing what I was saying.


The Key to the Message

There are many Christian leaders out there that are looking to connect with a solid source for Messianic Jewish teaching. But we can’t wait for them to find us. We have to go find them. This makes it all the more important for First Fruits of Zion to be at venues like Catalyst.


Theology Oct 14, 2016

The Chapter That Changed My View of Torah

Deuteronomy 30 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible. On a personal level, this chapter has had a huge impact upon my life and development as a Messianic Jew. It gave me anxiety and theological paranoia because it created an ongoing problem in my theology.


In the News Oct 8, 2016

A Messianic Jewish Tribute to Jose Fernandez

I haven’t had much time to reflect on this, but the death of this young athlete has hit me harder than I would have expected. I am going to miss this charismatic athlete in the years to come. There will be many of us who, for some time, will wonder what could have been.


Cheshbon Nefesh Sep 29, 2016

Don Henley, Elul, and Forgiveness

Without directly referencing God, Yeshua, the Bible, Judaism, or Elul, Don Henley’s song gets to the heart of some matters that are very important for us to consider as we approach the high holidays.


Messianic Judaism Aug 18, 2016

An Unexpected Mission

We never know how HaShem is at work. When Boaz handed me that DHE five or six hours earlier, it seemed insignificant. But I believe that HaShem had me carry that DHE for a special purpose. It is a joy to see how he weaves the details of our lives together.


HaYesod: Learning the Foundations

We are very encouraged to hear testimonies like this. It motivates us to continue to present vision, teaching, and resources that help people to know and follow Jesus better by seeing him through Jewish eyes.


FFOZ at the UMJC

We are thankful that God has given us the ability to produce vision and teaching that is helping to shape and cultivate the development of Messianic Judaism in so many places. It was a fruitful time of strengthening existing relationships and establishing new ones.


Messianic Judaism Jun 15, 2016

Chinese Food and the Work Ahead

I had a conversation with a young man who reminded me that we still have a lot of work to do in Messianic Judaism. God is doing great things in our times. Restoring the Jewish Jesus back to both Judaism and Christianity is an exciting work to be a part of. He is even accomplishing that in lines at Chinese restaurants!


Cheshbon Nefesh May 3, 2016

Bad Ideas with Good Intentions

I’d like to encourage you to think about boundaries in your life. Think about your boundaries and maybe where you’ve crossed them with God. If you have crossed the line, turn around before it hurts you any worse. Boundaries are his kind way of marking out “safe places” for us to stay within.


Teaching Events Mar 11, 2016

FFOZ’s Presentation at the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism

Our core principles as a ministry involve restoring the Jewish Messiah, restoring the Torah, restoring the gospel, and restoring Israel. It is our conviction that as these fundamental areas are restored to their biblical context, efforts to reach the Jewish people with the good news of Yeshua will be strengthened.


The Bram Center Dec 27, 2015

Are We Ready?

He knew no other world than that of Orthodox Judaism—then his world was rocked as he met Yeshua his Messiah, engaged in discipleship, and then one day he disappeared. Where is Michael today? Did our community serve him well, or did we drop the ball?


Missing My Jewish Mama

Recently, as I was thinking about my mom (which happens more frequently this time of year, though I think about her all the time), I paused to consider what was behind my thinking there. What is the quintessential Jewish mama? I feel that in my gut, but what does that mean?


FFOZ at SBL National Conference

Last week, I had the opportunity to represent FFOZ at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) national conference in Atlanta. I am grateful for the progress that we can observe, but there is still much work to be done in expanding the presence and visibility of both Messianic Judaism and the work of FFOZ.


Micah and Two Very Different Coaches

The saying, “As the leaders go, so go the people” is usually true. Most of us have had experiences with both good and bad leaders. The picture that Micah presented reminded me of a contrast in leadership that I experienced as a baseball player in college


Cheshbon Nefesh Sep 7, 2015

The Power of Teshuvah

All of us can experience seasons in life where we are in a deep pit. And it may seem so ominous, and so devastating, and so dark, that there seems to be no way out. But the truth is, with God, there is always a path toward the light. Even at the last minute, God welcomes our return.


We Are on a Mission

There are thousands of pastors and Christians who want more of the Jewish Jesus. As those who embrace Messianic Judaism, it’s our privilege to reach out and share the importance of this movement in God’s kingdom plans. I want to encourage you wherever you are to be an advocate for this mission.


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