Articles by Matan

Matan is part of the Jerusalem based staff of First Fruits of Zion. Matan supports in the development of Torah Club materials and is part of the support staff at the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning in Jerusalem.

The Body of Sacrifices

Could God have created an entire set of commandments only to be replaced and abolished? Doesn’t Yeshua show love and respect for God’s holy dwelling place? Instead of dismissing the Temple and the sacrifices, let’s explore how they can actually uphold and strengthen discipleship.


Psalm 27: A Story of Faith and Trust

Life can be challenging and full of hardships, but that is not a surprise for disciples of Yeshua. Let’s study two Mussar traits that lie at the heart of our confidence in HaShem and our Master Yeshua, and discover how we can use them to sanctify God’s name.


Zeal and Gratitude: Traits of a Disciple

Yeshua came to serve, not to be served. He taught practical discipleship that has the power to change the world. As his disciples, we too must carry the mantle of changing the world, but that change must start with us. Let’s explore two traits that can help us with this mission.


Daily Choices and Big Rewards

Setting daily tasks can have an enormous impact on your life and help meet long-term goals. Learn some easy applications you can add to your life to improve your walk with Messiah. Discipleship is a life-long process and should be our primary focus as followers of Yeshua.


Mussar and the Path of Discipleship

Discipleship is a lifelong process of living and walking as Yeshua did. This can be a difficult concept to carry out. We will look at a unique Jewish practice called Mussar and the invaluable insights it offers on the subject of discipleship.


The Turkey Prince and the Redemption of Yeshua

In the parable of the prodigal son Yeshua lifts our identity from the mundane mire of this world to the elevate status of a father’s son. The prodigal realizes his true position as his father’s son and is able to come out of rock bottom.