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Jacob Fronczak

Jacob Fronczak is an author, staff writer, and editor at First Fruits of Zion and lives in Coldwater, MI.

Messiah Magazine 9 minutes ago

The First Mohel

Medical expertise, Jewish identity, and halachic knowledge finds expression in exactly one active Messianic Jewish mohel: Dr. Worthington-Kirsch. We sat down with Dr. Worthington-Kirsch to ask how he ended up as a mohel, what barriers to entry might exist for other Messianic prospects, and what it might look like to train more.

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Messiah Magazine Nov 14, 2022

The Great Replacement Theory

The Great Replacement Theory is gaining traction. The conspiracy theories are just the latest rendition of the centuries-long tradition of European anti-Semitism. It’s been distilled and repackaged in a new form, but the substance is the same: a hatred of Jews and Judaism born of the darkest impulses in the human heart.


Messiah Podcast Jun 16, 2022

Finding Messiah

Jesus is Jewish—but what does that mean for his billions of followers? Dr. Jen Rosner joins Messiah Podcast to discuss her new book, Finding Messiah, Jewish-Christian dialogue, the role of Messianic Judaism in Jewish-Christian relations, the impact of Jesus’ Jewishness on Christian theology and practice, and much more.


Messiah Magazine May 3, 2022

The Rabbi Who Met Yeshua

We owe much to the legacy of Rabbi Daniel Zion—forerunner, luminary, and hero of Messianic Judaism. Unappreciated in his time, we recognize him today for his bravery in confronting the Nazi collaborators in Bulgaria, his conviction that Yeshua was the Messiah, and his unwavering commitment to traditional Judaism.


Messiah Magazine Feb 7, 2022

Conceived in Sin

Are we all born condemned because of the sin of one man? What happens to unbaptized children who die before they understand what sin is? Communities of faith have worked to reconcile the doctrine of original sin with God’s perfect justice and righteousness. Yet Judaism takes a different approach.


Hanukkah Nov 22, 2021

Non-Jews and Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday. It’s kind of like, we think, some kind of Jewish substitute for Christmas. They saw all the fun we were having every winter and came up with something a little different that they could do, too. So we imagine them putting Hanukkah presents under the menorah, or maybe a Hanukkah bush of some kind.


Theology Aug 16, 2021

The Unmoored Life

I unmoored my theological boat and started paddling myself across an ocean of possibilities. I figured I knew enough about theology and the Bible to cobble together a map and sextant. But there was no New World waiting for me on the other side.


Gospels Jul 6, 2021

Son of Man

When we shrug our shoulders and say “Jesus is just weird,” it keeps us from asking any more questions. And if we don’t ask, we won’t get answers. If we don’t dig any deeper, we miss the chance to learn something. If we don’t dig down and find out why Jesus refers to himself as “the Son of Man” it becomes a barrier.


Bridge Builders

Messianic Jews and Gentiles should be bridge builders. With those of us in synagogues at one end and those of us in the church at the other, we have anchors on both sides; if we can each recognize the other’s role and calling, we can support a connection in between.


Gospels Apr 25, 2021

There Is a Way to Know Jesus Better

There is perhaps a no more powerfully condensed summary of Jesus’ teachings than the Sermon on the Mount. Ideally, every follower of Jesus would have complete command over the content of this revolutionary discourse. As disciples, we cannot afford to misunderstand these three chapters of Matthew’s gospel.


Four Reasons Not to Read Your Bible: Part 3—Meaning

What do we really mean when we ask what a text means? This is an important question to ask, but most of us never consciously ask it. The answer might seem obvious to you. But you might be surprised at some of the answers others have given.


Four Reasons Not to Read Your Bible: Part 2—Assumptions

Misunderstanding the Bible is dangerous. By the time we are so led astray by our own misplaced zeal, it is too late—we cannot be convinced otherwise; after all, God is on our side, so to abandon our path would be heresy and betrayal.


Cheshbon Nefesh Mar 1, 2016

A Blessing for Bad News

Every experience life has to offer, from the mundane to the extraordinary, is ensconced in specific and verbally spoken blessings by the traditional Jew. There is even a blessing for when one hears exceptionally bad news, such as the death of a close friend or family member. But why?


Four Reasons Not To Read Your Bible—Part 1

For Christians, there is nothing more important than developing an accurate understanding of the Bible. For precisely this reason, I think Christians should not be reading it. How can I say that? Simple: because reading the Bible without understanding it can be worse than not reading it at all.


Talking at the Table

Catholic-Messianic dialogue has the potential to inform Messianic Jewish theology, as both faith traditions now grapple with the significance of the eternal calling of the Jewish people on one hand, and the universal redemptive work of Messiah, the King they have yet to corporately enthrone, on the other.


Judaism for Dummies

Our faith finds its formative impulse in a religion we now call Second Temple Judaism. The most reputable and respected scholars across denominations agree that Jesus, the apostles, and the first generation of Christians were all practicing Jews. So how is it that we know so little about Judaism?


Calendar Sep 27, 2015

Do I Have to Follow the Jewish Calendar?

When we were young and our parents asked us to mow the grass, we might have responded, “Do I have to?” But we never responded like that when they told us it was Tuesday. No one asks “Do I have to?” of a calendar. It just doesn’t make sense.


Mitzvot Sep 20, 2015

Systematic Good-ology

Let’s not fall behind in doing the kind of work the Master spent so much time exhorting us to do—the Sermon-on-the-Mount kind of work, the work of learning to be good, the work of consistently making ethically sound choices. In doing so, we will grow to become more like Jesus.


Hipsters, Christians, and Messianic Gentiles

Subcultures are normal and healthy; they are the modern equivalent of tribes. They give people a sense of belonging, solidarity, and acceptance. But those of us who are followers of Jesus need to consider carefully how our effectiveness might be limited by intentional and outward identification with a Christian subculture.


Messianic Judaism Sep 11, 2015

Messianic Judaism: The Next Big Thing

The emerging church has been hailed as the next big thing. An unprecedented blend of liturgy, spontaneity, social justice, and postmodern theology; it lies at the intersection of several previously separate streams of Christianity. But Messianic Judaism ties these same threads together in an authentic restoration of the first-century church.


Where Christianity Came From, and Where It’s Going

The church is moving. What common thread connects the megachurch movement, neo-Calvinism, and the Protestant exodus to Catholicism and Orthodoxy? Each of these is an attempt to go forward by going back, but they each miss a critical aspect of the early church:


Is Messianic Judaism Heresy?

Some are for it, and others against, but most Christians haven’t even taken the time to learn what Messianic Judaism is or what it stands for. Who exactly are Messianic Jews, and what do they believe? Is Messianic Judaism heresy? Or orthodoxy? Generations of evangelical students have been trained as heresy-hunters.


Reviews May 8, 2013

Messianic Judaism

An ever-growing body of scholarship testifies that the early Jerusalem church likewise maintained a self-identity within Judaism and that the New Testament should be read as a collection of Jewish texts. Unfortunately, the world-shattering theological, ecclesiological, and eschatological ramifications of the rebirth of Messianic Judaism are often overshadowed by controversy and confusion.


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