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D. Thomas Lancaster

D. Thomas Lancaster is Director of Education at First Fruits of Zion, the author of the Torah Club programs and several books and study programs. He is also the pastor of Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue in Hudson, WI.

Shavuot 57 minutes ago

Fire on the Mountain

Jewish tradition hails the Festival of Weeks as the anniversary of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. In Exodus 20:18 the Hebrew really says, “They saw the voices and the torches.” What does it mean, “the people saw voices”? How does one see a sound? How does one see a voice?

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Messianic Judaism May 15, 2023

Ascension Day and Elijah’s Double Portion

On the fortieth day of the Omer, we read the story of the ascension of Elijah. That story explains the significance of the ascension of Yeshua and its connection to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ten days later on the day of Shavu’ot. He intended to bequeath that Spirit to his disciples.


Messiah Magazine Apr 19, 2023

The Synagogue of Satan

When the phrase "synagogue of Satan" and "those who say they are Jews and are not Jews" are read within their historical context, they make reasonable sense without any anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, or anti-synagogue implications. The Master called them “synagogues of Satan” because the leadership in those communities assumed the role of accuser against the brethren.


Sabbath Feb 10, 2023

A Sanctuary in the Fourth Dimension

A sanctuary consists of defined holy space. In the days of Moses, as soon as a person set foot within the Tabernacle he had entered into holy space. Levitical guards watched over the boundaries and guarded the gates of the Sanctuary to prevent people from inadvertently profaning the holy space. Like the Tabernacle, specific defined limits demarcate the holiness of the Sabbath.


Hanukkah Dec 12, 2022

Are We Gods?

According to the teaching about Psalm 82, if the people of Israel had not sinned, they would have retained the status of “gods” and “sons of God.” How much more so should the one without sin deserve to assume those same titles?


Messiah Magazine Nov 8, 2022

An Exclusive Community

Torah Club is not for everyone. Some people love it; some people don’t. That’s because Torah Club is a theological revolution. It’s a return to first principles. It reveals the Bible in its original context: a revelation from God to the Jewish people and, through them, to the nations.


Messiah Magazine Oct 19, 2022

Jumping Ship: Disembarking from the Ship of Fools

Competing secular voices and ideologies clamor for the right to dictate the culture’s direction while the church has lost its moral authority. Disembark from the ship of fools. Join Torah Club as we launch a year-long quest for wisdom, a meaningful life, the presence of God, and spiritual growth.


Yom Kippur Sep 29, 2022

Between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur

We still have time to repent. Until the verdict is sealed on Yom Kippur, we still have time to sway the heavenly court toward a good verdict, so we make extra efforts in prayer, charity, and repentance.


Cheshbon Nefesh Aug 15, 2022

Better Than the World to Come

When we enter the World to Come we will be like the angels who behold the infinite light of God. We will be like the Messiah who beholds the glory of the Father. That’s why repentance and choosing to do right is something that only has real meaning now.


Calendar Aug 5, 2022

The Death of Yeshua on Tisha B’Av

Messianic Jews should make it their custom to study the story of the Master’s death on Tisha b’Av. Messianic disciples should have a reading of the gospel narratives of the death of the Master, and compose our own kinnot (laments) about the day that his blood was shed for the sins of Israel and for the sins of the world.


Messiah Magazine May 23, 2022

A Pledge and a Promise

Disciples of Yeshua have a vast inheritance waiting for us in the future. We cannot have it all just yet. In the Messianic Era, we will come into the full inheritance. In this current age, we have only a pledge, a guarantee that the rest is yet to come.


Messiah Magazine May 10, 2022

What Happens When You Die?

What happens after you die? Many people alive today claim to have endured death and returned to life. The reports of the experience come from all over the world, but they are all remarkably similar. The state of the dead until the resurrection seems a little murky. Is this for real?


Holocaust Apr 28, 2022

The Ghosts of Auschwitz

In 1985 I visited the Jerusalem Holocaust museum, Yad V’shem. It was my first indication that God had not disposed of his people. I had grown up with that closed-box worldview where only people who believed like me were actually God’s people. What I saw at Yad V’shem forced me to revisit my theology. It forced me to challenge the assumptions.


Purim Mar 17, 2022

Be Happy! It’s Purim!

Adar is the month of the happy holiday of Purim, the celebration of the miracle of the story of Esther. The Sages say that in the month of Adar, joy increases. As the days grow longer and warmer and we sense the approach of springtime, our hearts begin to rise.


Messiah Magazine Feb 10, 2022

The Chosen and the Chosen People

Creator and director of The Chosen television series Dallas Jenkins, along with his team, makes a serious effort to depict Jesus and his disciples as Jews within a Jewish context. Spreading the biblical story globally, the production features well-developed characters with a love of Jewishness and the Torah.


Messiah Magazine Jan 28, 2022

Under the Water

Regardless of what brand of baptism you might prefer, all of them have one thing in common: they all began as a simple Jewish purification ritual. We recover some of the lost meaning and significance of baptism by looking at the ritual as it functioned in early Judaism and in the New Testament era.


Messiah Magazine Dec 30, 2021

UFOs and Faith

It’s commonly assumed that the biblical worldview is incompatible with the existence of intelligent alien life. The US government now reluctantly confirms a history of “unidentified aerial phenomena,” but is out of its league when it comes to answering hard questions about what this means for us. What does Judaism have to say?


Messiah Magazine Dec 15, 2021

Cliff-Hanger on the Mount of Transfiguration

Torah Club’s last year in Season 1 of Jesus, My Rabbi concludes with a plot twist and a cliff-hanger on the Mount of Transfiguration. The epic story of Yeshua of Nazareth picks back up where it left off in Season 2, finishing the story from the transfiguration to the ascension.


Hanukkah Nov 29, 2021

The Story of Hanukkah

The eight-day festival of Hanukkah is celebrated in Jewish homes each year. The eight-branched candelabra (called a chanukkiah or Hanukkah menorah) is lit. Friends and family gather for festive meals of delicious potato pancakes and pastries. There are entertaining games for children, storytelling, songs, and prayers. Most of all, there is gladness, joy, and light.


Calendar Aug 3, 2021

Is the Jewish Calendar Wrong?

Some teachers in the Hebrew Roots movement attempt to persuade people to abandon the Jewish reckoning of the biblical calendar and adopt an alternative calendar. They perceive their interpretation of the calendar and how to reckon the lunar year to be more biblically correct. But is it?


Calendar Jul 22, 2021

Comforting Words

When something traumatic or emotionally painful happens to someone we care about, we try to comfort the person, offering words of consolation and sympathy. We try to point out the bright side, and we try to lift the person’s spirits by invoking future hopes. That’s what the Sabbath of Consolation tries to do for Israel.


Prayer May 24, 2021

Anointing with Oil

In the days of the Bible, olive oil was a precious commodity. It was used for fueling lamps; it was used in cooking and even personal grooming. Olive oil had multiple uses, and anointing with olive oil had many different applications. Does anointing the sick with oil have an intrinsic, spiritual benefit?


Shavuot May 13, 2021

The Mighty Wind and Tongues of Fire

Most Christians know the story of Pentecost in Acts chapter two: the mighty wind, the tongues of fire, Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) and the speaking in every language. Very few, however, are aware of the Torah background behind this event.


Israel History Apr 14, 2021

Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Today, seventy-three years ago, a great miracle took place. After enduring thousands of years of foreign domination and exile which culminated in the cruel evil of genocide, God’s chosen people witnessed the sudden and miraculous fulfillment of ancient prophecies, hopes, and prayers: the rebirth of a sovereign Jewish state in the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Passover Mar 23, 2021

Jerusalem Passover 1948

Passover 1948 promised to be a dismal one in Jerusalem under the siege and Arab blockades, but the tenacious commitment of Rabbi Shlomo Goren, a surprise visit from an Elijah-type character, and a few miracles transformed the holiday into a significant and memorable occasion in the saga of Jerusalem.


Rosh Hashanah Sep 15, 2020

The Jewish Year in Review

The Jewish year 5780 concludes on Rosh HaShanah this week, and a new year begins. This video takes a look back at the signs, portents, calamities, and plagues of the birth pains of Messiah that have so wracked our world, and it offers a supplication for a sweet new year.


Finding Your Soul Mate

The search for a soul mate sounds romantic, but how do you know if the person you are with is really your soul mate? Isn’t it possible that you missed your true soul mate or might still encounter him or her? What if you were married previously and are now on your second marriage?


Calendar Jul 21, 2020

The Death of Paul Levertoff

There came a moment when he asked me not to pray for his recovery, begged me to ask all the friends to desist. Then, when he still lingered, he wondered why God kept him here, he seemed to see no reason for it. I, oddly, had to turn counselor to him. I suggested that to die was easy; to live was the thing that needed courage and endurance.


Calendar Jun 29, 2020

A Time to Pray for the Redemption

The seventeenth of Tammuz begins a three-week period of mourning which culminate with the ninth of Av, the fast day that commemorates the destruction of the Temple. The Three Weeks should be a time of increased Torah study and giving of charity—in keeping with the verse, “Zion shall be redeemed by justice, and those in her who repent, by charity” (Isaiah 1:27).


After COVID-19

The world is trying to go back to normal. After weeks and months of lockdowns, quarantines, and social isolation, we are in a hurry to return to business as usual. But do we really have to return to normal? Wouldn’t it be better to return to something better than normal?


Prophecy May 24, 2020

Silent Synagogues and the Birth Pangs of Messiah

Even during both world wars, the synagogues remained open and vibrant. The silence of the synagogue speaks more loudly than any of the other signs of the times.


Shavuot May 21, 2020

A Pledge of What Is to Come

Many prophecies describe the Spirit being active as a sign for the coming kingdom. HaShem gives the Holy Spirit as a foretaste and promise of his faithfulness. While we wait for our Master’s return, we must strive to live lives in line with being temples of the Holy Spirit.


Prophecy May 8, 2020

Birth Pangs and the Signs of the Times

The novel coronavirus is only one in a series of recent signs, omens, and plagues that should have us wondering, “Is God trying to get our attention?” Here is a rundown on recent prophetic signs of the times that indicate that we are in the birth pangs of Messiah.


Prophecy May 1, 2020

Birth Pangs of Messiah and COVID-19

The birth of pangs of Messiah have been occurring for the past two millennia, but this does not mean that we should ignore these current events. Messiah foresaw a time of earthquakes and tribulations that would lead up to his return. Let’s explore recent developments within the context of the words of Yeshua.


Passover Mar 13, 2020

The Sabbath of the Cow

In Temple times, the special reading of Numbers 19 reminded those in attendance at the synagogue that they needed to prepare for Passover. They needed to undergo the ritual purification with the ashes of the red heifer prior to Passover. Otherwise they would not be ritually fit to eat the Passover sacrifice.


Sabbath Feb 20, 2020

The Money Sabbath

By collecting the half-shekel one month in advance, the Sanhedrin ensured that the new flock of animals sacrificed from the beginning of the month of Nisan would be paid for with the new shekels. This system allowed everyone to have a share in the daily sacrifices.


Holocaust Jan 26, 2020

Son of a Nazi

The son of a Nazi war criminal grew up plagued by demons, found redemption in Messiah, and now brings a message of love and hope and a warning about the satanic roots of anti-Semitism. Watch the new First Fruits of Zion documentary film: Escape from Nazi Demons.


Sabbath Nov 6, 2019

Do You Remember the Sabbath?

Sabbath happens, whether we remember it or not. By choosing to forget the Sabbath or by electing not to keep the Sabbath, we do not in any way diminish the Sabbath; we only exclude ourselves from it. The banquet is still set out on the table whether or not we accept the invitation.


Shavuot Jun 6, 2019

Crowded Together in the "Upper Room"

Traditional interpretations typically denigrate the Temple and attempt to disassociate the believers from any association with it. That’s balderdash. The book of Acts shows us that the Temple was the geographical locus of the Yeshua-movement, and it portrays the first-century believers as a Temple-based sect of Jerusalem Judaism.


Calendar May 28, 2019

C. S. Lewis on the Ascension of Yeshua

Did Yeshua literally ascend like an astronaut, or did he become a spiritual entity at the Ascension? In his book, Miracles, C. S. Lewis objects to any spiritualization of the ascension of the ascended Messiah. He insists that we see Yeshua, even after the Ascension, as a physical being and not merely a spiritual entity.


Calendar Mar 10, 2019

When Adar Enters, Joy Increases

The month of Adar offers evidence that, no matter how bad things may seem to be, they are going to get better. The same God who transformed the month of Adar from a month of mourning into a month of joy will surely transform our sorrows into joys.


Israel News Aug 29, 2018

Drought in Israel, a Week of Calm with Gaza

A week of calm and reopening of border crossings could mean the Gaza deal will hold. Plus, Israel is about to enter year 6 of drought, but there are plans to help save the lakes. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).


Reviews Apr 11, 2018

Honoring Parents and Telling the Truth

Do we have to honor our parents even if they are not worthy of honoring? Do we have to tell the truth in every situation? The lighthearted CBS sitcom Living Biblically is asking some common questions about the Bible’s mandates, but how do the television answers measure up?


Reviews Mar 23, 2018

Love, Hugs, Office Supplies, and Theft

Episodes three and four of the CBS sitcom, Living Biblically, explore the commandment of loving your neighbor and the prohibition on theft. If the show encourages viewers to start thinking about the Bible and applying it to daily life, it’s doing a good thing. I only wish the show was also funny.


Reviews Mar 11, 2018

Destroying Idols and Smashing Cell Phones

Does the prohibition on idolatry require us to smash our mobile phones? According to new CBS sitcom, Living Biblically, anything we prioritize above God qualifies as an idol. That’s a common sentiment, but is it literally true? What constitutes idolatry? Just to set the record straight on what the Bible says about living biblically, here’s a review of episode two.


Reviews Mar 2, 2018

Two Kinds of Thread and Stoning Adulterers

The new CBS sitcom, Living Biblically, wants to provoke dialogue about religion. Toward that end, we are offering an episode-by-episode review, just to set the record straight on what the Bible really says and how it’s lived out according to the traditional interpretation of the people to whom it belongs.


Torah Feb 26, 2018

Biblical Answers for CBS Television Comedy “Living Biblically”

A new TV sitcom prepares to lampoon the Bible with the "hilarious" premise of a man who takes Bible literally and tries to obey it. The executive producer of the new series, says that he wants to inspire thoughtful conversation about religion and faith. We’ll be writing a review and commentary on every episode of “Living Biblically.”


Publications Jan 28, 2018

FFOZ in Spanish

We are proud to announce the debut of Spanish resources. Our books Restoration and God-Fearers are now available for purchase from the FFOZ webstore. These releases are just the first—testing the water so to speak—with plans for more to come. A Spanish translation of HaYesod: The Foundation is already complete and being prepared for release.


Torah Club Dec 22, 2017

The New Face of Torah Club

Picture Torah Club as a club to which you belong rather than a set of commentaries on a bookshelf. As a club member, you attend regular weekly club meetings where you learn and fellowship with other club members, along with people all over the country and the world, working together through the same material.


Publications Oct 12, 2017

The Only Bad Thing in the Universe

The only thing in creation that God declared to be "not good" was man’s loneliness. It’s not good for man to be alone because a married man receives extra favor and grace from the LORD: "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD" (Proverbs 18:22).


Cheshbon Nefesh Sep 18, 2017

Letting out Water

How much is that argument worth to you? Does winning the argument and convincing your spouse justify denying God’s providence, engaging in the works of the flesh, giving opportunity to the devil, grieving the Holy Spirit, and forfeiting the kingdom of heaven?


In the News Aug 15, 2017

Glen Campbell and Messianic Judaism

The Campbell family conducted a private funeral for Glenn. The interment took place the day after his death in accordance with Jewish funerary custom. A Messianic Jewish rabbi conducted the rites and recited the Kaddish. Glen Campbell will be missed by his family, by his fans, and by the Messianic community.


Messiah Magazine May 14, 2017

Miracles of the Six-Day War

Israel’s War for Independence had concluded with a ceasefire that had left Jerusalem divided in two. For nearly two decades afterward, Jews were not allowed to enter Jerusalem’s walls or pray inside the city. All that changed in June 1967, when God unleashed a miracle of biblical proportions in the form of the Six-Day War.


In the News May 9, 2017

In Our Hands — A New Film about the Six-Day War

It’s been fifty years since the Six-Day War, the conflict that changed the face of the Middle East, liberated Jerusalem, and announced to the world that the God of Israel is alive and well. In celebration of the anniversary, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has prepared a dramatized documentary film.


Passover Apr 5, 2017

Shabbat HaGadol

Judaism considers the Festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread as the prototype for the final redemption. The tradition of setting a place at the seder table for Elijah the prophet reflects the ardent belief that Messiah will bring redemption at Passover. As the anticipated herald of the Messiah, Elijah will need to be present as the festival begins.


The Old Rebbe: Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein

The great nineteenth-century Messianic Jewish luminary and scholar, Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein, left this world and entered the world of truth on February 20, 1912. Today his words still inspire the Messianic Jewish movement, even if we sometimes conflate him with the other Rabbi Lichtenstein.


FFOZ Friends Feb 2, 2017

Conversation on Paul: An Interview with Mark D. Nanos

Every month, all our FFOZ Friends receive a special newsletter and an exclusive teaching of the month. The January newsletter recounts an exciting close to 2016 for the ministry, and the teaching of the month introduces our FFOZ Friends to Jewish scholar Mark D. Nanos, an expert in Pauline studies.


Hanukkah Dec 25, 2016

The Incense Altar and the Menorah

Imagine, if you will, the interior of the Sanctuary. Your eyes are on the veil of the holy of holies and the altar in front of it. Rising from that altar is a cloud of incense that fills the air. In no time, the veil is concealed behind the fragrant cloud. As you look into the cloud, the only thing visible is the illumination of seven flames.


Israel History Dec 20, 2016

The Burma Road

Under the moonlit sky of May 30, 1948, three soldiers of the new Jewish state scouted the wadis and imposing slopes that climb up into the Judean hills southwest of Latrun. Following a footpath worn by centuries of shepherds, their jeep barely crawled up the steep side of a ravine; they had to get out and push it up the last few yards.


Messiah Magazine Dec 4, 2016

A Bible from Heaven

As they circled the settlement, she dropped a special parcel to the men who once served under her husband. The parcel contained her late husband’s Bible. The men of Ramot Naftali retrieved the parcel, opened it up, and recognized the Bible. It was the same Bible they had seen their late commander so often consult before leading them into battle.


Reviews Dec 2, 2016

The New Christian Zionism

McDermott, who is best known as a historian of theology, offers us a quick overview of the history of Christian Zionism, demonstrating that its roots are in the Bible, not a recent post-1948 innovation and not merely a product of modern dispensationalism.


Yahrzeit Nov 30, 2016

Lucky Day for Messianic Judaism

Rosh Chodesh Kislev this year should be declared Messianic Judaism’s “Lucky Day.” Not only does it invoke the happy Festival of Hanukkah, this year it marks one hundred years since the death of Messianic Jewish pioneer, Chaim Yedidiah Pollak, aka, Theophilus Lucky (1854-1916).


Yahrzeit Oct 23, 2016

The Rabbi and the Messiah

As we peer through the window at the Torah movement, it is useful to take a look back at some of those who walked the path of discipleship before us. Among these heroes is Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein. Like the apostles, like the first century believers, he never turned his back on Torah or on the traditions of his people.


In the News Aug 6, 2016

World Vision and Hamas

According to the allegations, funds designated for civilian projects, more than a million dollars a year, were "given in cash" to Hamas combat units. Shin Bet claims that money raised to support children allegedly injured by conflict with Israel was diverted to Hamas families by “fraudulently listing their children as wounded.”


The Yahrzeit of Paul Phillip Levertoff

Paul Phillip Levertoff, born Feivel Levertoff, was raised in an Chassidic home. His family was Sephardic and was a descendent of Rabbi Schneur Zalman. As a child he attended cheder (Hebrew primary school) and later the prominent Volozhin Yeshiva.


Passover Apr 30, 2016

Messianic Mythology and Passover

In the Messianic Jewish movement, great truths are being restored to the body of Messiah. However, the same movement is also generating an inordinate amount of balderdash. Balderdash (בלדרדש) is an English word of unknown origin meaning “nonsensical, foolish talk.” Let’s learn to separate fact from fiction. Let’s not be fooled.


In the News Apr 11, 2016

The Collapse of the Tomb of Jesus

The tomb of Jesus is on the verge of collapse, and the imminent danger has inspired rival sects of Christianity to set aside their differences at least long enough to do something about it. The hostility preventing the repairs seems to me like an apt metaphor for Christian conflict.


Passover Apr 1, 2016

The Red Heifer in the Epistle of Barnabas

In Temple times, the special reading of Numbers 19 reminded those in attendance at the synagogue that they needed to prepare for Passover. They needed to undergo the ritual purification with the ashes of the red heifer prior to Passover. Otherwise they would not be ritually fit to eat the Passover sacrifice.


Shavuot Mar 28, 2016

New Wineskins: Tell It to the Next Generation

Young people are becoming conspicuously absent in the Messianic Jewish movement. The Bible instructs us to teach the Torah to the next generation and to recount the works of the LORD from generation to generation. How can we insure that the revelation of Messianic Jewish teaching will survive us? This will be the theme at our 2016 National Shavuot Conference. Join us this year!


Place the Bible on the Land of the Bible

There are lots of ways to experience the land of Israel, but FFOZ’s historical-geography study tour is primarily about placing the stories and events of the Bible onto the land of Israel. It’s a tour for serious students and for everyone who loves the Bible.


Shavuot Feb 16, 2016

Youth Seminar: Decoding the Parables of Yeshua

This June (God willing), First Fruits of Zion will host a special three-day seminar for Messianic students ages 15-20 titled “Decoding the Parables of Yeshua.” First Fruits of Zion teachers will present a crash-course on ten parables with emphasis on learning how rabbinic parables function, their role in Jewish teaching, and the tools necessary for interpreting them.


Teaching Events Jan 28, 2016

Jesus Was Not A Rebel

The rebel image of Jesus that became popular with the 1960s baby-boom generation might be responsible for a lot of today’s instability in Christian lives and congregations. Drawing insights from Torah Club and the teachings of First Fruits of Zion, Pastor Rudoski demonstrates that the anarchist and anti-religious Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible.


Teaching Events Jan 25, 2016

What I Did on My Winter Vacation: FFOZ Canada in January

“How was your vacation?” Every time I return from a teaching trip with First Fruits of Zion, someone from my home community will ask, “How was your vacation.” A teaching trip with First Fruits of Zion is always a great adventure, but it is never a vacation.


This Year in Jerusalem!

In 2016, First Fruits of Zion will be hosting two tours to Israel, and our annual Shavu’ot conference will be held at Beth Immanuel in Hudson, Wisconsin. Now is a good time to make a decision to join us. Get the dates on your calendar.


In the News Dec 28, 2015

The End of Christian Zionism

As the new generation takes positions of leadership in the Evangelical Churches of America, Christian Zionism and support for Israel is vanishing. Today’s Millennial Christians who have already bought into the notion that blanket condemnation of the state of Israel is a moral obligation incumbent upon every thinking, ethical human being.


In the News Dec 15, 2015

The Vatican’s New Perspective on the Jewish People

Two new theological statements, one from the Vatican and one from the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Dialogue (CJCUC), call for a theological “cease fire” to the interfaith conflict that has characterized the relationship between the church and the Jewish people for most of the last two thousand years.


Hanukkah Dec 10, 2015

Hanukkah and the Birth Pains of Messiah

At Hanukkah we celebrate the ultimate future defeat of the antichrist. Recent world events and phenomenon seem to suggest that the birth pains of Messiah are increasing in frequency and the signs point toward Armageddon. We should use Hanukkah as an opportunity renew our commitment to Yeshua as the day of his coming draws near.


Hanukkah Dec 9, 2015

Hanukkah and the Abomination of Desolation

Antiochus Epiphanes, the villain of the Hanukkah story, was the king of Syria and an early forerunner of the antichrist. He erected an idol in the Temple that the Prophet Daniel referred to as the “abomination of desolation.” Yeshua of Nazareth warned us to expect history to repeat itself.


Hanukkah Dec 6, 2015

The Sacred Light of Hanukkah

Jewish law prohibits using the light of a chanukiah for ordinary purposes such as lighting up a darkened room or light for reading. It might sound hyper-litigious, but the rule has a real basis in the meaning the Hanukkah menorah, its connection to the Temple, and the meaning of holiness.


In the News Dec 4, 2015

Messianic Jewish Victim of San Bernadino Terrorism

One of the victims has been identified as Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew. Thalasinos enjoyed arguing religion with his coworkers and, only two weeks before the shooting, he and Farook had engaged in a debate over Israel and the nature of Islam.


Teaching Events Dec 2, 2015

The Torah Club Smuggler

Chinese Christians have a lot to offer us and the future of Christianity, and we have a lot to offer them as they shape that future. Teaching resources from First Fruits of Zion could potentially help stabilize Chinese Christians in the Bible and keep them from repeating mistakes made by the church in the past.


Teaching Events Nov 20, 2015

Torah and Touring in the People’s Republic of China

First Fruits of Zion teachers Boaz Michael and Daniel Lancaster take a high speed train into the interior of China for a few days of extraordinary “sight-seeing” and contact with extended family members in the People’s Republic of China. In the process, they meet a few unexpected visitors and make new friends.


Teaching Events Nov 12, 2015

First Fruits Not First in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Christians are ready to learn about the Jewishness of their faith. FFOZ Teachers Boaz Michael and D. T. Lancaster visit Hong Kong to support the release of the Chinese edition of First Fruits of Zion resources, and in the process, they encounter the work of others laboring in the same field, some friendly, some not so much.


Teaching Events Nov 11, 2015

‘First Fruits’ in China

First Fruits of Zion teachers Boaz Michael and Daniel Lancaster visit Hong Kong to support the release of the Chinese edition of HaYesod and Holy Epistle to the Galatians. We are pleased to be working in close association with the Hong Kong representatives of Christian Mission to the Jews and HaDavar Yeshivah.


A Rabbi for the Whole Messianic Movement

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, of most blessed memory, left this earth on Hoshana Rabbah, the year of 5669 (1908), during the happy season of Sukkot. Hoshana Rabbah is the seventh day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the 21st day of Tishrei. His Yahrzeit this year will fall on Sunday, October 4.


Sukkot Sep 25, 2015

Birth of Jesus at Sukkot

If John the Immerser was “the Elijah who is to come” (Matthew 11:14), is it not reasonable to assume that his birth took place at the “appointed time” of Passover? And if John the Immerser was born on Passover, then the Master should have been born six months later at the onset of the Festival of Sukkot.


Prophecy Sep 24, 2015

Four Blood Moons and a Tetrad

The tetrad of four lunar eclipses (blood moons) falling on four biblical holy days has generated enormous amounts of excitement, speculation, and enthusiasm about the potential prophetic implications. Do the blood moons really indicate that the final redemption is close at hand, or is it all just hot air?


Yom Kippur Sep 22, 2015

The King in Disguise

In Jewish tradition, the High Holidays of the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) are regarded as days of judgment. Rosh Hashanah, the civil New Year, is comparable to the end of the heavenly fiscal year, so the tradition arose that God reviews the books at the end of each year.


The Principle of Forgiveness

The principle of forgiveness at work in Yeshua’s parable of the unmerciful servant operates on the biblical concept of “measure for measure.” With the same measure we use, it will be measured to us. Just as the indebted servant did not forgive the small debt of his fellow servant, the king refused to forgive his great debt.


Jewish History Jul 23, 2015

Fall of the Temple

The rebels were slain and defeated everywhere they turned. A great number of them were weak and unarmed. They had their throats cut wherever they were caught. All around the altar lay dead bodies heaped one upon another. The ramp going up the altar ran with their blood. The dead bodies that were slain above slid down the ramp. (Josephus)


Jewish Holidays Oct 14, 2014

In the Shadow of the Almighty

In the Gospels, the Master tells His disciples that "some will not taste death" before seeing Him come in His glory. This is a problem. Assuredly, all twelve of the disciples tasted death, and the Master has not yet come in His glory. So what did Yeshua exactly mean?


Publications May 20, 2014

Elementary Principles

Elementary Principles is a book about the six principles of Hebrew 6:1-2 which the author of Hebrews refers to as “milk” and “the elementary doctrine of Messiah. The book takes the time to examine each of those six points of elementary doctrine.


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Torah Club has transformed into study groups all over the world. Learn more and get started!

Vine of David

Supporting Messianic Jewish communities that are faithful in practice to Torah, Messiah, and the Jewish people.


Discipleship courses that respectfully explore the Jewish foundation of Christianity, and your Israel connection.

Torah Portions

Explore the weekly Torah portions, commentaries, and listen to Scripture readings, and get free reading schedule.


A community of Messianic youth strengthening the bonds of faith through events and learning opportunities.

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