Articles by Ami

Ami is part of the Jerusalem-based FFOZ team where he works as a support staff member at the Bram Center. Ami is a contributor to the FFOZ Torah Clubhouse for children, and also submits articles for Messiah Journal.

Take Action!

Movement allies are combating anti-Semitism on all fronts, including anti-Semitism within the church. Through programs mentioned in this article and others, FFOZ is declaring the Jewish people irreplaceable and dismantling false teachings built upon replacement theology. Ideas are not harmless! Take action!


When Messianic Jews Were Murdered

While most of us know that the Inquisition was something driven by absolute evil, involving torture chambers, strange costumes, and public executions, few realize that this was an internal investigation and purging of the church by its leadership.


Israel Disappears from a New Bible Translation

The Bible 2020 appears to be part of a larger “Year of The Bible” campaign that is being supported by some of the best and brightest minds of the Evangelical Christian world. To imagine that the Torah, with its promises to Israel, has been cast aside for universal spiritualizing and turned into mere poetic language is more than a mistake.