The Master’s Synagogue Excavated in Israel

Archeologists have unearthed what they believe to be Yeshua’s synagogue in Magdala.

ArchaeologySep 6, 2015

ArchaeologySep 6, 2015


Exciting things are always happening here in Israel, and just last week a very interesting story came up in my news feed to prove it. Before redirecting to the article, I decided to check the source for reliability since the story boasted of having found Yeshua’s home synagogue in Magdala. One cannot be too careful with the “news” that comes from Israel, but since this story was posted by CNN, I thought it legitimate enough.

I read the article and watched the video interview (I hope you will as well) and thought of how exciting and amazing this find is, and how wonderful it is that our land holds the secrets of the past, sometimes just a meter downward into her soil. Personally, I don’t feel that I need this type of excavation to solidify my faith in Yeshua, but some might. Aside from that, however, there is something deeply powerful about “seeing” the pages of the Bible come to life.

How easy it is for Israelis to take this for granted! Living in the land of the Bible, we frequent the Old City of Jerusalem to pray at the Kotel (Western Wall of the Temple Mount complex), whimsically decide to “hike Masada” for fun or exercise, or hang out with friends on the shores of King Herod’s sea palace during summer vacation. These kinds of activities seem unreal to tourists, yet they are commonplace to Israel’s residents. It’s remarkable archaeological finds like this first-century synagogue in the Galilee that keep me grounded and remind me of how precious it is to live in this place.

One of the things that impacted me very deeply on my first tour of Israel was stepping off the steps of our bus onto the ground where the Bible actually took place. The journeys of Abraham take on a whole new meaning when looking up from the bottom of an ancient, empty, dried-up cistern pit than they do as words in the text of our Bibles. Hiking the springs and valleys that King David wrote about, and wandering on a dusty trail in the scorching heat of the day thru the desert where Yeshua fasted for forty days leave a much more lasting impact on our minds—and our hearts—than anything we could ever glean from the text.

This may sound like an ad for FFOZ’s Israel Tours, and I guess in some ways it kind of turned into that. I do sincerely long for each and every disciple of the Master to experience the pages of the Bible as I have … from here in Israel. I hope that a spark of desire kindles within you so that you will make the effort and give the time to seeing the amazing country that I am so blessed to call home.

Actually, it’s going to be your home as well when our Messiah returns and establishes the full reality of the kingdom here on earth. But, don’t you want to check it out now?

Adapted from: Referenced by CNN on website.

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