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Messiah Magazine 2 hours ago

A Pledge and a Promise

Disciples of Yeshua have a vast inheritance waiting for us in the future. We cannot have it all just yet. In the Messianic Era, we will come into the full inheritance. In this current age, we have only a pledge, a guarantee that the rest is yet to come.

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The First Pentecost

Fifty days after the resurrection of the Master, God poured the Holy Spirit onto his disciples. Many believe this was the day the church was born. But assuming Pentecost was new misses a valuable chance to see just how important this day already was to the followers of Yeshua before they ever gathered in Jerusalem.


Jewish Customs 4 days ago

The Mystery of Lag Ba'Omer

It’s Lag Ba'Omer: Hundreds of thousands of Jews converge in Meron in Upper Galilee. Pilgrims stand shoulder to shoulder in courtyards and on rooftops. Huge fires blaze all around, and a live band starts blasting music with a heavy beat. The crowd pulsates with dancing and shouts. Where did this holiday come from?


Messiah Magazine May 16, 2022

On the Same Journey

Joshua’s music has been an entry point to the Messianic world for many believers in Yeshua who have sought a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of their faith. He is also leading a Torah Club with young, active Messianic Jews who all live near the Sea of Galilee.


Messiah Magazine May 12, 2022

A Ruth-Hearted Disciple

Ruth was not only willing to take on external observances, but she also let the Torah transform her very essence and dictate her every action and decision. Likewise, our Master calls us to conform our hearts to the will of God, transcending our outward obligations and identities as Jews or Gentiles.


Messiah Magazine May 10, 2022

What Happens When You Die?

What happens after you die? Many people alive today claim to have endured death and returned to life. The reports of the experience come from all over the world, but they are all remarkably similar. The state of the dead until the resurrection seems a little murky. Is this for real?


Mitzvot May 5, 2022

Unsolicited Medical Advice

When we encounter suffering, we want to fix it. But our intention to help bears little fruit if we don’t know what our loved ones truly need. I sought out people who’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of medical advice from friends and family. Here’s what I learned.


Messiah Magazine May 3, 2022

The Rabbi Who Met Yeshua

We owe much to the legacy of Rabbi Daniel Zion—forerunner, luminary, and hero of Messianic Judaism. Unappreciated in his time, we recognize him today for his bravery in confronting the Nazi collaborators in Bulgaria, his conviction that Yeshua was the Messiah, and his unwavering commitment to traditional Judaism.


Messiah Magazine Apr 29, 2022

Balancing the Scales

Self-loathing or self-debasement might look like humility on the surface, but it misses the mark just as much as pride does. Musar literature teaches that the antidote to self-loathing is not an altered focus on ourselves but a shifting of focus to HaShem’s desires and how we can be of service to others.


Holocaust Apr 28, 2022

The Ghosts of Auschwitz

In 1985 I visited the Jerusalem Holocaust museum, Yad V’shem. It was my first indication that God had not disposed of his people. I had grown up with that closed-box worldview where only people who believed like me were actually God’s people. What I saw at Yad V’shem forced me to revisit my theology. It forced me to challenge the assumptions.


Messiah Magazine Apr 26, 2022

Bringing the Hands of God to Ukraine

When Messianic Rabbi Michael Schiffman began making trips to Ukraine in the 1990s, the elderly and poor Holocaust survivors captured his heart. He created the ministry of Chevra, a humanitarian outreach organization. The Russian invasion now poses new obstacles for ministry work in this land where modern Messianic Judaism was pioneered.


Passover Apr 21, 2022

The Meal of Messiah

The Meal of Messiah is held on the last day of Passover because on the last day of Passover, the light and final redemption of our righteous Messiah will be revealed. (Sichot 109).


Calendar Apr 19, 2022

Counting Our Days

Counting the Omer may be simply counting days, but there is more to it than that. Each new day on the journey toward Shavu’ot is a part of the overall process of discipleship and a key factor in how we can prepare our hearts to be a useful part of God’s plan of redemption.


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