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Cheshbon NefeshRachel E.

We Have Only Done Our Duty

When the servant is done working in the field, why does the master impose another phase of work on him? Yeshua’s parable demonstrates that visible observance of the commandments is only part of our duty before HaShem. Our full obligation runs much deeper.

2 days ago

Israel News

Netanyahu Needs More Time to Form Government, Gaza Ceasefire Holds

After being reelected, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he needs more time to form a coalition government after holidays in Israel and conflict with Gaza. Plus, Israel celebrated its 71st anniversary last week and is hosting the acclaimed Eurovision music competition this week. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

6 days ago


Sparks of Light in the Exile

Our beloved modern Israel was founded during these days. We celebrate that modern miracle for the Jewish people each year, during these days, on Yom Ha’atzmaut. But we are told to mourn during these days. Really? What’s the significance of that? Where is Yeshua in all of this?

May 10


A Window in Time

We have not truly left the slavery of Egypt until we have received God’s instructions and his Holy Spirit dwells within us enabling us to perform his will. In that sense the Counting of the Omer is a count that should count for something. This is not a passive count but an active count.

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Messianic Lifestyle

Dag BaOmer: A Fishy Holiday

Why was the precise number of fish noted in the narrative of John 21:11? Surely it would have sufficed to say “many fish,” or at perhaps “more than 150.” The mention of the exact number seems to imply that there is something significant about that number, especially in such a symbolic and mystical book as John.

14-minute read

Israel News

Israel, Gaza Fight Leaves Dead on Both Sides

Deadly clashes between Israel, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad has left four dead Israelis and more than twenty dead Palestinians in the deadliest bout of fighting since 2014. Rumors of a ceasefire float around, but both sides are poised for further action. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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I Am the LORD, Your Healer

The people who left Egypt were broken and battered victims of appalling abuse. The people who stood at Mount Sinai were regenerated, both physically and spiritually whole. Whether the cure comes in a miraculous way or through medical treatment, we must never forget that all healing comes from God who created us and keeps us alive day after day.

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We Pause to Remember

I looked at the faces of my students and I prayed. I prayed for a world in which they can be proud and unafraid Jews. I prayed for a world in which my children and my students can live in peace. I prayed for a solution to the protracted and relentless conflict with the Palestinians.

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Son of a Nazi

The son of a Nazi war criminal grew up plagued by demons, found redemption in Messiah, and now brings a message of love and hope and a warning about the satanic roots of anti-Semitism. Watch the new First Fruits of Zion documentary film: Escape from Nazi Demons.

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In the News

After Horrific Synagogue Attack, Rabbi Calls for Unconditional Love

A nineteen-year-old gunman entered Chabad of Poway, California, on Saturday intent on killing Jews. The attack came as congregants finished the Torah reading for the last day of Passover. The shooter killed congregant Lori Kaye, 60, and wounded three others including an eight-year-old before his gun jammed and he fled.

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A Greater Exodus

Jeremiah 16 seems to imply that the redemption that occurred during the Passover in Egypt will no longer be remembered. But will there really be a time when we will no longer tell the great tales of the exodus? If so, this conflicts with other Scriptures that indicate that we will tell of the exodus “all the days” of our lives.

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