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FFOZ at MJAA and UMJC 2018

Messianic Judaism is our mission field. Our mission is to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews, and that includes Messianic Jews. Many people at the conference expressed a desire to go deeper into the Bible, and they could see that the Torah Club could help them do that.

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From Despair to Hope: The Month of Av

Even at the beginning of exile and the destruction of the Temple, God promises that one day the Messiah will come and redeem Israel. The story is not so much about predicting when the Messiah will be born but to point out that even in total darkness there is light in the distance.

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Remembering Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles

The date the the death of the Apostle Paul has been preserved in the Syriac Church tradition. The source is called “The Book of the Bee.” It was compiled in the twelfth century by Solomon, the Bishop of Bassora and preserves a lot of very Semitic-sounding material, which may indeed go back to the early Jewish believers.

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Israel News

Earthquakes, Gaza, and Holocaust Law

A swarm of around thirty tremors rattled northern Israel in the last couple weeks as the violence continued at the Gaza border protest. Plus, archeologists unearthed the gate of a city that might have been Bethsaida. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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Pray as the Lord Commanded

The Master’s rulings on prayer are much the same as they are for fasting. We are not to make an ostentatious show of our prayer life. Furthermore, the hypocrites that Yeshua criticized as those who “heap up empty words” were Gentiles, not Jews. It is hypocrisy and showmanship that the Didache urges us to avoid, not traditional Jewish prayer, worship, or liturgy.

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Judgment and Mercy: The Hands of God

A simple person might think that God is confined to the realm of heaven. This of course would be heresy. One may likewise be tempted to think that the one place that he wouldn’t be is in hell. But this isn’t what the Bible teaches.

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Messianic Lifestyle

Job, Gentiles, and the Ninth of the Month of Av

Many non-Jewish disciples of Yeshua with whom I come into contact express a lack of interest and disconnect with these fast days and the traditions that surround them. They dismiss them as “traditions of men” that are “not biblical, just Jewish” as if somehow just because they are Jewish they are not for us or, worse yet, are not important.

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Instructions Concerning Immersion

The instructions are completely devoid of theological or mystical teachings about being born again or the death of Messiah. They read more like a section out of the Mishnah than from one of Paul’s epistles.

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Israel News

UN Honors Israeli Doctors amid Gaza Violence and a Crisis on the Syrian Border

To prepare for the impending crisis on the Syrian border Israel is sending both troops and aid missions. The Gaza border violence continued this week even though global attention has dwindled, and the UN is honoring a team of Israeli doctors. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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The Fast of Tammuz

Three weeks before the fast of Tisha b’Av is the Fast of Tammuz. This is traditionally associated with the “fast of the fourth month” in Zechariah 8:19 and takes place on the seventeenth of the fourth month. It is said that this day is the anniversary of Moses breaking the first set of tablets at Mount Sinai upon seeing the Golden Calf.

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In the News

The Satanic Deception

Satan has deceived the whole world in his efforts to isolate and annihilate God’s covenant people. We must not rely on public opinion to form our worldview but rather renew our minds by seeing through the lens of Holy Scripture, which will dispel the lies of the enemy.

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