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PassoverAaron Eby

Shabbat HaGadol: The Day the Redemption Began

On Shabbat HaGadol, the Sabbath before Passover, we read from the Passover Haggadah. But it is not just a rehearsal for the upcoming seder; it’s a celebration of freedom in its own right! Learn about the miracle of redemption that took place even before the exodus from Egypt.

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Seders and Social Distancing

Our seders this year will be different. They will have much more in common with the first Passover meal. God ordered his people to stay inside while he did something important outside. He got everyone’s attention, Israel and Egypt. Inside the homes of the children of Israel? I’m not sure how much of a celebration took place.

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Pesach Miracles: A Purpose beyond Belief

The Torah clearly indicates that the miracles surrounding the Exodus were for a particular purpose. God desired that all involved would know him. Exodus 14:31 confirms the success of that plan, as Israel believed in God and his servant Moses. Understanding the Hebrew text reveals that something much more significant than belief took place there.

3 days ago

Torah Club

Don't Let COVID-19 Spiritually Isolate You

Social distancing, lockdown, and quarantine don’t mean you have to disconnect spiritually. During the current world health crisis, we’re making access to online Torah Club studies free for everyone.



A Sanctuary in the Fourth Dimension

A sanctuary consists of defined holy space. In the days of Moses, as soon as a person set foot within the Tabernacle he had entered into holy space. Levitical guards watched over the boundaries and guarded the gates of the Sanctuary to prevent people from inadvertently profaning the holy space. Like the Tabernacle, specific defined limits demarcate the holiness of the Sabbath.



Parashat HaChodesh: Transcending Time

A great freedom will come with the ultimate redemption. If time equates to freedom, then ultimate freedom will come in a world where time itself is an unlimited resource. The only way to achieve this is with eternal life, a life that transcends time. This is one reason why Shabbat is a “foretaste of the age to come.”



The Sabbath of the Cow

In Temple times, the special reading of Numbers 19 reminded those in attendance at the synagogue that they needed to prepare for Passover. They needed to undergo the ritual purification with the ashes of the red heifer prior to Passover. Otherwise they would not be ritually fit to eat the Passover sacrifice.



The Copper Laver

Upon closer examination of matters that at first glance are tedious, such as the vessels associated with the Temple, we can find that nothing in Scripture is arbitrary or devoid of deeper spiritual meaning. There must be some deep significance to the seemingly insignificant utensil known as the copper laver.


Israel News

How Israel Is Facing Coronavirus

Israel is requiring that anyone entering Israel must be quarantined for two weeks due to the global coronavirus pandemic. That buffer is dealing a heavy blow to Israel’s tourism market and leaving hotels and airlines reeling. This and more in this week's Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).



Be Happy! It’s Purim!

Adar is the month of the happy holiday of Purim, the celebration of the miracle of the story of Esther. The Sages say that in the month of Adar, joy increases. As the days grow longer and warmer and we sense the approach of springtime, our hearts begin to rise.



The Jews and All Who Joined Them: A Purim Celebration for All Nations

Whether or not the original writer of Esther had this intention, based on Isaiah 56, I believe this passage prophetically alludes to Gentiles who have been grafted into the olive tree of Israel. Purim is a Jewish holiday but it is also for Gentiles who have found Messiah and cast their lot with the Jewish people.