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Hanukkah 6 days ago

Did Christmas Originate with Hanukkah?

Many believe Christmas to have solely pagan roots that were re-purposed by early Gentile Christians. Messianic Jewish luminary Theophilus Lucky has a different, interesting take on the theory of Christmas’ origins. Lucky believes that the birth of Messiah was celebrated every year at Hanukkah on the 25th of Kislev.

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Messiah Magazine Nov 25, 2022

The First Mohel

Medical expertise, Jewish identity, and halachic knowledge finds expression in exactly one active Messianic Jewish mohel: Dr. Worthington-Kirsch. We sat down with Dr. Worthington-Kirsch to ask how he ended up as a mohel, what barriers to entry might exist for other Messianic prospects, and what it might look like to train more.


An Open Secret about the Pilgrims

While we talk about Pilgrims around the Thanksgiving table, few of us actually understand who or what they were. This was a movement that lasted for well over a century. It intersected with Jewish rabbis and brought the study of Kabbalah and rabbinic texts to the new world.


Messiah Magazine Nov 18, 2022

Every Tongue and Tribe

The sages of Judaism understood that the beauty of Torah should be accessible and understandable to all. God desires that Torah study be available for the people of all nations. The Torah Club team is currently working with several leaders and translators to see Torah Club materials translated into other languages.


Messiah Magazine Nov 14, 2022

The Great Replacement Theory

The Great Replacement Theory is gaining traction. The conspiracy theories are just the latest rendition of the centuries-long tradition of European anti-Semitism. It’s been distilled and repackaged in a new form, but the substance is the same: a hatred of Jews and Judaism born of the darkest impulses in the human heart.


Messiah Magazine Nov 11, 2022

Dr. David Stern: Modern-Day Messianic Luminary

After coming to believe in Yeshua, Dr. David Stern was convinced that his Jewish identity was still meaningful. When the Sterns arrived in Israel, Jewish believers in Yeshua were few and far between. Drawn to build the next generation of Messianic Judaism, Dr. Stern’s most well-known contribution his Complete Jewish Bible translation.


Messiah Magazine Nov 8, 2022

An Exclusive Community

Torah Club is not for everyone. Some people love it; some people don’t. That’s because Torah Club is a theological revolution. It’s a return to first principles. It reveals the Bible in its original context: a revelation from God to the Jewish people and, through them, to the nations.


Messiah Magazine Nov 3, 2022

Preparation Day

The seven days of the week provide us with a prophetic timeline of God’s universe. Just as one must prepare during the week—especially on the sixth day—for Shabbat, we must also prepare in this era for the coming kingdom of heaven. We do so by faith, repentance, and good deeds.


Messiah Magazine Oct 31, 2022

Torah in Texas

Torah Club is a unique opportunity to study the Bible from a Jewish perspective in a tight-knit community of disciples. In San Antonio, Texas, Rayla-Jeanne and her students are doing just that—learning who God is and who Yeshua is—together.


Messiah Magazine Oct 28, 2022

A Podcast Where Jesus Is Jewish

For the learner who wants to make judicious use of his or her commute or who needs some inspiration on the go, First Fruits of Zion launched Messiah Podcast, “Where Jesus is Jewish, and that changes everything.” Accessible yet provocative, each episode is raising difficult questions and offering challenging answers.


Messiah Magazine Oct 24, 2022

How to Be Humble

We’ve been talking about humility—the middah, or “character trait,” on which all other character traits are built. But how do we get there? Our first steps toward humility are surprisingly practical and eminently doable.


Messiah Magazine Oct 19, 2022

Jumping Ship: Disembarking from the Ship of Fools

Competing secular voices and ideologies clamor for the right to dictate the culture’s direction while the church has lost its moral authority. Disembark from the ship of fools. Join Torah Club as we launch a year-long quest for wisdom, a meaningful life, the presence of God, and spiritual growth.


Sukkot Oct 14, 2022

The Temporal and the Eternal

The themes of life and our interaction with material pleasure presented by Kohelet seem out of place for the joyous holiday of Sukkot. The opening segment of the book leads us to the conclusion that life is entirely pointless. How can we reconcile that with the commandment to celebrate with joy and gladness?


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