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Remembering Rabbi Daniel Zion

Rabbi Daniel Zion was one of the chief rabbis of Sofia, Bulgaria during World War II and a Jewish believer. He was warned about the Holocaust in a vision of the Master, and he helped save 800 Jews of Sofia from the Nazis, but was himself interned in a concentration camp in 1943. In 1949 he emigrated to Israel.

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Is Consumerism Hurting Your Relationship with God?

God gave the Sabbath as a sanctuary from the constant rush and hurry of the week. He desires for us to maintain an active relationship with him and to stay firmly rooted in his ways. Unfortunately, the materialistic focus of our culture pulls us in the exact opposite direction.

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Rav Shlomo, Abraham, and the Pagans

We must remember that Abraham does not know that these men are angels and has no idea that they are coming to announce the birth of a son. All this happened just a few days after he had fulfilled the mitzvah of circumcision and most certainly he was in pain. Yet Abraham welcomes them.

Nov 11

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Abraham's Passover

This week’s Torah portion, Vayera (“and he appeared”), is packed full of some of the most exciting narratives in Genesis. Hidden in these narratives is something that I feel is of great significance. There is evidence of a Passover-type celebration that pre-dates the Exodus and Mount Sinai.



Do You Remember the Sabbath?

Sabbath happens, whether we remember it or not. By choosing to forget the Sabbath or by electing not to keep the Sabbath, we do not in any way diminish the Sabbath; we only exclude ourselves from it. The banquet is still set out on the table whether or not we accept the invitation.


Messianic Lifestyle

Abraham’s Covenant, Circumcision, and Non-Jews

Obviously this mitzvah is still in place for Jewish males today. Yeshua was circumcised on the eighth day and we even see the Apostle Paul circumcising the Jewish disciple Timothy. But what about Gentile believers? Do they have to be circumcised?



Noach the Tzaddik

According to apostolic tradition we should view Noah as a tzaddik who was able to stand strong for God despite the wicked ways of the world around him. Noah was not just righteous in his generation but righteous in spite of his generation.



B’reisheet: The God Who Created You

What if the Chasidic masters had a chance to read and interpret the Didache? Might they see a connection between this Chasidic two ways and the phrase “the God who made you”? While it’s certainly way beyond what the writers of the Didache had in mind, Chasidus often breathes new life into old texts even if it goes beyond the plain intended meaning.



Torah and the Environment

Tikkun olam is the idea that we are preparing the world for the Messianic Era. Although it is the Almighty who will finally complete the healing process, we can prepare the world for the Messianic Age by doing our best with God's help to begin the work of restoration now.


Jewish Holidays

Shmini Atzeret: Giving and Completing

Sukkot is seven days long, but oddly, it also has an eighth day. This mysterious holiday called Shmini Atzeret has no special mitzvot, nor is its purpose explained in the Torah. By noting the parallels between Shmini Atzeret and Shavu’ot, we can learn a lot about the meaning of the day.



The Temporal and the Eternal

The themes of life and our interaction with material pleasure presented by Kohelet seem out of place for the joyous holiday of Sukkot. The opening segment of the book leads us to the conclusion that life is entirely pointless. How can we reconcile that with the commandment to celebrate with joy and gladness?