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Cheshbon NefeshAaron Eby

Turn the Other Cheek

In Middle Eastern culture it is customary to use the right hand for most activities. Striking a person on the right cheek with the right hand would require using a backhanded motion. A backhanded slap is considered twice as offensive as an openhanded slap and thus subject to double the fine.

4 days ago


The Day of the Lord

In addition to meeting at the conclusion of the Sabbath in memory of the resurrection of the Master, it is possible that the community expected his return at this time. Jewish tradition states that Messiah will not come on the Sabbath because there is much work to do upon his arrival. Therefore, the first possible time for his appearance would be at Melaveh Malkah.

6 days ago

Jewish Holidays

The Gift of Repentance

We are offered a chance to join with HaShem in causing the kingdom to break through by repenting, returning to HaShem, and meeting our Beloved in the field. We run toward him and can see him running toward us as we partake of his lavish gift of repentance.

Sep 5


Tithing Halachah for Gentile Believers

So why did the Didache direct its readers to give their gifts to prophets and teachers rather than to Levitical priests? We must remember that the Didache was written to Gentile believers in Messiah who lived in the Diaspora.

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Rosh Chodesh Elul: Confounding the Satan

In the Hebrew Roots world, it is common for shofarot to appear at nearly every function. Shofar blasts introduce the start of everything from Shabbat services to Passover seders, since it supposedly “confounds the Satan.” But by setting the shofar in its proper context, we are able to perceive its powerful biblical messages

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The Midnight Visitor

The special prayer that our Master taught his disciples can be found in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11. The wording of each varies slightly, but both contain the mysterious Greek word epiousion, the word conventionally translated “daily” as in “daily bread.” So what is “daily bread” really?

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Those Pesky Messiah-Peddlers

It is true today that everyone in a community needs to do their share. The community should be on guard not to overburden its members by continually providing for the needs of a few individuals who are fully capable of doing so themselves.

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Messianic Lifestyle

Hit-bo-what? The Master and Rebbe Nachman

Praying alone with our Father and talking to him from our heart can do nothing but strengthen our walk with him. In the daily hustle and bustle of life we need time alone with HaShem. What better method of attaching ourselves to God is there than the one that Yeshua has shown us in his life of prayer?

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In the News

Two Messianic Synagogues Threatened in White Nationalist Onslaught

Two attacks on Messianic synagogues thousands of miles apart were recently prevented in separate incidents amid a wave of anti-Semitic threats and violent attacks in the U.S. and other Western democracies fueled by white nationalism and neo-Nazis.

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Israel News

Tishah be’Av Clashes on Temple Mount, Foiled Gaza Infiltrations, and Politics

Two coinciding holy days and masses of worshipers sparked riots on the Temple Mount on Tishah be’Av. At the Gaza border two infiltration attempts were stopped. BDS politics entangle the U.S. and Israel. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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Apostolic Gemara on the Words of the Master

These sayings of the Master laid down a principle that required disciples to receive agents of Yeshua who came in his name, offer them hospitality and sustenance, and heed their instruction. While hospitality and respect for teachers, prophets, and emissaries were important parts of discipleship, they could not be practiced without discretion and regulation. Hospitality exercised without discernment could quickly be abused

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