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Calendar 1 day ago

The Death of Yeshua on Tisha B’Av

Messianic Jews should make it their custom to study the story of the Master’s death on Tisha b’Av. Messianic disciples should have a reading of the gospel narratives of the death of the Master, and compose our own kinnot (laments) about the day that his blood was shed for the sins of Israel and for the sins of the world.

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Calendar 5 days ago

Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

When great tragedy strikes, there are always those who rise above and overcome. God has always had those who have remained faithful to him despite the surrounding circumstances, and to be one of those faithful few is the highest calling a person can accept.


Calendar Jul 28, 2022

From Despair to Hope: The Month of Av

Even at the beginning of exile and the destruction of the Temple, God promises that one day the Messiah will come and redeem Israel. The story is not so much about predicting when the Messiah will be born but to point out that even in total darkness there is light in the distance.


Jewish Customs Jul 25, 2022

Days of Fasting

Although the Torah specifically commands only one fast day, the Day of Atonement, certain other days and times have been marked by Jewish tradition as solemn days—days for mourning, supplication, introspection, repentance and fasting. These days, though not joyous, are also part of our heritage as the Master’s disciples.


Jewish History Jul 21, 2022

Is History Important?

This is, by and large, an ahistorical generation. What has gone before is ignored and of little interest. During the Three Weeks, and any time of reflection and remembrance, we do well to consider why history is, in fact, important and what is lost when we do not deem it so.


Cheshbon Nefesh Jul 18, 2022

Zeal and Gratitude: Traits of a Disciple

Yeshua came to serve, not to be served. He taught practical discipleship that has the power to change the world. As his disciples, we too must carry the mantle of changing the world, but that change must start with us. Let’s explore two traits that can help us with this mission.


Calendar Jul 14, 2022

The Fast of Tammuz and the Story of Redemption

We observe the seventeenth of Tammuz as a time of fasting and repentance. It commences a three-week period of mourning. Observant Jews refrain from listening to music, conducting weddings, wearing new clothing, and even getting haircuts. These three weeks culminate in the darkest day of the year: the fast day of the ninth of Av when the Temple was destroyed.


Cheshbon Nefesh Jul 11, 2022

Daily Choices and Big Rewards

Setting daily tasks can have an enormous impact on your life and help meet long-term goals. Learn some easy applications you can add to your life to improve your walk with Messiah. Discipleship is a life-long process and should be our primary focus as followers of Yeshua.


Cheshbon Nefesh Jul 7, 2022

Mussar and the Path of Discipleship

Discipleship is a lifelong process of living and walking as Yeshua did. This can be a difficult concept to carry out. We will look at a unique Jewish practice called Mussar and the invaluable insights it offers on the subject of discipleship.


Prayer Jul 4, 2022

The Midnight Visitor

The special prayer that our Master taught his disciples can be found in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11. The wording of each varies slightly, but both contain the mysterious Greek word epiousion, the word conventionally translated “daily” as in “daily bread.” So what is “daily bread” really?


Calendar Jun 27, 2022

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz and the Summer Harvester

As the summer month of Tammuz begins, we look to the fruit trees expecting an ample harvest. Yeshua instructed us to see the growth of new fig branches as a prophetic sign of apocalyptic events, but this seems like a strange comparison. Insights from Ezekiel and first-century Hebrew provide a new interpretation of Yeshua’s parable.


Mitzvot Jun 23, 2022

Characteristics of a Disciple

Since we are disciples of Yeshua, our lives should be guided by the desire to imitate our Master’s character and live righteously as he did. Naturally, this should raise the question in all of us: Does my character live up to the high standard of what it means to be a disciple of our Master Yeshua?


Messiah Magazine Jun 20, 2022

To the World of Truth and Back Again

The phenomenon of near-death experiences is quite common. In addition to a few interesting samples from the Talmud, countless other testimonies have been recorded from religious Jews. Here, we present and compare some fascinating accounts from those who have passed from this world into the World of Truth and back again.


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