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PurimK. J. Kruger

The Opposite of What We Fear

Do you feel as though hope is lost? It most certainly is not. Do you feel as though things are spinning out of control? They may look and feel that way but the author hasn't finished writing! Look up. God is the author of events. It is not over and it may very well turn out to be exactly the opposite of what we fear.

3 days ago


The Enactments of Mordecai and Esther

The Torah says nothing about Purim because the story of Esther did not happen until about a thousand years later. And yet, four mitzvot of Purim are observed today. How could new commandments be given to the Jewish people so long after the revelation at Mount Sinai?

5 days ago


The Fast of Esther and the Spiritual Art of War

On the day before Purim, we fast from the first light of dawn until after reading the book of Esther. This fast trains us in the most ancient of all martial arts: spiritual combat. Even today, otherwise godly people fret about perceived existential threats. While evil must be opposed, let us not forget where the true battle rages.

Mar 18

In the News

Europe’s Anti-Semitism Is Awakened

The poison of hate against Israel and the Jewish people can no longer be brushed off as a vestigial relic of an ugly past or the vitriol of a few shunned radicals. Anti-Semitism has seeped into European politics and social movements, pitting European nations against themselves in a battle for the soul.

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Birds of a Feather: Haman, Amalek, and Shabbat Zachor

The Amalekites struck down not the warriors and soldiers but the weak, sick, and elderly who were traveling at the back of the pack. These were not the tactics of an army that sought to win a battle or a war but the merciless strategy of an enemy that desired to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

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Israel News

Vatican to Release Holocaust Archives, Israel Digitizes All Tombstones

Next year the Vatican will release files pertaining to the church’s handling of the Holocaust, Israel becomes the first nation to digitize all its tombstones, a new prime minister for the Palestinian Authority and the weekly Gaza update This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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When Adar Enters, Joy Increases

The month of Adar offers evidence that, no matter how bad things may seem to be, they are going to get better. The same God who transformed the month of Adar from a month of mourning into a month of joy will surely transform our sorrows into joys.

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Israel News

Israel Goes to the Moon, Jerusalem Flooding, Netanyahu Corruption Charges

Israel’s Beresheet Lunar Rover begins its path toward the moon, corruption charges are recommended against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, flash floods engulf Jerusalem, and a scathing UN report condemns Israel’s Gaza border operation. This and more in the Weekly Israel News Recap (Without the Rhetoric).

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Bag It and Tag It

This coming Shabbat is Shabbat Shekalim. On this Sabbath a special maftir reading of Exodus 30:11-16 occurs to remind us that in the days of the Temple, the annual half-shekel Temple tax was collected during the month of Adar. It is around this time that the story of the shekel in the fish’s mouth from Matthew 17:24-17 took place

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Israel News

Holocaust Law again Sours Israel-Poland Ties, Old City Jerusalem Renovations

Poland’s Holocaust Law again sours ties with Israel, Old City Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is up for renovations and Israeli-Evangelical bridge builder Rabbi Eckstein died early this month, and more news updates.

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A Sanctuary in the Fourth Dimension

A sanctuary consists of defined holy space. In the days of Moses, as soon as a person set foot within the Tabernacle he had entered into holy space. Levitical guards watched over the boundaries and guarded the gates of the Sanctuary to prevent people from inadvertently profaning the holy space. Like the Tabernacle, specific defined limits demarcate the holiness of the Sabbath.

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