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Yerushalayim Goes Viral

In this video, which has so far amassed 12.3 million views, a group of boys in shiny button-up shirts and ties can be seen dancing while singing an upbeat Hebrew rendition of Psalm 125:2. People from all backgrounds began to post videos of themselves singing along with the boys.

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FFOZ's Biblical Tour of the Land

We believe that there is no understanding of the Bible without a deep and intimate connection to the land of Israel. After all, this is the place where God chose to tell his story. The land of Israel is where God chose for his people to dwell and allowed his own presence to reside.


Beneath the Surface

What reward is there in spiritual privacy? Privacy is the only environment that fosters intimacy. When you share knowledge, an experience, or an inside joke with another person, you have something that belongs only to the two of you. Similarly, spiritual practices and good deeds that only God sees create an intimate connection with him that is yours alone.


Shavuot May 22, 2023

Fire on the Mountain

Jewish tradition hails the Festival of Weeks as the anniversary of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. In Exodus 20:18 the Hebrew really says, “They saw the voices and the torches.” What does it mean, “the people saw voices”? How does one see a sound? How does one see a voice?


Life in Israel May 18, 2023

The LORD Builds Up Jerusalem

On the original Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) in 1967, we witnessed what we had been begging and pleading with God for from all corners of the earth, three times a day: Jerusalem in Jewish hands and the ability to access the Temple Mount after nearly 2,000 years.


Messianic Judaism May 15, 2023

Ascension Day and Elijah’s Double Portion

On the fortieth day of the Omer, we read the story of the ascension of Elijah. That story explains the significance of the ascension of Yeshua and its connection to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ten days later on the day of Shavu’ot. He intended to bequeath that Spirit to his disciples.


Messiah Magazine May 8, 2023

A Sephardic Rabbi Finds Yeshua

Hacham Ephraim was convinced Yeshua was the Messiah but refused to be baptized into a church or even enter a church building. Hundreds of thousands of Jews had made the mistake of being baptized under the church’s authority in the Spanish Inquisition. These Jews were then forced to assimilate and hide any observance of Jewish law. Here is his story.


Messiah Magazine May 4, 2023

Anti-Semite of the Year

If neo-Nazis are allowed to gain any real power in the United States, if persecution of Jews becomes the law of the land, we can expect America to experience the same fate as Babylon, Rome, and the Third Reich—collapse and destruction.


Messiah Magazine May 1, 2023

Counting from Passover to Pentecost

With the help of God, we can all have a meaningful Counting of the Omer this year and experience renewal as we focus, or re-focus, on our spiritual journeys. However, this time will be fruitless if we hold ourselves back from action.


Calendar Apr 28, 2023

A Window in Time

We have not truly left the slavery of Egypt until we have received God’s instructions and his Holy Spirit dwells within us enabling us to perform his will. In that sense the Counting of the Omer is a count that should count for something. This is not a passive count but an active count.


Israel History Apr 26, 2023

The Miraculous Birth of the State of Israel

Seventy-five years ago a great miracle took place. After enduring thousands of years of foreign domination and exile that culminated in the evil genocide of the Holocaust, God’s chosen people witnessed the sudden and miraculous fulfillment of ancient prophecies, hopes, and prayers: the rebirth of a sovereign Jewish state in the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Israel History Apr 24, 2023

Standing Still

At this moment speeches come to a halt, because words fail us as we try to describe the pain of our lost children. Traffic stops as individuals stand outside their cars to show respect. Movement in the streets suspends as everyone, no matter where they are, stands completely still with their heads bowed.


Calendar Apr 21, 2023

I Am the LORD, Your Healer

The people who left Egypt were broken and battered victims of appalling abuse. The people who stood at Mount Sinai were regenerated, both physically and spiritually whole. Whether the cure comes in a miraculous way or through medical treatment, we must never forget that all healing comes from God who created us and keeps us alive day after day.


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