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FFOZ News and Special Communiques

2-3 times a year:: A personal communique the Founder and Director about our vision, growth or organizational needs.

Torah Club News

Occasional: The latest update from the Torah Club News blog, featuring highlights Torah Clubs and Club events.

Event and Seminar Announcements

Occasional: Announcements regarding Israel tours, seminars, conferences, or other special events.

1221, Camp Tzadi, Messianic Youth

Occasional: Be the first to know when something new is happening in the Messianic youth circle.


New Resources and Updates

Occasional: Be the first to know about new upcoming resources, and general updates and news from First Fruits of Zion and Vine of David products.

Store Promotions and Discounts.

A few times a month: Don't miss any announcements on special discounts or discount coupons that are available every week at our Store.


Messianic Jewish Essays

Bi-monthly: Short teachings and essays focusing on Messianic Jewish issues, concepts, topics and resources.

Torah Portions

Weekly eDrash: A short teaching containing commentary on the Torah, adapted from the Torah Club program, focusing on this week's Torah portion.

Gospel Insights

Weekly eDisciple: A new teaching newsletter with uplifting commentary on the Gospels, Acts, and early Apostolic history, and a life of discipleship.

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