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First Fruits of Zion follows a strict anti-spam policy. We do not send emails to anyone unless they have decided to subscribe. We also have carefully segmented subscription lists to ensure our subscribers are not overwhelmed with emails all the time.

At the bottom of all subscribed email newsletters you receive from us, you will find an UNSUBSCRIBE link. When you click on this link, you will no longer receive any more emails from us.

If you mistakenly clicked on that link, or if you decide to subscribe again later, you can do so by clicking on the Subscribe button below. If you do not wish to receive certain types of emails, click the EMAIL PREFERENCES link that also appears at the bottom of emails, or click the button below.


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Email Newsletters

Resource Updates

Frequency: 4-6 times a month. Announcements of new resources, or special offers on resources, gift offers, discount coupons.

The Weekly eDrash

Frequency: Weekly (mailed on Tuesdays). A short teaching containing commentary on the Torah, adapted from the Torah Club program, focusing on this week's Torah portion. This email also includes updates of new resources, and special offers available from time to time.

The eDisciple

Frequency: Weekly (mailed on Thursdays/Fridays). A new teaching newsletter with uplifting commentary on the Gospels, Acts, and early Apostolic history, and a life of discipleship. Our eDisciple teaching launched in November 2014.

Special Report

Frequency: 2-3 times a year. A personal communique from First Fruits of Zion Founder and Director, Boaz Michael, about our vision, growth or organizational needs, or special updates or information about our resources.

Messiah Magazine and Journal Updates

Frequency: Quarterly, or timely. Subscribe to this update if you want to receive news of when new issues of Messiah Magazine or Messiah Magazine has been published and is ready to ship, or ready to access online. This is useful if you have a subscription to the Digital Editions, or if you plan to renew your subscription.

Event and Seminar Announcements

Frequency: Occasional. Announcements regarding Israel tours, seminars, conferences, or other special events.

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Partner With Us

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