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This past fall we experienced a thirty percent growth in the formation of new Torah Clubs, and that trend continues. We now have more than 700 clubs representing thousands of students. Servicing these clubs stretches our small staff to the limit. That’s why we need your help.

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  • New Israel Calendars

    16-Month Wall Calendars for 5781 (2020-21)

    Two new distinct 16-month biblical calendars. Visually elegant, with extensive details from the Hebrew calendar, key biblical events with Scripture references, Torah portions, and festival details and readings. New special holiday offer!


  • Partner with First Fruits of Zion

    Join with us in restoring the message of the kingdom of heaven—the vision of the prophets of Israel and the ultimate call of the Messiah.


  • The Kingdom Needs You

    You know the value of seeing the Bible and Jesus through Jewish eyes. You’ve found what’s missing and it’s changed you. Now you want to help others experience a more profound revelation of Messiah, the Word, and the kingdom of God.

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  • The Clubhouse Logo

    The Clubhouse Crew launched for another year of Messianic Jewish learning, and we invite you to join us! This year, Torah Clubhouse is focusing on the call to discipleship of our Master Yeshua. Each weekly lesson will be following the same themes as Torah Club Jesus, My Rabbi, making study time as a family congruent and unified.

    The Clubhouse Crew launched for another year of Messianic Jewish learning, and we invite you to join us! This year, Torah Clubhouse is focusing on the call to discipleship of our Master Yeshua.

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2021 and Moments of Truth

Clearly, “moments of truth” are important as we think about the Bible, history, and the unfolding of God’s kingdom agenda. Moments of truth also prove to be decisive in our individual stories. However, they are not always easy to navigate.

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Shabbat: Practical Advice for Messianic Gentiles

Jew and Gentile both need to set aside a holy day for rest and sanctification. We need a time to reconnect, both with our family and with God himself. Sabbath is the day we prepare for ahead of time, so all that we have left to do is to enjoy and delight in this precious gift.

Let No One Judge You

No more Sabbath? Colossians 2:16-17 tells us not to let others pass judgment on us regarding what we eat and drink or regarding the Sabbath and festivals. When Paul is seen as a faithful and observant Jew, his brilliant teachings such as this one inspire us to pursue Torah with joy.

When Suffering Is Worthwhile

Some people imagine the Beatitudes to be the antithesis of Judaism’s harsh legalism. Those people must not have much real experience with Judaism, however. The teachings of Yeshua in the Beatitudes have numerous parallels in rabbinic literature. He was not contradicting Judaism; he was drawing attention to some of the most important Jewish ideas.

A Torah Learning Community

Torah Club is where disciples learn. It’s about understanding the Bible and finding fellowship. We want to spread the revelation of Messiah and His kingdom to the world. Torah Club accomplishes this by creating serious and intentional small-group studies where disciples of Jesus study the Bible from a Jewish perspective.

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Shalom Tour 2021

The purpose of the Shalom Tour will be for us to visit as many Torah Clubs as possible. The goal will be for our staff to visit, encourage, and connect with our Torah Club Leaders.

The Friend of God

If God had said, take your son, your other son, Ishmael, whom you love, Abraham would have found the trial just as heartbreaking and difficult. The real test was not about Abraham’s affection for Isaac as much as it was a test of his faith in the promises of God.

The Miracles of the Master

Yeshua refused to provide signs and wonders on demand, but then goes and turns water to wine or heals a sick person. The key to understanding Yeshua’s miracles requires a look into the promises of the Messianic Era.

A Mission with a Vision
FFOZ Friends Mission

A prophetic resurgence of truth is breaking out. FFOZ Friends are at the forefront of our work, advancing and sustaining the mission to restore truth through Messianic Jewish teaching for Christians and Jews. Become a Friend and join the mission.

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Hareini Mekasher

Hareini Mekasher is a prayer we have composed from passages in the books of John, 2 Chronicles, 1 John, and Hebrews. Toby Janicki discusses the value and use of traditional Jewish prayer in the life of a believer and elaborates on the meaning of this declaration of connection to Yeshua the Messiah.

Vine of David Messianic Jewish Resources

Love and the Messianic Age

Paul Philip Levertoff, a Jewish believer from a Chasidic family with a classical, Yeshivah education, summarizes the complex, esoteric teachings of Chasidic Judaism for the purpose of comparison and contrast with apostolic theology. Pervaded by real spiritual beauty!

The Siege of Jerusalem

This book tells the story of one woman on a heroic mission in the Holy Land during the dangerous days of Israel’s War for Independence. Pauline Rose, a mother of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel, tells the dramatic story of how she came to the holy city to ignite the Sabbath light of Messiah.

Tu Bishvat: Emerging from Dormancy

As individuals, we encounter seasons of inward spiritual focus when we might appear to be dormant and lifeless. At the proper time, we emerge from that spiritually rainy season reborn and renewed.

Periodicals, Videos, and More…

Messiah Journal #136

This issue of Messiah Journal contains the 2020 Malchut Conference lectures. In addition, we have published two other important articles titled “The Believer and Idol Foods” and an article titled “The Hope”, discusses eschatology and its importance in our path of discipleship.

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Messiah Magazine #23

IN THIS ISSUE: Passover is a beautiful example of how important the Jewishness of Jesus is. Passover is one of God’s appointed times. It didn’t just happen to be Passover when Jesus died; it was God’s plan from the very beginning.

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Chafetzah Nafshi

Learn to sing the Hebrew melody of Chagetzah Nafshi with lyrics in Hebrew and transliteration. English translation are also provided.

Is the Didache on Par with the Bible?

Toby Janicki, author of The Way of Life, a new commentary on the Didache, explains that Vine of David does not put the text of the Didache on par with that of other New Testament books, but emphasizes that the...

Waiting on HaShem

Stopping each day and agonizingly counting 1…2…3…4 as slowly as humanly possible goes right into that “impatient” folder in my life. For me, each day of the Omer is a daily reminder of the thing I dislike most: waiting.

What Is a Disciple?

As a disciple of Yeshua, I often wonder, what it is that makes a person a disciple. Is it going to a congregation regularly? Is it singing certain songs? Is it having certain friends or reading certain books? Isn’t there also stuff to avoid? What is it that makes a disciple, well, a disciple?

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