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This past fall we experienced a thirty percent growth in the formation of new Torah Clubs, and that trend continues. We now have more than 700 clubs representing thousands of students. Servicing these clubs stretches our small staff to the limit. That’s why we need your help.

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  • The Kingdom Needs You

    You know the value of seeing the Bible and Jesus through Jewish eyes. You’ve found what’s missing and it’s changed you. Now you want to help others experience a more profound revelation of Messiah, the Word, and the kingdom of God.

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  • Partner with First Fruits of Zion

    Join with us in restoring the message of the kingdom of heaven—the vision of the prophets of Israel and the ultimate call of the Messiah.


  • New Israel Calendars

    16-Month Wall Calendars for 5781 (2020-21)

    Two new distinct 16-month biblical calendars. Visually elegant, with extensive details from the Hebrew calendar, key biblical events with Scripture references, Torah portions, and festival details and readings. New special holiday offer!


  • The Clubhouse Logo

    The Clubhouse Crew launched for another year of Messianic Jewish learning, and we invite you to join us! This year, Torah Clubhouse is focusing on the call to discipleship of our Master Yeshua. Each weekly lesson will be following the same themes as Torah Club Jesus, My Rabbi, making study time as a family congruent and unified.

    The Clubhouse Crew launched for another year of Messianic Jewish learning, and we invite you to join us! This year, Torah Clubhouse is focusing on the call to discipleship of our Master Yeshua.

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Holocaust 23 hours ago

Remembrance and Repentance

It has been said that the wise man is he who knows his limitations. The way of Christianity for the past two thousand years has seemed right to Christians, but not to those who look at it as hypocritical in its failure to act out its fundamental teachings while such an enormous catastrophe occurred in its midst.

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Tu Bishvat: Emerging from Dormancy

When man was first created, God crafted the perfect environment for humans to thrive: a garden—an orchard, really. He was surrounded by fruit-bearing trees. Trees are important in the Torah's agricultural system and subject to special laws of holiness.

The Most Tragic Mistake

An understanding of Jesus’ Jewishness and the Jewish context in which he lived has the potential to help resolve that conflict and illuminate the Gospels and Epistles so that their meaning can finally be understood.

2021 and Moments of Truth

Clearly, “moments of truth” are important as we think about the Bible, history, and the unfolding of God’s kingdom agenda. Moments of truth also prove to be decisive in our individual stories. However, they are not always easy to navigate.

A Torah Learning Community

Torah Club is where disciples learn. It’s about understanding the Bible and finding fellowship. We want to spread the revelation of Messiah and His kingdom to the world. Torah Club accomplishes this by creating serious and intentional small-group studies where disciples of Jesus study the Bible from a Jewish perspective.

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Shalom Tour 2021

The purpose of the Shalom Tour will be for us to visit as many Torah Clubs as possible. The goal will be for our staff to visit, encourage, and connect with our Torah Club Leaders.

Manna, Money, and Materialism

The journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai symbolizes spiritual growth. Israel leaving Egypt can be compared to the new believer, a born-again infant. The baby has to learn to walk, to talk, and to eat solid foods. Israel's first forty-nine days in the wilderness were filled with growing experiences.

In Spirit and Truth

The question is not one of being Jewish or Samaritan, nor is it one of worshiping in Jerusalem or on Gerizim. The important matter concerns the heart attitude of the individual worshiper and the revelation of God. To worship God in spirit is to worship Him as one spiritually reborn from above, born again.

A Mission with a Vision
FFOZ Friends Mission

A prophetic resurgence of truth is breaking out. FFOZ Friends are at the forefront of our work, advancing and sustaining the mission to restore truth through Messianic Jewish teaching for Christians and Jews. Become a Friend and join the mission.

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Three Steps Forward

God wants us to be holy because he is holy. He wants us to live a life of distinction from the world around us because he is distinct from the world.

Vine of David Messianic Jewish Resources

The Sabbath Table

Vine of David is very pleased to present the new Sabbath Table prayer books, representing a key component of faithful Jewish living. Exquisitely crafted, comprehensive, and user-friendly, The Sabbath Table is a great resource for all who love Shabbat.

We Thank You

Nodeh Lecha, or as it is called in English, We Thank You, offers a simple and innovative liturgy for disciples of Yeshua by weaving the ancient meal blessings of Judaism together with recently discovered prayers of the early believers.

The Midnight Visitor

The special prayer that our Master taught his disciples can be found in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11. The wording of each varies slightly, but both contain the mysterious Greek word epiousion, the word conventionally translated “daily” as in “daily bread.” So what is “daily bread” really?

Periodicals, Videos, and More…

Messiah Journal #137

In this issue of Messiah Journal Toby Janicki introduces Stanislaus Hoga, the Jewish apostate Christian missionary turned proto-Messianic Jewish pioneer. Aaron Eby’s series “Prophet of the Second Temple” continues with a discussion of the puzzling sign of the cursing of the fig tree.

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Messiah Magazine #23

IN THIS ISSUE: Passover is a beautiful example of how important the Jewishness of Jesus is. Passover is one of God’s appointed times. It didn’t just happen to be Passover when Jesus died; it was God’s plan from the very beginning.

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Chafetzah Nafshi

Learn to sing the Hebrew melody of Chagetzah Nafshi with lyrics in Hebrew and transliteration. English translation are also provided.

Blessing for Bread

Learn to sing a blessing before bread used by the early followers of Yeshua. This song has been combined with the traditional HaMotzi blessing. This song is sung in Hebrew with transliteration and English also provided.

Called Against

Is it true that God called us to act against suffering? Is it our responsibility to take action against the travesties happening around us? Is it necessary to take the risks it involves to act against suffering? Yes.

Lights in the World

Because our decisions will usually line up with our vision (whether God-driven or otherwise), it’s important that we ask ourselves the question, “For whom or what are we ultimately living?” The answer to this question is life-defining.

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