• Torah Club Resources
    Understand the laws of Torah

    Depths of the Torah

    Depths of the Torah takes students deep into the stories and laws of the Torah, examining each of the 613 commandments through the eyes of the sages, the Messiah, the Prophets, the Gospels, and Paul's writings, revealing the kingdom of heaven in a profound way.

  • Weekly Torah Portion
    Ki Tavo

    God's First Fruits

    When God prospers us, we are to show our gratitude by returning a portion to Him in the form of charitable gifts. In the days of the Temple, the farmers in Israel were obligated to donate an annual tithe to Levites, then take a second tithe for festival expenses and to share with the poor.

  • Gospel Insights
    Synoptic Gospels

    More than a Miracle-worker

    The hardness of the disciples' hearts alludes to the story of Pharaoh in Egypt. Though Moses performed miraculous signs and wonders, one after another, Pharaoh continually hardened his heart. That is to say, he refused to change his mind. The disciples needed to change their minds about the Master.

  • Discover Vine of David

    The New Song of Redemption

    What could this new song be? Prior to the birth of our Master Yeshua, Zechariah, the father of Yochanan the Immerser, was prophetically inspired to break out with a new song of blessing for the redemption.

  • Books
    By Mark S. Kinzer

    Taming the Tongue

    Taming the tongue is one of the major concerns in Jewish teachings about ethical conduct (mussar). This book contributes to the conversation from a Messianic Jewish perspective, bringing to bear the powerful teachings of Yeshua and the apostles.

  • FFOZ TV & Video
    Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

    Introduction to the DHE

    In 1873 Delitzsch was commissioned to develop a translation of the New Testament in Hebrew. Learn the story that inspired Vine of David to republish this world-changing translation.