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Ignite your Faith!

Torah Club is a unique and comprehensive Messianic Bible Study resource spanning the whole of Scripture, consisting of extensive written and audio commentary. This is a study curriculum unlike any other. Dig deeper into the Bible week by week as you study the Scriptures with Jewish insight.

What you’ll learn through Torah Club

Torah Club consists of six volumes and can be utilized as a study resource for years to come.

  • Volume One: Open your eyes to the wisdom of the Five Books of Moses
  • Volume Two: Search out the Messiah hidden in the words of Torah
  • Volume Three: Unlock biblical prophecy and history by studying the Prophets
  • Volume Four: Know Yeshua better through a study in the four Gospels
    This legacy volume, Chronicles of the Messiah, is now available in our new Bound Edition format.
  • Volume Five: Go deeper in the Torah and feed your soul. See how the Old and New work together
  • Volume Six: Rewind your religion and relive the stories of the apostles from the beginning of Acts to the birth of second-century Christianity

What you’ll receive when you subscribe to Torah Club

As a Torah Club student, you will receive a packet of study materials every month containing written commentaries on the weekly Bible readings and audio CDs containing additional teachings, Torah discussions, children’s stories and more. You will also receive First Fruits of Zion’s award-winning publication, Messiah Journal, four times a year, and many member benefits as well. Torah Club comes with quality binders for written and audio materials and a weekly Bible reading schedule to keep you in sync.

Study with Scholars

Torah Club is ideal for individual study or group study. Torah Club Bible reading assignments are accompanied by copious written commentaries, condensing vast libraries of learning into easily digestible, weekly studies. Notes and citations invite students to delve deeper into the original sources. Discover insights from ancient Jewish sages, Messianic and non-Messianic rabbis and cutting-edge Evangelical scholars.

Discover New Truths

Torah Club teaches things they never taught you in Sunday School

  • The consistency of 'Old' and 'New' Testaments
  • The relevance of God’s laws for believers
  • The biblical Sabbath and festivals
  • The believer's relationship to Israel
  • Hebrew roots of Christianity
  • Early church history

Learn the Jewish origin of institutions like baptism, communion, worship and prayer. Study the true meaning of grace, faith and holiness. Discover the Jewish perspective on eschatology, the coming of Messiah, the rapture, and the Messianic Kingdom. Get ready to rediscover your faith.

Sign up for Torah Club

Subscribe monthly, or purchase a complete volume:

  • Pay-as-you-Go: Monthly subscription
  • Complete Volume: Purchase an entire Volume (material for one year); Includes a 10% discount!
  • New Bound Edition: Chronicles of the Messiah, our first newly formatted Bound Edition of Torah Club is now available.
  • Torah Club Group: Start a group with a minimum of 5 students

Torah Club Pricing Chart

Torah Club Pricing Chart