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Children's Torah Club

Messianic Activities and Teaching
for children, with lots of fun and
activities for kids, ages 6-10.

Fun-filled Torah learning for kids!

The Children's Torah Club is a fun-filled learning experience for children, ages 6 to 10 years. Children need simple activities to help them grasp deeper concepts.

Children's Torah Club will keep your child’s attention and help impart Torah truths and values.



Illustrated and produced in Israel, Children's Torah Club can be used in conjunction with the adult Torah Club material, or as a stand-alone activity program for children, with the assistance of parents or teachers.

ctc4Ideally, as a parent or teacher, you can do your personal studies from any of the Torah Club volumes, and then use what you learned to teach the children. Your children will be proud to learn Torah along with their parents. The Children’s Torah Club can also be used by Congregations or Home-schooling groups.


The Children’s Torah Club (CTC) is presented as a weekly activity in the form of 8-page booklets. Each booklet is based on the contents of the weekly Torah portion, and teaches Torah principles from a messianic perspective, through questions and fun filled activities, puzzles and games.

The program also contains a Hebrew lesson for every letter in the aleph-bet, all related to the specific Torah portion. The Hebrew learning track will enable children to learn the complete Hebrew alphabet and a simple Hebrew vocabulary.

Download one sample 8-page booklet.

You receive 4 to 5 of these 8-page booklets every month for one year, plus the beautiful notebook binder to contain all the booklets you collect throughout the year.*


With the help and interaction of parents or teachers, you can use this program to impart the values of Torah to the next generation.

A Journey of Discovery

The CTC booklets contain many different ways of learning.

  • ctc4Coloring-in activities
  • Puzzles
  • Word games
  • Questions and answers
  • A fun-filled way to learn Torah

* The notebook binders are included for individual subscriptions, but can also be purchased separately for the individuals in your group.

First Fruits of Zion offers the Children’s Torah Club for individuals and for groups. You can pay monthly through our "Pay-as-you-Go" option, based on the number of children in your group.

You can also purchase the entire program as a Congregation Pack, a complete package which you own under license. You can make as many copies as you wish for your congregation or group. It may not be resold.

Torah Club subscribers receive a 50% discount off the monthly subscription price of Children's Torah Club.*

Individual Pay-as-you-Go price

  • Individual (Child only) : $20/month
  • Individual (Child) with adult Torah Club* : $10/month

Group Pay-as-you-Go price

  • 5–19 Children : $9/month per child
  • 20+ Children : $7/month per child

Congregation Pack

  • $500 per Congregation

All the above prices include free shipping & handling!


Sign up for Children's TC

Choose an option that's right for you. Pay monthly as you study, or pay once and get all the material at a discount.

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