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Site Services & Information

Online Store

Any of the products and resources available from First Fruits of Zion can be purchased at our online Store. The online Store is located at a different address than our regular site. Go here to visit our new Store: http://ffoz.com.


First Fruits Family Websites

Apart from our main website at www.ffoz.org, we also have several other websites that form part of our online site family. We suggest you take the time and explore these site, all administered by First Fruits of Zion:


First Fruits Core

'Core' is a new service from First Fruits of Zion enabling users to receive easy access to premium online content based on their current relationship with First Fruits of Zion, including subscription and management of email newsletters. The idea behind 'Core' is to give you greater connectivity to resources that you wish to have access to, and do this through one single user identity and login system.

Core replaces what was previously know as 'Myffoz'.

This service is currently active on : ffoz.org, hayesod.org, vineofdavid.org and torahclub.org, and will also eventually work at our online Store. We hope this will make your access to resources simple and easy.

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Site Error/Problem Reporting

Please refer to this page if you experience or notice any unusual problems on the site and wish to notify us to correct it. Your help in keeping our site running smoothly is greatly appreciated.

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Site Security

A little more about security. Whenever the internet address (URL) of this site, or our online Store starts with https://, you should know that the information you send to us is encrypted during transmission using High-grade Encryption (AES-256 256 bit). For these types of transmission, the identity of our website is verified by Comodo, or Godaddy, two of the leading global Certification Authorities.

Click here for more technical information about SSL.


RSS Feeds

In several sections on our site you can subscribe directly to information we publish by using our RSS Feeds. This means you do not have to visit our site to see when new material is published, it is fed directly to your computer. These feeds can be read directly through any RSS compatible browsers, feed readers, or email clients.

Look out for the special RSS Feeds icon in your browser or on a specific page to know whether the content is available in this format.

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