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Spam protection/Email filtering

Make sure you get our email communications

Our email communications to you may be affected by email filtering or SPAM protection software on your computer, or on your Service Provider's network. Below are some tips on ensuring our email to you don't end up in your Junk mailbox, or simply goes missing.

Rule no. 1 : Add us to your address book!

Whatever email client or ISP (Internet Service Provider) you use, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Gmail, etc., add our email sending domains (ffoz.org, ffoz.com, and shaliach.net) to your contact list or addressbook, and mark these domains as an approved sender in your email client.

Rule no. 2 : Pre-approve us!

If your email is filtered by a 3rd party challenge-response Junk Mail/Spam filtering system, like SpamArrest®, ZoneAlarm, Boxbe, or any other such system, pre-approve us in these systems (prior to submitting an online form or an email subscription request) or you may not receive any of our emails.

First Fruits of Zion staff cannot manually respond to the automated requests from these systems to confirm that our own email address is not spam.

Rule no. 3. : Whitelist us

If you have any further problems, contact your ISP and explain the fact that you are not receiving emails from ffoz.org, and request that they whilelist our domains to ensure you receive our emails.

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