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The Monthly eRosh

Articles focusing on the Hebrew month, Jewish festivals, appointed times, and special events that shaped our past and predicts our future.

Learn about Rosh Chodesh (the New Moon) and the importance of this monthly appointed time in the Jewish Calendar. Click here...

ניסן : Nisan

Redemptions Brings New Life

During the month of Nisan, two mighty acts of salvation transpired for Israel: the Exodus from Egypt, and the death, burial and resurrection of the Righteous One, Messiah Yeshua. The Exodus serves as the quintessential paradigm for God's salvation. It was there in the midst of slavery and oppression that the family of Jacob miraculously grew into the nation of Israel. Even when the majority of God's people could not see His hand in the circumstances they found themselves in, God raised up a prophet who led them to a deliverance they never thought possible. Through Moses, great and mighty...
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אדר ב : Adar II

The Joy of Adar II

As we saw in last month's eRosh, the twelfth month of Adar is doubled this year. But this does not mean we repeat the same events as last month. The sages declared Adar II to be the "real" Adar. Thus, the festivities and observances of a normal Adar fall during Adar II in a leap year (though to a small degree they are recognized in the first). Counting from the first month of Nisan, Adar brings us to the final month on the calendar. We have taken a journey with Israel through the Biblical calendar. What started with the Exodus...
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אדר א : Adar I

The Giving of Adar I

As we come to the end of the cycle of months, you might make a double take at your calendar. No, it's not a typo or negligent editing. There are two months of Adar this year. Yes, it is true. Why? Because this year is a leap year on the biblical calendar. In order for Passover to fall during the spring,1 it is necessary to add a month to the calendar every so often to keep Passover from sliding back into winter. Imagine leaving Egypt in the already cold desert night; doing so in the winter would be downright arctic!...
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Current Month | 5774 (2014)

Nisan / ניסן | Mar — Apr


New Calendars for 5774

Our new "Eretz Yisrael/Land of Israel" calendars for the Jewish year 5774 are here! Now available in two formats, plus an option to customize the Wall Calendar for your congregation.

Land of Israel Calendars

Both calendars feature a unique collection of professional photos of Israel and includes Torah portion readings, and special dates of biblical events, and more.

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