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The Weekly eDrash

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Vayeshev  (Guest view: Sign in below, or sign up)

Joseph and Messiah

Tags:  disguised, forgotten, gentiles, Israel, reconciliation, salvation, salvation of Israel, savior

Thought for the Week:

The rejection of Joseph, the agent sent to them by their father, is paradigmatic for Israel's future rejection of the prophets sent by God and ultimately the rejection of Messiah. The Gospel of John sadly observes, "He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him." (John 1:11) But the story of Joseph ends with reconciliation between him and his estranged brothers.


Each of the stories of the patriarchs tells us the story of Messiah, but Joseph tells us the story of the Gospel of Yeshua. Joseph's life parallels the redemptive work of Messiah in His first and second comings. Although the apostolic writers never directly identify Joseph as foreshadowing the Messiah, the symbolism is unavoidable.

Yeshua, like Joseph, was sent to His brothers, the people of Israel. Like Joseph, He was sent by His father. Like Joseph, His brothers did not receive Him. Instead, He was rejected, stripped, killed, put into the earth, and ultimately given over to the Ge…

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About the eDrash
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