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The Weekly eDrash

Gain new understanding from the ancient writings! Learn messianic insight from the Torah every week through the Weekly eDrash.

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The Prophet Like Moses

Thought for the Week:

Our sacred text is the record of revelation left to us by the prophets. The greatest of the prophets is Moses, therefore the Torah is the greatest source of revelation. Yet the Torah itself speaks of another prophet, a prophet equal to Moses…


Deuteronomy 18:15–19. In Deuteronomy 18 Moses told the Children of Israel that the LORD would one day raise a prophet “like me from among you, from your own countrymen.” (18:15)

Messiah is the prophet like unto Moses. Therefore the life and ministry of Moses serve as a Messianic prototype that the ultimate Messiah is expected to reflect. The Midrash often refers to Moses and Messiah, respectively, as the First Redeemer and the Ultimate Redeemer. As a prophet like Moses, the life and work of Messiah must reflect the pattern set by Moses.

Both Moses and Messiah are born in a tim…

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About the Weekly eDrash

About the eDrash
The Weekly eDrash is a free subscription resource, adapted from Torah Club — a unique Bible Study program designed around the weekly Torah portions!

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