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What Resources Do We Publish?


First Fruits of Zion publish books, magazines, journals, study programs, audio and audio-visual resources, and regularly hold seminars, and conferences.

Resource Catalogs/Brochures

Our Resource catalogs feature most of the resources currently available from First Fruits of Zion. Our resource catalogs for Torah Club and HaYesod are currently being updated to reflect the latest resources.

Order additional catalogs free of charge to distribute in your local area or to give to interested friends.

How to Order Resources

All the resources published by First Fruits of Zion are available through our online Store. Orders can be placed in a variety of ways: by using the enclosed ordering envelope in our printed Catalog, through the secure online web store, or by telephone. Most orders are processed within 48 hours, carefully packed, and sent to you via the most efficient carrier.

For the latest up-to-date information, including new resources, please visit our Resources Store »

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First Fruits of Zion is a Messianic Jewish ministry specializing in the study and teaching of Scripture from its historical, linguistic, and cultural context. We use the latest scholarship, ancient Jewish sources, and extra-biblical literature to present a Messianic Jewish reading of the Bible and early Jewish-Christianity.

Purchase any of our resources at our online Store, or call toll-free: 800-775-4807 or 417-468-2741.