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Resource Articles

Browse, read and study through articles adapted from previously published First Fruits of Zion magazines and journals.



Dwelling among His People

This haftarah is the story of the beginning of the construction of the permanent “Mishkan,” the House of the Lord. With the completion of this Temple, the Ark now had a fixed home until it was removed in the destruction of the Temple about 380 years later.
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The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Once again the Tabernacle is standing in the wilderness of Israel! In a joint venture of a private investor and Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, a replica of the Tabernacle constructed by the Israelites, according to God’s explicit instructions to Moshe, has been erected in Timna Park. The park is situated 20 kilometers north of Eilat, in an area filled with stunning cliffs, canyons and wadis carved out of granite and different colored sandstone.
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