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Resource Articles

Browse, read and study through articles adapted from previously published First Fruits of Zion magazines and journals.

Jewish History


Rome and the Abomination of Desolation

Tags:  abomination of desolation, chanukkah, Gaius Caligula, Jerusalem

During the days of the apostles, the Jewish people experienced a great miracle that must have reminded them of the miracles of Chanukkah. The wicked Roman emperor, Caligula, ordered his legions to erect an idol of himself in the Temple, in Jerusalem. The apostles and early believers wondered if this event might fulfill the Master’s predictions about an abomination of desolation standing in the Temple.
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Shining Lights into a Kingdom of Darkness

Tags:  Antiochus, darkness, Feast of Dedication, hanukkah, light, Light to the Nations, Maccabees, rededication, Temple

The Hanukkah story remains deeply inspiring to all believers in Messiah! We are still called to be lights in the darkness of this world. Let us be reminded of those who have gone before us and have stood in the face of grave persecution for the sake of the Torah.
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Denying the Holocaust

Tags:  holocaust, shoah

Ever since the Nazis launched their campaign of genocide against Europe’s Jews, there have been those who—for their own political ends—have sought to deny that the Shoah ever happened. By couching their murderous policy in the bureaucratic language of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question," the Nazis themselves laid the groundwork for what has become known as "Holocaust Denial."
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Are We Gaining Ground?

The Israeli people are now facing the question, "The Golan or Peace?" The very idea of surrendering the strategic Golan Heights to those who used them to rain down missiles on the Galilee below, condemning one generation to spend most...
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Myths or History

The land of Israel, our inheritance, is being contested like never before. Why? For the same reason that our identity is being warred against. This piece of real estate here in the Middle East is just as important to God’s plan of redemption as are His people. We cannot separate one from the other. Whether we find one archeological object or not, we still have the truth as written down by Moses and the prophets.
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The Knesset Menorah

One may see this imposing, five meter high, (over 15 foot) bronze Menorah opposite the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) building in Jerusalem. The fine workmanship depicts scenes from Jewish history—spanning the centuries from Biblical times until the miraculous restoration of the State of Israel in our own times. It was created by Benno Elkan, a British sculptor, and was donated to Israel in 1956 by Britain as a token of friendship between the two peoples.
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