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Resource Articles

Browse, read and study through articles adapted from previously published First Fruits of Zion magazines and journals.



A Biblical Worldview

There seems to be a general push for the re-establishment of the authority of Scripture, the development of a Christian worldview, and a passionate appeal to step away from mainstream culture and rather follow the narrow and rewarding path in the transformation of one's mind...
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Our Identity

Along the path of our Torah submission, we have all endeavored to journey even closer to the original call that Adonai has purposed within us as His children… by believing the reality of our Biblical identity, we can take further steps in this process.
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And the Truth is...

This is an emphatic statement that often precludes a declaration made by those attempting to press their view or perspective on others.
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Torah Observant-Torah Submissive

We often use the words "Torah Observant" to describe ourselves to others in the Faith. Often this is done with a certain degree of pride. I have become increasingly aware of the error of this manner of sharing our Faith, and would like to recommend a different approach.
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