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Browse, read and study through articles adapted from previously published First Fruits of Zion magazines and journals.

Category: Appointed Times

The Mighty Wind and Tongues of Fire

Tags:  barley, covenant, fire, omer, Pentecost, shavuot, Sinai, tongues, Torah

Most Christians know the story of Pentecost in Acts chapter two: the mighty wind, the tongues of fire, Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) and the speaking in every language. Very few, however, are aware of the Torah background behind this event.

As believers become aware of the observance of the festivals, they are always blessed and delighted by Shavuot. The church holiday they once knew only as a remembrance of Acts chapter two is actually a biblical appointment filled with a wealth of meaning and symbolism.

From the Barley Harvest to the Wheat Harvest

The Torah commands us to count the days of the Omer. On the day after the Sabbath during the week of the Festival of Unleavened Bread—the day on which the first fruits of the barley were harvested and offered up in the Temple—we are commanded to begin a countdown to the next festival.1 We are told to count forty-nine days, and upon their completion, the fiftieth day is th...
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Category: Appointed Times

Fire on the Mountain

Tags:  fire, matan torah, Pentecost, shavuot, tongues, Torah

Before tongues of fire ever fell upon the believers in Jerusalem, there was fire on Mount Sinai. The ancient Jewish Sages considered the biblical feast of Shavuot--also known as Pentecost--to be the anniversary of the day God spoke the Law...
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Category: Appointed Times

The Omer

Tags:  barley, omer, shavuot, unleavened bread, waving the sheaf

The command to bring the first sheaf of the harvest to the Temple is of great significance to the disciples of Yeshua. It is an obscure appointment on the Biblical calendar, sometimes called the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest, but better known simply by its Biblical name, the Omer.
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Category: Appointed Times

The Resurrection and the Days of the Omer

Tags:  counting, Pentecost, resurrection, shavuot

Counting the days of the Omer creates a countdown to Shavuot (Pentecost), traditionally considered as the time of the giving of the Torah and the time of the giving of the Holy Spirit.
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Category: Appointed Times

Let My People Go

Tags:  anomia, Exodus, Passover, remembrance, seder, slaves

Have you ever been to a Passover Seder meal? Did you know that the Last Supper was originally as Passover Seder meal? Christians call it the "Eucharist" or "Communion," but in the days of Jesus and the disciples, it was...
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