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Category: Appointed Times

Let My People Go

Tags:  anomia, Exodus, Passover, remembrance, seder, slaves

Have you ever been to a Passover Seder meal? Did you know that the Last Supper was originally as Passover Seder meal? Christians call it the "Eucharist" or "Communion," but in the days of Jesus and the disciples, it was called Passover.

A Passover Seder Meal

Passover is the annual Torah holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the redemption from Egypt. In the Torah, God commanded the children of Israel to celebrate Passover every year with a commemorative meal called the Passover Seder. Jewish families come together around the table and eat unleavened bread and bitter herbs, just as God commanded. Throughout the course of the meal, the family drinks four ritual cups of wine. The Jewish people do not serve Passover lamb at Passover anymore because, without a Temple, there are no sacrifices today. Instead of eating lamb, everyone eats a small piece of unleavened bread in remembrance of the Passover lamb that used to be sacrificed.

The Torah calls this entire ...
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Category: Appointed Times

For Such a Time as This

When I think of Purim, I think of the wonder and awe of God's sovereign plans for us. The theme of "For such a Time as This" perfectly pictures God's hand in the life of Esther, an orphan, reared by her uncle and then miraculously placed in the palace courts of the king.
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Category: Identity Celebrations

A Purim Allegory

The Megillat Esther 1 is read every year during the festival of Purim and shares the same unique quality as the rest of God's Word; it has many degrees of depth and meaning within its pages. For instance, the book...
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Category: Identity Celebrations

The Purim Festivities

Although Purim is not a 'festival' like the other Festivals of the Lord, it is a significant time of observance. Notice that the text includes anyone who would want to join the Jews in observing this prescribed time. However, because it is not a Mo’ed, an appointed time between the Lord and His people, we have an abundance of liberty in observing these days.
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Category: The Life of Messiah

The Birth of the King

Tags:  Bethlehem, birth, Christmas, Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus, moshia, Nazereth, Sukkot, yoshia

The story of the birth of our Master is one of the most-loved stories in the gospels, but a Jewish reading of the story adds more depth and reveals amazing facts about the historic context which are often overlooked.
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