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Dead Man Walking

Yeshua wept over the death of His friend Lazarus. The people were saying, “See how He loved him!” Sorrowful and broken hearted, our Master Yeshua and the sisters of the dead man arrived at the tomb. His disciples and the company of mourners followed them. Visitors to the Arab village of al-Azariya can visit a tomb purported to be the one from which the Master called Lazarus forth. The tomb sits within the city that…

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White Wine and the State of Israel

Tu Bishvat is the Jewish holiday that signifies the new year for trees. This date has important implications regarding fruit-related commandments such as tithes. Today in the Jewish community we celebrate Tu Bishvat by eating fruit. Some have the custom of holding a seder, a ceremonial meal, in honor of the day. Like at Passover, it is common to drink four cups of wine at this meal. But on Tu Bishvat, our first cup is…

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Balaam failed to curse Israel. Worse yet, he failed to win a large reward from Balak. Then a thought occurred to him. Perhaps he could not curse Israel, but he could induce Israel to curse themselves. In Numbers 31:16, we learn that he conspired with the Midianite and Moabite leaders and suggested a plan. He counseled them not to march out to make war against...

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Month: Tammuz (תמוז)

Expressions of Sorrow

Sorrow, grief, lamentation, mourning, depression; these are all human emotions. Hey, even Yeshua wept!1 We all deal with grief; it is a part of our experience. The Bible has many expressions of sorrow and the Psalms are a prime example. You may be surprised to discover that 57 of the 150 Psalms are laments; that's 38%! Yet, how many worship services today contain even one...

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Fresh studies and activities for the whole family, based on the historical and current events from the Jewish calendar. Includes:

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17 — Binding and Loosing

Over the years numerous explanations have been given for what Jesus meant when he talked about binding and loosing, not the least of which is that it refers to re...

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The Midnight Visitor

The special prayer that our Master taught his disciples can be found in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11. The wording of each varies slightly, but both contain the mysterious Greek word epiousion, the word conventionally translated “daily” as in “daily bread.” But in my book First Steps in Messianic... Read »

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