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Messianic Jewish Prayer

Messiah Magazine and Journal


The Sabbath Table


First Steps in Messianic Jewish Prayer

When I first began to practice and learn about Messianic Judaism, I found Jewish prayer to be fascinating. The expressions and phrases in the blessings and liturgies seemed to transport me to another world. The Hebrew language seemed to sing to me. Through Jewish prayer I felt a connection not only to my own ancestry, but also the early believers who met and talked and learned and prayed in the Temple and synagogues. I felt...

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Chayei Sarah

The Canaanites

Abraham warned Eliezer not to seek a bride for Isaac from among the Canaanite women. Abraham knew that the Canaanites were destined to be ejected from the land and erased from history. He did not think it prudent that his seed, to whom God had promised the land, should intermarry with a race from whom the land was to be taken. The midrash imagines Abraham...

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The Feast of Sukkot and the Transfiguration Enter, exalted and holy guests, enter exalted holy patriarchs to be seated...In the shade of the Holy One, Blessed is He...In Sukkot you shall dwell, be seated, exalted guests, be seated; be seated, guests of faithfulness, be seated. (Ushpizin Liturgy for Sukkot) In the Gospels, the Master tells His disciples that "some will not taste death" before seeing...

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Month: Tishrei (תשרי)

The Renewal of Tishrei

Tishrei is the seventh month of the biblical calendar year when counting the months from Nisan. The name "Tishrei" is the Babylonian name of the month. In the Bible, it is simply referred to as "the seventh month," as in Leviticus 23:24, "Speak to the people of Israel, saying, In the seventh month..." Yet, in Judaism, Tishrei is also considered the beginning of a new...

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Fresh studies and activities for the whole family, based on the historical and current events from the Jewish calendar. Includes:

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06 — Exile and Redemption

Exile and redemption are two of the most significant Biblical concepts and in episode six viewers will learn that these two concepts play a major role in the job ...

05 — Son of David

In Jewish thought one of the most important titles for Messiah is “Son of David.” Episode five will explore the title “Son of David” in de...

04 — Jewish Prophecies

The land of Israel is a hot topic of debate not just amongst secular news but even in churches. It is key that Christians realize Israel is not just important bec...

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A Rabbi for the Whole Messianic Movement

Rabbi Yitzchak (Ignácz) Lichtenstein (1825-1908, זצ״ל) is a rabbi for the whole Messianic Jewish movement. Lichtenstein was a district rabbi in Hungary when an encounter with the New Testament introduced him to Yeshua. He remained in his post and continued to teach in his synagogue, but he argued passionately for... Read »

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