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Sunday, 8:00 AM

28 May — 31 May


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Dates and Venue

Conference: May 28 — 31
Registration: 8:00am
Sessions: Starting at 10:00am
Shavuot: Wednesday, May 31
Venue: Beth Immanuel, 828 3rd Street,
Hudson, Wisconsin

Registration Cost

  • Single $115
  • Couple $175
  • Family $225

* All Pillar-level FFOZ Friends need to register, however registration is free.

Meal Tickets for Events:

  • Adult: $65 (ages 13+)
  • Child: FREE (ages 4 and under)
  • Child: $35 (ages 5-12)

Other Information

  • All services and sessions will take place at Beth Immanuel, 828 3rd Street in Hudson, Wisconsin.
  • Typical dress throughout event is business casual.
  • First Fruits of Zion teachers will be presenting.
  • Air Travel, housing, and hotel shuttle info on the registration page.

Learning Sessions

  • Adult Learning: Didache Rediscovered
  • 12-21 Learning & Engagement: The Two Roads
  • FFOZ Kids: House on the Rock


1221 Two Roads Flyer Shavuot Conference Brochure

National Shavuot Conference

Two Ways

Sunday, May 28 — 31

  • Adult Learning: Didache Rediscovered
  • 12-21 Learning & Engagement: The Two Roads
  • FFOZ Kids: House on the Rock

This year at First Fruits of Zion’s national Shavu’ot conference, join us for the release of our new translation and commentary on the Didache, an Apostolic-era document containing the teaching of Yeshua as transmitted to the nations.

We will divide into three tracks: one for adults, one for youth and young adults, and one for children. Adults will join the “Didache Rediscovered” track to unpack the apostolic teachings of the Didache. Students in the 12-21 track (ages 12-21) will study the “Two Roads,” a brief course in life principles and the power of choices from the perspective of the Didache and Messianic Jewish teaching. This amazing learning opportunity, tailored specifically for young students, promises serious study and a spiritually positive learning experience. There will also be a children’s program (6-11 year olds), FFOZ Kids will learn lessons from the Sermon on the Mount during select adult sessions.


Join us for a time of celebrations. We will be recognizing First Fruits of Zion’s 25th anniversary, celebrating the release of our new commentary on the Didache, and, most importantly, worshiping together on the holy festival of Shavu’ot to thank God for his gift of the Torah at Sinai and the pouring out of the Spirit in Jerusalem. Festival meals and synagogue services optional. Space is limited so we encourage early registration.

Adult Learning: Didache Rediscovered

There are two ways: one of life and one of death; however, there is a great difference between the two ways. (Didache 1:1)

The adult track of the conference will include lectures from First Fruits of Zion teachers regarding a Messianic Jewish interpretation of the Didache and its relevance for disciples today. The rediscovery of this important, early apostolic work has practical ramifications for the Messianic Jewish movement today, particularly regarding the faith and practice of Messianic Gentiles. We will work through key concepts of kingdom living and simple instructions for the path of authentic discipleship to Yeshua:

  • Instructions in holiness and godliness
  • Instructions in Torah and ceremony
  • Instructions for community and leadership

The Didache is not in the Bible, and it doesn’t carry the authority of biblical text, but it provides a concise guide to a life of holiness based upon the teachings of Yeshua. This conference will focus on unpacking this ancient, Jewish document, linking it to Scripture, and equipping us with a better understanding of discipleship and kingdom living.

12-21 Learning & Engagement: The Two Roads

The Two Roads track for FFOZ 12-21 will provide focused teachings about the power of choices for teens and young adults, ages 12-21. The Didache opens, “There are two ways: one of life and one of death; however, there is a great difference between the two ways” (Didache 1:1). Young people will learn and discuss how the Didache makes practical applications from the teaching of Yeshua to help us navigate through life’s choices. Registration includes special youth events and activities.

FFOZ Kids: House on the Rock

FFOZ Kids classes will focus on learning the words of Yeshua from the Sermon on the Mount in a fun and easy-to-grasp way. This track will be full of learning, activity, games, and songs to help instill, even at a young age, the principles of Yeshua’s teachings.

Want to Host a Seminar?

First Fruits of Zion offers a variety of teaching seminars designed to educate and build up the body of Messiah. We are offering to hold seminars in your community. Contact our Event Coordinator if you would like to Want to Host a Seminar?.

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