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YahrzeitAug 7

Assumptions about the Assumption

It’s time to redeem Miriam the mother of our Master and give her the honor and respect that she deserves and is in fact given in the Gospels themselves. The best way to do that in Messianic Judaism is to look at how holy figures are honored in Jewish tradition.

Jewish HolidaysAug 6

Tu B'Av: Mourning into Dancing

While we as disciples of the Master can access a taste of the future kingdom now, we await the fullness when Yeshua returns and ends the exile. It is at that time that the great metaphorical marriage will take place between Yeshua and his bride Israel. It is in that day that our mourning will be turned into dancing.

The Bram CenterAug 3

The Redemption Nears

We mourned, but our mourning was not as intense as it could have been. Redemption is distant, but it is drawing near. As Jews, we can walk into our ancient city; we can go near to our ancient wall, we can see the Temple Mount, even if we can not easily access it. We can see that the situation has changed since Jeremiah’s day.

CalendarAug 3

Comforting Words

When something traumatic or emotionally painful happens to someone we care about, we try to comfort the person, offering words of consolation and sympathy. We try to point out the bright side, and we try to lift the person’s spirits by invoking future hopes. That’s what the Sabbath of Consolation tries to do for Israel.

DidacheAug 2

Praying for the Ingathering

We must not confuse the Didache’s fervent petitions for the imminent inauguration of the Messianic Age as endorsing the idea of an escapism eschatology. The Didache firmly lays out the Way of Life with a call to all followers of Messiah to walk in the Torah daily.

Israel HistoryAug 1

The Ruin of Zion

The Bible states we should mourn with mourners and that the mourners of the destruction of the Temple will be comforted. Rabbi Israel Pick, a pioneer of Messianic Judaism, wrote this lament during the fast of Tisha B’Av.

Jewish CustomsJul 30

Tisha B’Av and the Physician’s Advice

On the ninth day of the month of Av (Tisha B’Av), 70 CE, the world lost the Holy Temple, which was meant to be the house of prayer for all nations. Now not one stone of it rests upon another, as our Master predicted. What destroyed it? It wasn’t Rome.

Jewish HistoryJul 29

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

It appears that right now God is saying "no" to the rebuilding of the Temple. The sages have said, "Any generation in which the Temple is not rebuilt is considered as if it had destroyed it." Why has the Temple not been rebuilt? Perhaps it is because of us.

DidacheJul 28

Sacred Dining: Pre-Meal Blessings for Community Gatherings

Although the blessings in the Didache are extensive, they do not contain any of the themes that we would expect to be present in a Eucharist ceremony. Namely, the text does not mention the suffering, death, or resurrection of Yeshua; sin, sacrifice, atonement, or forgiveness; the final Passover meal; or Yeshua’s blood, Yeshua’s body, the new covenant, or the phrase “in remembrance of me.”

Events and OutreachJul 27

Why I Believe in Yeshua

The conversation was short but meaningful, and I am praying that it had an impact on this young man. An additional result of this conversation was that it reminded me to continue to grow in my sense of trust in Yeshua as the Messiah and my ability to communicate why I have such trust.

In the NewsJul 27

A Visit to the Temple Mount

As we walked around the Dome of the Rock shrine, the place where the Holy Temple once stood, we were struck by the beauty of the current structure yet saddened by the abomination it represented. It reminded us we are still in partial exile, even though we live in the land of Israel.

ProphecyJul 26

The Sabbath of Vision

To see the final redemption, we must begin by recognizing what we are missing without it. Shabbat Chazon is an opportunity to glimpse the world as it once was and as it one day can be. Then we must heed the words of Isaiah and reflect the beauty of Torah in our lives.