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Messianic LuminariesSep 13

Remembering Pauline Rose, Lady of Mount Zion

Pauline Rose (1898-1973) was called the “Lady of Mount Zion.” She could also be considered the first lady of twentieth-century Messianic Judaism. She was a pioneer of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel and abroad, starting the first Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem in the modern era.

TorahSep 12

The Witness of the Nations

Deuteronomy 29 tells us that when Israel turns away from HaShem and his Torah, God will bring judgment upon the Jewish people and their land. Then the nations of the world will remind the people of Israel of their sins and the reason this punishment has come upon them.

DidacheSep 6

Appointing Leadership

The brevity and language with which the Didache delivers instructions about designating leaders in the community indicates that it is not introducing something new but rather alluding to an already existing structure. Judaism of the first century had a well-established system of overseers and administrators. The believing communities simply replicated an existing model.

Events and OutreachSep 4

Camp Tzadi: No Longer Different

My goal from the very beginning was to create a safe place where Messianic Jewish and Gentile teens could experience their faith and make it their own. From the first Shacharit service to the last campfire, it was abundantly clear to me that Camp Tzadi was just that.

ProphecySep 1

Israel: Light for the Nations

If we wish to hasten the Messiah’s coming we have work to do. Exile and redemption may be national processes, but repentance begins with individuals. Today, the world is still experiencing the exile that began almost two thousand years ago. Yeshua’s teachings hold the keys that will bring that exile to an end.

DidacheAug 30

The Day of the Lord

In addition to meeting at the conclusion of the Sabbath in memory of the resurrection of the Master, it is possible that the community expected his return at this time. Jewish tradition states that Messiah will not come on the Sabbath because there is much work to do upon his arrival. Therefore, the first possible time for his appearance would be at Melaveh Malkah.

Cheshbon NefeshAug 30

Better Than the World to Come

When we enter the World to Come we will be like the angels who behold the infinite light of God. We will be like the Messiah who beholds the glory of the Father. That’s why repentance and choosing to do right is something that only has real meaning now.

Jewish HolidaysAug 25

The Gift of Repentance

We are offered a chance to join with HaShem in causing the kingdom to break through by repenting, returning to HaShem, and meeting our Beloved in the field. We run toward him and can see him running toward us as we partake of his lavish gift of repentance.

DidacheAug 24

Tithing Halachah for Gentile Believers

So why did the Didache direct its readers to give their gifts to prophets and teachers rather than to Levitical priests? We must remember that the Didache was written to Gentile believers in Messiah who lived in the Diaspora.

Personal TransformationAug 22

To Whom Should We Show Forgiveness?

God doesn't leave us in our brokenness. He encourages us to face our wounds and to grow stronger, healthier, and more into his image. I will decide to live in forgiveness rather than bitterness, and to be an instrument of peace and reconciliation, rather than division. May God help us all to mourn and grieve the brokenness, but not to stay there.

CalendarAug 22

Rosh Chodesh Elul: Confounding the Satan

In the Hebrew Roots world, it is common for shofarot to appear at nearly every function. Shofar blasts introduce the start of everything from Shabbat services to Passover seders, since it supposedly “confounds the Satan.” But by setting the shofar in its proper context, we are able to perceive its powerful biblical messages

In the NewsAug 20

The Prophetic Implications of the Eclipse

People are taking cross-country road trips to witness what is being called the astronomical event of a lifetime, while an obscure Chasidic text suggests doom for North Korea. Let’s explore the significance of such an amazing sight from a Jewish perspective.