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Life in IsraelK. J. Kruger

Summer Strawberries

Where had her father been? There were children playing at the park across the street and this hero, who was in pain himself, got out of his car and rounded up the kids to shelter them inside a garage. He covered them with his body, arms around them, and calmed their fears.

7 hours ago

Personal Transformation

Plowing the Furrow

From time to time we receive mail that is a tremendous encouragment to us. In our day-to-day work to bring to fruition the vision that HaShem has given us, it’s a blessing to be reminded that our effort is not in vain. This is a testament to everyone who labors with us in this work.

1 day ago


Strangers and Sojourners

It makes sense that Abraham uses this language while he is still awaiting the promise from HaShem to be fulfilled for his descendants to inherit the land but why does David still use this terminology when the Jewish people are firmly within the land?

2 days ago

Messianic Luminaries

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

What is Lag Ba’Omer, and why would a Messianic Jew care? Meet Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), a second-century hero of the Jewish people and a favorite subject of legend. Messianic Jewish pioneer Theophilus Lucky believed that Rashbi was inspired by the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Yeshua.

Israel History

Stealing the Past

In their effort to promote the narrative that Israel is the home of the ancient indigenous Palestinian people who have been illegally displaced by Western Jews, the Arabs have attempted to rewrite history. There never was a Jewish presence in Israel, never was a Jewish Temple, the Palestinian roots go back to the ancient Philistines or Jebusites, and Jesus was a Palestinian.

Cheshbon Nefesh

The Steps of the Righteous

Last year I began to find myself less enthusiastic than I had been at the school for Palestinian kids. I wondered at the reasons. Yes, we have been through terror attacks and operations by the IDF. I have mourned with those on both sides who have lost people and rejoiced at celebrations for weddings and graduations. What was wrong?

Messianic Lifestyle

Bridge Builders

Messianic Jews and Gentiles should be bridge builders. With those of us in synagogues at one end and those of us in the church at the other, we have anchors on both sides; if we can each recognize the other’s role and calling, we can support a connection in between.