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TorahSheldon Wilson

Seeing God

In Parashat Mishpatim Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy elders ascended Sinai and saw an apocalyptic vision of God. How does one see the God of Israel and survive? The Torah states that Moses and the rest of the great men not only survived, but the very next verse says that they “ate and drank.”

2 days ago

Messianic Judaism

Why Do They Punt?

As we stay committed to the vision of seeing a mature Messianic Judaism move forward, I believe we will give people more reasons to hold onto the ball and keep running toward the goal—that joyful time when the King and His kingdom fill the earth.

4 days ago

Life in Israel

Toward Peace and Healing

The protracted conflict in Israel carries with it difficulties that are not always visible to the outside world looking in. The pain is real, deep, and pervasive on all sides of this issue, and I have embraced some who have wept as a result of losing those they love.

5 days ago


WWJW: Retro Liturgy

The theological moorings of Messianic Judaism have a way of reconciling contradictions. I think Messianic Judaism offers a more careful, nuanced, and liturgical perspective on even the most mundane things as technology. I am on a quiet crusade against the culture that dictates kids my age should have their noses buried in the light of retina screens.

Israel History

The Dubrovin Farm

Every time I visit Israel, I see something I’ve never seen before. While there are sites such as the Kotel, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Master’s cave in the Galilee that I feel must be a pilgrimage each time I travel to Israel, there is just too much to see to not visit some places for the first time.

Teaching Events

Jesus Was Not A Rebel

The rebel image of Jesus that became popular with the 1960s baby-boom generation might be responsible for a lot of today’s instability in Christian lives and congregations. Drawing insights from Torah Club and the teachings of First Fruits of Zion, Pastor Rudoski demonstrates that the anarchist and anti-religious Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible.


The Ghosts of Auschwitz

In 1985 I visited the Jerusalem Holocaust museum, Yad V'Shem. It was my first indication that God had not disposed of his people. I had grown up with that closed-box worldview where only people who believed like me were actually God's people. What I saw at Yad V'Shem forced me to revisit my theology. It forced me to challenge the assumptions.