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Mind over Mitzvot?

Romans 14 is sometimes pushed as proof that disciples of Jesus need not worry about kosher laws or keep the Sabbath on the seventh day. Did Paul grant people license to eat truly anything? Can any day be kept as the Sabbath? In what sense is nothing unclean in itself?

2 days ago


Moses + Love

Even though numbers may not be everyone’s strong suit, some simple addition can uncover some deep spiritual concepts. It may be the glory of HaShem to conceal these matters, but it is our glory to search for them. I decided to try my brain at gematria. Something cool popped up.

4 days ago

Teaching Events

The Cross Necklace

Christians in China count the cost of discipleship before making a decision to follow Yeshua because the cost is so much higher than it is in the west. First Fruits of Zion teachers Boaz Michael and Daniel Lancaster bring the message of the Jewish gospel to young Chinese believers and plant the seeds of the gospel message of the kingdom into good soil.

6 days ago

Teaching Events

Torah and Touring in the People’s Republic of China

First Fruits of Zion teachers Boaz Michael and Daniel Lancaster take a high speed train into the interior of China for a few days of extraordinary “sight-seeing” and contact with extended family members in the People’s Republic of China. In the process, they meet a few unexpected visitors and make new friends.

Personal Transformation

Social Media and Public Shaming

Social media is a brilliant tool for exchanging ideas, sharing information rapidly, and keeping connected with loved ones and coworkers. There have been some wonderful innovations that have come through these media. However, although it has brought out some of the best qualities in human nature, it has also revealed some of the worst.

Cheshbon Nefesh

Moving Forward in Paris

At first I heard what I thought were fireworks. A rapid series of low concussions were immediately followed by the sound of shattering glass. In one split second, it was pandemonium. I saw two young men rush out of the restaurant and throw themselves into a car that sped away as quickly as it had magically appeared.

Teaching Events

Praying for Paris, in Hong Kong

In the latest update from First Fruits of Zion's outreach in China, Boaz Michael teaches against replacement theology in a Hong Kong area church while addressing the Paris attacks and the kingdom of heaven’s vision of peace.