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Cheshbon NefeshK. J. Kruger

It Won't Be Cold Forever

Perhaps you are cold too. Perhaps you feel as though you always will be. Allow me to remind you that as surely as the seasons change, so will your life circumstances. You will be not cold, in pain, lonely, and in this situation forever. Life is dynamic, change is to be expected.

15 hours ago

Messianic Lifestyle

'Pagan' Customs and Holidays

While it is important to remain holy and refrain from desecrating God’s name by imitating the worship of false gods, it is also important to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with one’s family. Certainly it is disheartening to one’s parents when one abstains from important family gatherings.

1 day ago

Messiah Magazine

A Bible from Heaven

As they circled the settlement, she dropped a special parcel to the men who once served under her husband. The parcel contained her late husband’s Bible. The men of Ramot Naftali retrieved the parcel, opened it up, and recognized the Bible. It was the same Bible they had seen their late commander so often consult before leading them into battle.

4 days ago


The New Christian Zionism

McDermott, who is best known as a historian of theology, offers us a quick overview of the history of Christian Zionism, demonstrating that its roots are in the Bible, not a recent post-1948 innovation and not merely a product of modern dispensationalism.

Cheshbon Nefesh

Are You Truly Grateful?

They were literally not allowed to say one negative thing to each other for the entire next week. They were to only say positive things. If they had nothing positive to say, they were to remain silent. This meant no nagging, and no complaining.


Lucky Day for Messianic Judaism

Rosh Chodesh Kislev this year should be declared Messianic Judaism’s “Lucky Day.” Not only does it invoke the happy Festival of Hanukkah, this year it marks one hundred years since the death of Messianic Jewish pioneer, Chaim Yedidiah Pollak, aka, Theophilus Lucky (1854-1916).

The Bram Center

Sabbath-Breaker Lecture at the Bram Center

We love to host these types of events at the Bram Center. This is where we shine—when we can provide teaching, enable discussion, and provide excellent teachers with a platform to speak. We have so much occurring at the Bram Center every day, and this is just one of our many functions.

Cheshbon Nefesh

Let Us Not Wander from Home

If we entertain negative and angry thoughts, feeding them and reinforcing them, they will loom larger and larger, drowning out the peace that is ours to remain within. We may find ourselves in the wrong place, hiding under a bed, or struggling against the very arms that are trying to carry us to safety.


Sounding an Alarm

When life presents challenges, our first instinct should be to cry out to God for help. One should not be tempted to say, “I got myself into this mess; I’ll get myself out.” When we cry out to God, we confess that he alone has the power to change outcomes.


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Daniel Zion

“In spite of all the difficulties, suffering and persecutions, which I have endured incessantly, nothing could dissuade me from my faith. On the contrary, God, to whom I had given my heart and to whom I turn in all my needs, has given me the strength and power to continue my witness.”


C.S. Lewis and the Jews

On this day, November 22nd in 1963, Lewis passed on into the world of truth. May his writings continue to inspire us all and may the humility he expressed as a Gentile believer toward the Jewish people be an example to us in the Messianic movement today.