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CalendarD. Thomas Lancaster

Is the Jewish Calendar Wrong?

Some teachers in the Hebrew Roots movement attempt to persuade people to abandon the Jewish reckoning of the biblical calendar and adopt an alternative calendar. They perceive their interpretation of the calendar and how to reckon the lunar year to be more biblically correct. But is it?

3 days ago

Messianic Luminaries

A Righteous among the Nations

Franz Julius Delitzsch came into this world on February 23, 1813. Born into a Gentile Christian family his life would be one of greatness. To simply write about the impact of his life work seems to do it very little justice. Delitzsch was a thinker. He was a seeker. But most importantly he sought after truth.

3 days ago

Messianic Luminaries

Remembering Pauline Rose, Lady of Mount Zion

Pauline Rose (1898-1973) was called the “Lady of Mount Zion.” She could also be considered the first lady of twentieth-century Messianic Judaism. She was a pioneer of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel and abroad, starting the first Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem in the modern era.

5 days ago


Israel: Light for the Nations

If we wish to hasten the Messiah’s coming we have work to do. Exile and redemption may be national processes, but repentance begins with individuals. Today, the world is still experiencing the exile that began almost two thousand years ago. Yeshua’s teachings hold the keys that will bring that exile to an end.

Messianic Luminaries

Franz Julius Levy Hirsch

We are often told how one small act can have a great impact, how the actions we choose every day will not only affect ourselves, but also those around us. Few in our Messianic community know of Levy Hirsch, yet his investment changed the face of pre-World War II Messianic Juda-ism.

Jewish Holidays

The Gift of Repentance

We are offered a chance to join with HaShem in causing the kingdom to break through by repenting, returning to HaShem, and meeting our Beloved in the field. We run toward him and can see him running toward us as we partake of his lavish gift of repentance.

Cheshbon Nefesh

Better Than the World to Come

When we enter the World to Come we will be like the angels who behold the infinite light of God. We will be like the Messiah who beholds the glory of the Father. That’s why repentance and choosing to do right is something that only has real meaning now.

Messianic Luminaries

The Authentic Zionists

Abram Poljak was perhaps the most influential visionary for modern-day Messianic Judaism. Just inches from Abram Poljak’s grave, we found the grave of Dr. Agnes Sara Waldstein. While she is far less known than Poljak, she was no less influential.

Messianic Luminaries

Treasure Hunt in Germany

We are now tasked with a new errand. We have the honor of traveling to the graves of the holy men and women whose words we lovingly pore over in translation and publication. It is possible that many of these ancestors of our faith have not received visitors to their graves since their deaths.


The Heartbeat of the Whole Earth

Prayer and sacrifice go hand in hand. The sacrificial service in the Temple somehow caused the Presence of God to connect with a physical place on earth. Prayer has the same effect, except instead of drawing the Spirit of God into a courtyard or building, he takes residence inside our hearts.


I Am My Beloved's and My Beloved Is Mine

HaShem is righteous, a lover of righteous deeds, and there is no end to his mercy. That which he has said he will do, and he will surely have compassion just as he said. HaShem is near to all who call upon him in truth.