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The Sabbath Breaker

God-Fearers: The Shemittah and the Messianic Era

This fall, Rosh HaShanah begins the Sabbatical year (Shemittah). During this year the Jewish people are commanded to allow the land of Israel to lie fallow for an entire year and trust HaShem to provide in this year of rest. Most of us living outside of the land of Israel rarely think about the implications of this mitzvah but even now in Israel preparations are being made to observe the Shemittah. In the Torah HaShem...

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All of the commandments of Torah, in some aspect or another, reveal Messiah. They each reveal some essential element of His person or character. The commandments are the very will and wisdom of God. Messiah speaks, saying, “Not My will, but Yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) In another place He says, “I do nothing on My own initiative, but I speak these things as the...

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Appointed Times

The Feather Story

An anecdote about Bedikat Chametz and Unleavened Bread written from the perspective of a young religious child. Jerusalem, 1938, Erev Pesach "I just have to find the feather...Abba will be so disappointed," I cautiously mumbled searching my room for the newest family treasure. The love and respect that I had for father was so strong that the thought of seeing him disappointed was more than...

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Month: Nisan (ניסן)

Redemptions Brings New Life

During the month of Nisan, two mighty acts of salvation transpired for Israel: the Exodus from Egypt, and the death, burial and resurrection of the Righteous One, Messiah Yeshua. The Exodus serves as the quintessential paradigm for God's salvation. It was there in the midst of slavery and oppression that the family of Jacob miraculously grew into the nation of Israel. Even when the majority...

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Fresh studies and activities for the whole family, based on the historical and current events from the Jewish calendar. Includes:

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16 — Keys to the Kingdom

Jesus tells Peter that he gives him the keys to the kingdom of heaven. These words of Messiah have caused confusion and debate for almost two thousand years. Epis...

15 — Thy Kingdom Come

Every day Christians around the world pray the Lord’s Prayer which includes the line “thy kingdom come.” But what are we praying for when asking...

14 — Seek First the Kingdom

For Christians, nothing should be more important than seeking first the kingdom. Episode fourteen will take a deeper look at what it means to “Seek first th...

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God-Fearers: Turning God's Enemies into His People

There is much evil in the world today and no lack in numbers to Israel’s enemies. There are numerous nations, groups, and individuals who want nothing else than the entire elimination of not only the State of Israel but the Jewish people themselves. Anti-Semitism is as much alive today as... Read »

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